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100% Sobriety is a Hard Sell_Cell

So what is the jj world selling.. I'm not selling pain..

I'm selling sobriety and whatever comes with sobriety..

I'm selling that you can have fulfilling relationships without giving up your body mind and spirit to someone who needs to get off on your body parts.. If you need to provide body parts for a commitment you can do it and enjoy it.. But you also don't have to do it or need to search for it..

The reason why people are not sober because they have their hormones plucked all the time with children animals drugs relationships sex ...

Sobriety is something only can be done personally.

When you realize domesticated animals and people are suffering.. And you can't control their suffering and you can't make them sober.

Is it worth taking on things that you know will deteriorate cause you pain so much pain.. To the point where life is a commodity..

Which is why I advocate animal sanctuaries.. You get all the benefits and none of the downsides.. The animals are taken care of 24 / 7.. and allowed to roam free away from cars and poachers and animal traffickers.

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