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The Evolution of the Jilly Juice Protocol (2020) Available NOW!!!

Current book will have pertinent information regarding balancing the Microbiome with the food supply and Jilly Juice.  Balancing Salt, Sugar and the Microbiome is key to balancing out your fatty acids, amino acids, prohormones and minerals.  I have made changes to the protocol to reflect simplicity, balance and effectiveness.   

My new book coming out in the Fall of 2021 will reflect new information and the current Jilly Juice Protocol.  


Handbook for Life

Summer/Fall of 2021

I will be incorporating Politics, Religion, Greek Mythology, Alchemy, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math, English, Psychology, Social Sciences and Esoteric Knowledge.  I will also have the full Jilly Juice Protocol housed in this next book, as well. 

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"The Evolution of the Jilly Juice Protocol" will  focus on how the Elements on the Periodic Tables impact Biodiversity transferring and converting different forms of energy triggering Biochemistry.  Plus, I will be discussing how the absence of the appropriate amounts of Sugar and Salt impacts Biodiversity and how Salt does not cause dehydration or High Blood Pressure, if you drink water and Salt triggers water retention also known as the anti-diuretic hormone .  Moreover, the recipe and the diet has changed drastically.


Finally, you will see how I have taken balance to another level to the point of seeing the value of why things exist in Biodiversity and man made law.   Evolving is beautiful!!

I have been doing extensive research and healing/upgrading and if I offended anyone politically, while in the process of my research I have done so publicly, I am truly sorry. 

Mitotic Reproduction (Non-Binary) and Meiosis  (Binary) will exist simultaneously.

However, the Human Genome Database hold many different innovative technological intentions made to perfect humans to a higher level of consciousness, easier adaptability and a balanced predisposition.  


We have no idea what "normal" is and does it really matter?


Evolution is continuous and devolution is continuous and it is black and white.  It is just a matter of which way you choose to go and that is YOUR choice!! 


Jilly Juice is a strategy in an ever evolving environment.

If you want to join our Private Facebook group for support and sharing, please email us at: 

with your book receipt(s) attached to this current book, as your ticket into the group. Please add your Facebook profile link so I may add you as a friend and then invite you into my group.  If you take the time to send me a little note about why you want to be in the group, that will help me understand how I can be a good support through your journey.   


We do not "instruct" or "coach" anyone through the perils of their own sustained weaknesses in their Body Mind and Spirit.  We merely share our experiences via my Facebook Private Public Group with the understanding the power of Fermented Cabbage/Kale Juice using White Table Salt and Water.  

If you do not want anyone to know your business, please email us or private message me via Facebook Messenger, your Testimonies and we will post your Testimonies in the Private Public Facebook Group. That way, we can all enjoy your journey.  Testimonies give people hope in their situation, through the eyes of your generous sharing, without compromising your privacy.  

Purchasing the Books:


The books will be available for purchase PAPERBACK ONLY through Amazon or other popular outlets.  My last e-book was so popular, pirates had a field day.  


For those who have a hard time ordering online and receiving mail from the USA, you can view the YouTube videos and recipe from my business page, Jilly Juice LLC, which are the Facebook icon tabs in this website.  Instead of reading the book, you will have to watch a select group of videos.  I promise, they will not be too long or too many to watch.  Follow the directions on the pinned post in that site, if you are interested in joining my group.  



About Jillian Epperly

A product of Generation X, Jillian has found the relationships between Humanity,  Jilly Juice, the Elements, (Bio)Chemistry and the Microbiome and found a balance between them all, with very specific measurable results.  

The Jilly Juice recipe consists of a Fermented Cabbage, Kale, Water and White Iodized or Non Iodized Table Salt.

She has debunked even her most staunchest critics with pure science.   Their claims; Salt is poison and their fears regarding the Probiotics, Cabbage, Kale and Water, in Jilly Juice have been debunked through Science and Academic Peer Reviewed Publications.  If you want to know more, consider researching her info in her book and check out her references in the Bibliography.

The Crux of the Jilly Juice Protocol and ALL of the food supply, is the balance between the Ionic and Covalent Bonding in a Dynamic Environment.



"From Revolution To Evolution"

Jillian Epperly

Covid 19


There are websites and Facebook groups that have the intention to misinform the public about Jilly Juice for personal or professional reasons. 

Please do not take any free versions of my book from any site as you have no idea what they may have manipulated in the book to put out false information.​

If you see any illegal  e-book/paperback versions of my book being sold or given away on Social Media or otherwise, please send us an email with screen shots and the link/PDF in question that is listed on this site. Any electronic version of my book, has been subverted.


I sell ONLY paperback through or other known commercial sites.

Thank you so much for stopping by,

Jillian Epperly
Jilly Juice LLC


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