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Welcome to the Open System of Tolerance and Diversity

The Hyd-RA Rule the World
Eye of Ra

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 Another Arm of the Hydra
The Undefined Life
Available Now!!!

The Jilly Juice conversion process from intolerance to tolerance..
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About the Book

In light of the fact that human-hydra cannot be created and destroyed, but can only be converted, what exactly is the goal of the conversion process? Are humans capable of adapting to climate change and staying alive within an open system, or do they need to die in order to reproduce another molecular representation of themselves defined by mucus, disease, or embryogenesis, within a closed system? Using science and allegorical etymology of words used to compartmentalize society, this book reveals aspects of the unseen world. In spite of the fact that most humans do not realize this, the unseeable molecular world greatly resembles the visible world. The cultures of micro-levels and macro-level colonies develop advanced communication that explains ongoing actions and reactions by using meanings, stories and intentions that can be converted into other storylines and simulations/civilizations. In politics, religion, and science, what used to be absolute may not be so absolute as we thought. All of these words represent the same thing, called change, conversion, and evolution: evolution, adaptation, mutation, entropy, negentropy, senescence, differentiation. And so when different words separate people in their respective homogenized groups, they do not realize they speak the same language and intention, only the words are different. The time has come to realize that words create worlds and that learning a new word is opening oneself up to different worlds. If you cannot embrace change, respect those who can. Diversity does not discriminate.

Arthur Schopenhauer Quote:

All truth passes through three stages. 

First, it is ridiculed. 

Second, it is violently opposed.

Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

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About the Author

A product of Generation X, Jillian Mai Thi Burke-Epperly created Jilly Juice LLC in 2016, which evolved into something more abstract, in 2022. Rather than being absolute regarding health and wellness expectations, she had to peel back layers of programming compartmentalizing a society full of blind spots. Furthermore, she had to write her third book online using bits and pieces of data that her community fed her either knowingly or unknowingly. This was so that she could finally fill in the gaps in her background and identify the unique backgrounds of her readers. Throughout the process, she developed relationships with people and then disengaged when necessary. Her disengagement allowed her to understand her own motivations and what motivates other people. To connect all the dots, she also had to self-study Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Allegory, Literature, History, Social Studies, and even social media. In a world ruled by absolute definitions, Jillian developed another arm of the hydra, the undefined life she had defined through her intention. If you want to find out more about me, find the tab with the three line on the mobile interface labeled "Blog". I update periodically.

Stay tuned.. 2030 Give Birth to Yourself



There are websites and Facebook groups who have the intention to misinform the public about Jilly Juice for personal or professional reasons. Please do not take any free versions of my book from any site as you have no idea what they may have manipulated in their book to intentionally misinform the public and claim I wrote it.​​

Thank you so much for stopping by,
Jillian Epperly
Jilly Juice LLC 2022


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