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About Jillian Epperly

A product of her generation, Jillian Epperly has taken the idea OF THE POWER OF CABBAGE, KALE, WATER AND WHITE TABLE IODIZED OR NON IODIZED SALT in different contexts in nature and applied the same rules and created a new context called Jilly Juice LLC.

The RECIPE consists of a Fermented Cabbage, Kale, Water and White Iodized or Non Iodized Table Salt and it is VERY NUTRITIOUS.


The Evolution of the Jilly Juice Protocol June 2020 (expected release date)

August 2018 (current book on the market)

(This current book will be discontinued in the future)

New!! Focus will be on how the Elements on the Periodic Tables impact Biodiversity transferring and converting different forms of energy triggering Biochemistry.  Plus, I will be discussing how the absence of the appropriate amounts of Salt impacts Biodiversity.  Moreover, the recipe and the diet has changed drastically.

Finally, I have a  new professional editor who will catch my run on sentences and typos and other grammatical errors.  This book will be vastly different.  Evolving is beautiful!!

I have been doing extensive research and healing/upgrading and if I offended anyone politically, while in the process of my research I have done so publicly, I am truly sorry. 

It is not easy to explore and and research so publicly and have ideas be misinterpreted by daytime talk show hosts and desperate Youtubers looking for an audience mischaracterizing the recipe, not fluent in cabbage fermentation. 

If you go to my Youtube I do talk about the Biological Constructs of Biodiversity and the Elemental Constructs of our Universe and the Social Constructs of different societies.  Anything I may have said on Dr. Phil regarding Societal Constructs needs to be revisited as I have since changed my outlook and approach.

Additionally, I am also not Anti-vaccine or anti-GMO or demonize food, elements, minerals or "chemicals" in any way shape or form.  Everything is about balance, intention, outcome and specific measurable results.. 

Again, please go to my Youtube Channel and catch up on my latest thought process so you get a better clarification of how fluid the Jilly Juice Protocol is when learning and developing a thesis so publicly and expeditiously.

If you want to join our secret Facebook group for unlimited support, please email us at:


with your book receipt(s) attached to any one of these books, as your ticket into the group. 

We do not "instruct" or "coach" anyone through the perils of their own sustained weaknesses in their Body Mind and Spirit.  We merely share our experiences via my Facebook Secret Public Group with understanding the power of Fermented Cabbage/Kale Juice using White Table Salt.  

If you do not want anyone to know your business, please email us your Testimony or Questions and either I or my team will post your testimonies and questions in the Secret Public Facebook Group. That way, we can address your concerns personally in the group without revealing your identity.  

Purchasing the Book:

You will have two options to view the book.  One is an e-book, which needs proper hardware and applications on your Computer/Smart Phone.  The other options to view the book is paperback.  I recommend the paperback book.

Below is the link you must click on in order to buy the book from Lulu Publishing.

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"Unifying Systems
Manifesting Pathways
For All Mankind"

Jillian Epperly

table salt.jpg


There are websites and Facebook groups that have the intention to misinform the public about Jilly Juice for personal or professional reasons. 

Please do not take any free versions of my book from any site as you have no idea what they may have manipulated in the book to put out false information.

Potential REWARD: (Based upon the successful Prosecution and Conviction of Copyright Infringement)

If you see any illegal versions of my book being sold or given away on Social Media or otherwise, please send us an email with screen shots and the link/PDF in question that is listed on this site. Please make sure you time stamp it and it is from your access to the information, not coming from another source. 

You must be a first hand witness and come forward, if subpoenaed by District Court, in the event of a lawsuit.

Thank you so much for stopping by,

Jillian Epperly
Jilly Juice LLC

Mail: PO BOX 80183

         CANTON, OH 44708