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 Silicon Valley's Secrecy of Science/Silence of Innovation - Part 1
The Age Of Reckoning
Winter/Spring of 2023
The Jilly Juice Journey is a thought process with specific measurable outcomes.
The JJ Journey

I will be releasing a new book with updated and innovative thought processes soon.
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JJ Meta-Mentality is a metamorphosis of one way of thinking into another with a specific measurable result.

As long as artificial intelligence can be sustained, reinforced, and evolved with an already developed individual, it is not necessarily bad.

Using artificial intelligence as a crutch is only temporary, and eventually you will become edified by it.

Salt energizes anything it touches. 

The Children are NOT the future, it is the parents influencing the parent cells to redirect the immature B cell and their own children to mature to the new aggressive frequencies in the environment. If the parents'

cannot change the way they do things, neither will the children.

Arthur Schopenhauer Quote:

All truth passes through three stages. 

First, it is ridiculed. 

Second, it is violently opposed.

Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Purchasing the Books:


The books will be available for purchase PAPERBACK ONLY through Amazon or other popular outlets.  My last e-book was so popular, pirates had a field day.  


For those who have a hard time ordering online and receiving mail from the USA, you can view the YouTube videos and recipe from my business page, Jilly Juice LLC, which are the Facebook icon tabs in this website.  Instead of reading the book, you will have to watch a select group of videos.  I promise, they will not be too long or too many to watch.   



About Jillian Epperly

A product of Generation X, Jillian discovered the evolutionary power of viruses influencing the microbiome and the enVIRONment. Viruses are evolution, energy, and innovation when fed ALL FOOD IN THE FOOD SUPPLY. The critical concept to understand is that Jilly Juice is temporary and not meant to be used indefinitely. Salt has curative properties but not the ultimate intention.  It would help if you had salt, but not too much or too little, but salt is necessary to be in your food supply activating cell replication and coding your DNA.

The intention is not to end up like beef jerky!

The Jilly Juice recipe consists of Fermented Cabbage, Kale, Water, and White Iodized or Non-Iodized Table Salt.

She has debunked even her staunchest critics with pure science.   Their claims; Salt is poison, and their fears regarding the Probiotics, Cabbage, Kale and Water, in Jilly Juice have been debunked through Science and Academic Peer-Reviewed Publications.  If you want to know more, consider researching her info in her book and check out her references in the Bibliography.

The Crux of the Jilly Juice Meta-Mentality and ALL of the food supply is the balance between the Salting-In (Covalent) and Salting-Out (Ionic).


Reading a Book

"Balance +/-"

Jillian Epperly

Covid 19


There are websites and Facebook groups that have the intention to misinform the public about Jilly Juice for personal or professional reasons. 
Please do not take any free versions of my book from any site as you have no idea what they may have manipulated in the book to put out false information.​

I sell ONLY paperback through my publisher, or other known commercial sites.
Thank you so much for stopping by,
Jillian Epperly
Jilly Juice LLC


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