Frequently Asked Questions

Will the recipe dehydrate me?

*If you do not drink enough water to keep the balance of water and electrolytes in your body, it won’t matter what you eat and drink, you will be dehydrated. Drink water when you’re thirsty!

According to elementary science water, (H20), consists of two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen.  H20 ranks as the number one, (most abundant) element in the human body to balance out the sodium chloride (salt) which is ranks ninth from the top of the Elemental Composition of the Human Body from most needed to least needed. (

What’s the balancing force of salt / sodium? 
Answer: H2O or Water

          Hypernatremia (too much salt) 
            Total H2O deficit (L) = total body water x ( 1 – desired Na+ ) serum Na+

Hyponatremia (not enough salt)
   Na+ requirement (mmol) = total body water x (desired Na+ – serum Na+ )           
   Rate of infusion (cc/hr) = Na+ requirement (mmol) x 1000 infusate Na+ (mmol/L) x time (hrs)

What is the difference between a sodium chloride (salt) water flush and Jilly Juice?

One can also make the argument that a plain sodium chloride (salt) water flush could be just as effective in the healing and purging process but without using the benefits of lactofermentation and the right vegetable.  This is not true. Sodium chloride (salt) water flushes only induce the gut to purge out what’s in the intestines, also known as the laxative effect.  A few trace minerals do enter into the body, but the nutrition in the cabbage the lactobacillus created by the fermentation in the juice recipe makes an incredible difference.  Sodium chloride (salt) water flushes will energize an immuno-compromised body but the lack of maximized nutritional absorbency will hinder the body’s ability to repair the damaged cells completely.  

What may have been previously overlooked is that nutrition, reinforced with the right combination of electrolytes in any manner has not ever caused death in any instance, based upon current emergency room practices.  It should also be noted that it’s a common procedure to provide incoming patients with a massive amount of electrolytes to stabilize them. 

Has anyone died on the protocol?

No one to date, has died as a direct result of the protocol.  It is like saying that nutrition is deadly to the body and it is the juice’s fault for why a person doesn’t drink water after eating a salty snack/drink.  When a person who happens to be in hospice passes away, there are so many factors that contributed to their condition to begin with.  Correlation does not mean causation.  The circumstances were not in a controlled setting to be able to know for sure. 

Example:  I have a friend on Facebook who was admitted to the hospital because her severe flu symptoms rendered her dehydrated (low electrolyte balance).  She was immediately hooked up to a bag of Braun hospital saline solution at 1000ml per bag.  She was on the 5th bag in 3 hours from when she was admitted when she posted her status.  She was essentially taking in large amount of sodium chloride and dextrose in a short amount of time thus stabilizing her body so she could finally go home and recover from influenza.  

Note: When ingesting any recipe with high sodium levels to energize the immune system such as sauerkraut (Google sauerkraut recipes), the body sends signals to the brain to drink water when thirsty and filter out what minerals it does not need as well as absorb what it does need.  That is called your body’s digestive system which works on an involuntary basis and that is how the body keeps the minerals and nutrition in balance per the elemental composition of the human body.  This is when the body is working at its’ optimum levels with strategic and laser focused access to nutrition broken down for easier processing.

Why do “symptoms” happen when the Juice is ingested?

Any interruption of homeostasis (Homeostasis Interruptus) alerts the body that it is off balance and the body systems will work toward getting it back into balance. 

  • If you are feeding your body a type of nutrition it ordinarily did not receive on a specific scale, the body’s homeostasis will get interrupted.  It is not a bad thing, just a natural response for the body to finally process the nutrition it was sorely missing for a very long time.

Symptoms are an interruption of homeostasis relative to what precipitated the event to begin with.  You will understand why when you read about why I am against antibiotics below and how it can also interrupt homeostasis in a negative way.

Why are you against antibiotics?

Antibiotics and binders binds onto cells and smothers them with the minerals that subvert the balance in the human body.  Many people, including myself, have used binders such as zeolite, clay, diatomaceous earth, different pills, powders, supplements, herbs and extracts.  Binders are POISON and also known antibiotic, antimicrobial and antinflammatory. Anti biotic is anti life and anything that goes after all the good gut bacteria along with pathogenic bacteria, does hinder the body to regenerate and metabolize nutrients it may have access to.

With the use of antibiotics, symptoms manifest from toxins harbored in the body coming to surface, such as Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction asko known as “herxing” ( and the body subsequently gets re-infected which then elicits an immune response and more symptoms.

Can this reverse homosexuality behaviors?

There are no claims this is an absolute outcome for people who fit within this context, however, once we understand the laws of nature, the laws of the Universe and the laws of the elemental composition of the human body, we can explore the possibilities what causes any type of behaviors to manifest.  

If a person is using hormones to align their body to their mind, maybe the answer is the innate immune system, not the HRT or hormone replacement therapy. If a transgender male is taking exogenous testosterone to suppress female attributes, evidence suggests that the cause is a mutation in the reproductive glands from epigenetics and a rapid introduction of elements to the body throwing it off balance.  A reasonable explanation is to tap into the innate immune system using bio-available nutrients to allow the genes to express what the body was originally intended to be. (

Example of a manipulated Reproductive System methodology:  Viagra is used to manipulate the male reproductive system due to sexual dysfunction.  Instead of manipulating the reproductive system to over energize a specific action, why not allow the nutrition to fortify the body to repair the sustained damage to the male reproductive system and allow the male to naturally tap into what nature originally intended for him to do, which is reproduce in nature.

Once we understand the the possible causes without politicizing it and making the conversation taboo, we can then explore freely how to help humanity become healthier, productive and open to learning with tolerance and patience.