DANGERS of Pills Powders and Supplements and Detoxes

Correlation Does Not Mean Causation

Just like in Math, we are dealing with integers.  Positive and negative numbers and elements.  What you do to one side of the equal sign, you MUST do to the other side of the equal sign.  Correlation does not mean causation as EVERYTHING is a factor.  How we understand positive and negative elements will help us understand what factors contributed to the ultimate outcome, but that is very subjective and only the individual knows 100% what they do in their life to contribute to their condition and it is up to the individual to do their own research. CLICK the following link   (https://youtu.be/DEVU8JytLfI)

The Dangers of Cannabis

Cannabis is a negative element (thc, oil, smoking, nebulizing it, pills and powder form) If you are 95% battery dead, all negative elements will push you over the edge no matter what.


The Dangers of Exercise Regimes and Accountability Coaches

It really taxes your body and destroys your life, over time.


Antibiotic Dangers in the Holistic and Allopathic Industry

Infusing your body with negative elements topically and internally daily or even occasionally does destroy your body and gut over time.