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Welcome to the Open System of Tolerance and Diversity

The Hyd-RA Rule the World
Eye of Ra

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 Another Arm of the Hydra
The Undefined Life
Available Now!!!

The Jilly Juice conversion process from intolerance to tolerance..
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Intentions of the Book

The book I have out now is "neutral" relative to politics, religion/spirituality and science.

It is the book for the ages and masses...

The book, "Another Arm of the Hydra" is the beginning of the deprogramming so you could save yourself, if you choose.


This next book (2030), "Eve's Rebellion" "Blood Wars in Paradise, will provide a valid argument for the sanctity of life by ending the culture of human farming, which has been contributing to the suffering and predatory behaviors in children and adults.

The premise of "Eve's Rebellion" "Blood Wars in Paradise".

During Climate Change: Higher Frequency Environment = Fertility is deadly, which means once the climate shifts for the entire world, the end result will continuously develop stronger, more adaptable species of humans who stop exterminating others for their differences, forcing people to defend themselves.

All Food was/is the Answer

  • Medical/Surgical (Nope)

  • Holistic/Energy Healing World (Nope)

  • Jilly Juice (Nope, environment is ionic enough) (you still must have electrolytes)

By the way, anything FDA approved as far as ingredients, is not poison. For anyone to be categorized in hospice, the person's lifestyle and belief systems around life and evolution, deemed them untouchable in the cures/surgical market. They did not have what it takes to handle another energy conversion around life. When you are that far gone, nothing will "save" a person. The moral to the story is, never let yourself become that far gone that you cannot turn around the intentions of your own immune system. 

Pineapple juice is deadly to a hospice person because it is a known tenderizer, thus breaking down vital proteins in the person's gut, which are necessary for survival.


Arthur Schopenhauer Quote:

All truth passes through three stages. 

First, it is ridiculed. 

Second, it is violently opposed.

Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.


About the Author

A product of Generation X, Jillian Mai Thi Burke-Epperly created Jilly Juice LLC in 2016, which evolved into something more abstract, in 2022. Rather than being absolute regarding health and wellness expectations, she had to peel back layers of programming compartmentalizing a society full of blind spots. Furthermore, she had to write her third book online using bits and pieces of data that her community fed her either knowingly or unknowingly. This was so that she could finally fill in the gaps in her background and identify the unique backgrounds of her readers. Throughout the process, she developed relationships with people and then disengaged when necessary. Her disengagement allowed her to understand her own motivations and what motivates other people. To connect all the dots, she also had to self-study Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Allegory, Literature, History, Social Studies, and even social media. In a world ruled by absolute definitions, Jillian developed another arm of the hydra, the undefined life she had defined through her intention. If you want to find out more about me, find the tab with the three line on the mobile interface labeled "Blog". I update periodically.

Stay tuned 2030..Eve's Rebellion
Blood War in Paradise


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There are websites and Facebook groups who have the intention to misinform the public about Jilly Juice for personal or professional reasons. Please do not take any free versions of my book from any site as you have no idea what they may have manipulated in their book to intentionally misinform the public and claim I wrote it.​​

Thank you so much for stopping by,
Jillian Epperly
Jilly Juice LLC 2022


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