Get Started

So you are thinking about getting started with the Protocol.  Here are the answers to a few basic questions and the next steps for you to take.


1. Open your mind. Get ready to learn.

2. Email us for your Free e-book:  “Exposing The Lies” Book 1

Book 1 provides insight into the initial discovery of the Protocol and how it works.  Learn how to make Jilly Juice and get detailed information on the recipe and companion diet.  EMAIL
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3. Read the book. 

4. Make the Jilly Juice.  Drink It. Eat Right.  Manage Your Symptoms. Start healing!

5. Need more help? Become a Member!  Get support and questions answered on specific issues. 

As a Member, you will have access to in-depth insight and information about how the protocol works.  Best of all, membership also grants you access to a discussion forum that allows members to anonymously ask questions and share experiences on their specific issues.  This Members Only forum is moderated by myself and a few others that are well trained on the protocol to help keep discussions focused and on-track.
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What does the protocol include?
The protocol itself includes a diet of what you should and should not eat, a fermented drink recipe of pureed cabbage, water and pink salt (Jilly Juice), and healing symptom management program.  Specific can be found in our free e-book.  A handy list of the “Do and Do Not Foods is available with this link:  DO-and-DONT-EAT SINGLE PAGE 05-18-2018

Where do I get Jilly Juice?
You make it yourself from very simple ingredients that you buy:  cabbage or kale, Himalayan Pink salt, and water.

Do I need to drink Jilly Juice forever?
The quick answer is Yes.  At first, most people drink larger amounts until they are ‘healed and sealed”.  When they are happy with their level of health, they drink less and maybe less often as a maintenance plan. 

How much does it cost to be on the protocol and drink Jilly Juice?
THIS KNOWLEDGE IS FREE!  The actual cost of cabbage, water and pink salt is whatever the market rate is for those items.  The basic knowledge provided here is to get you started.  If you want extra help with questions or support, access to the anonymous discussion forum and higher level web content is included with your site membership – $30 bucks a year.

Isn’t salt bad for you?
Yes and No.  Salt, in general, has been promoted as to be the cause for high blood pressure and other health problems.  Bleached white table salt (iodized salt) is the worst salt to use.  It contains a synthetic iodine and all of the minerals have been removed.  Salt, the right salt, is not only good for you, it is an essential element for your body to function.  Salt energizes your cells and your body with electrolytes!   The only recommended salt is on the protocol is Pink Himalayan Salt.   It provides the needed minerals and cellular substance which contributes to the healing.  Iodized table salt a may energize the body, but because it is stripped of it’s minerals, won’t heal.  Additionally, the iodine in the salt will create a “detox” poisoning effect immune response.  Other “natural salts” like Celtic Sea Salt or Baja Sea Of Cortez may be better than regular iodized table salt but Pink Himalayan Salt is mined from mountains in ancient locations and most likely more pure and effective than any others.

What’s the difference between a probiotic vs antibiotic?

A probiotic (PRO LIFE) has live active cultures (good bacteria) working in harmony with the body to help fight unwanted pathogens.  The antibiotics (ANTI LIFE) are working against the body, killing both good and bad, damaging your natural immune system!

Why do you need to charge a membership fee?
We purposely wanted to keep the membership costs affordable so that it could be available to everyone.  This low annual helps pay for the maintenance of the website and moderators.