Franchise For Humanity Book Deal Potential

Living The Dream By Creating Your Future One Word At A Time


If you are on my protocol of Cabbage, water and pink salt and adhering to the diet, for the most part and managing your healing symptoms effectively and strategically, I have an opportunity for you!!

I am willing to finance a book for anyone who may be suffering from a mild to an acute disease that is documented and verifiable and successfully reversed.  You will need to focus on:

1.  What you were suffering from to begin with and the methods you used in the Holistic/Allopathic World .  Please ascertain if what you are writing will reach a large group of people who will benefit from this.  It does need to target a niche market, ie down’s syndrome, autism, etc.  Please be open to submitting verifiable documentation what your diagnosis is and the numbers that do show significant change since you have been on the protocol as well as proof with verifiable evidence of your journey.  There needs to be a clear narrative so we can accurately paint a picture how this protocol helps/helped you.
2.  What led you to my protocol and info and then subsequently made the choice to implement and understand the concepts.  
3.  Document your routine and even when you cheated on the diet/protocol. Let us know what you went through when you ate that steak or doughnut or drank that alcohol.
4.  Please be very thorough.
5. How did your family/friends/coworkers deal with your healing and what did you do to maintain your life.

I will not only finance it for you, but I will get it edited and published and forward you 50% of the royalties to line your platform of creating more awareness to your local community.

All submissions need to be emailed to my address with the title, “Franchise for Humanity”.  There’s no need to private message me on Facebook outlining your journey, or emailing me prior to submission.  Just start writing and documenting your journey.

I look forward to hearing from you and working with you on this awesome revolutionary protocol and time!!

It is great to be alive!!

Jillian Epperly
Jilly Juice Creator