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-2^5 = influenza if -2 is influenza then -2^100 = cancer

Cancer, 30 Day Fertility Cycle, Aging, Evolving to Die is Energy Mismanagement

In any human body there are around 30 trillion human cells, but our microbiome is an estimated 39 trillion microbial cells including bacteria, viruses and fungi that live on and in us.Jul 14, 2020

That's all currency and then you have to manage that energy conversion.

That is also currency CONVERSION!!

And sometimes those demons work against you Actually all the time especially if you believe you should die someday.

Cancer is when you have mismanaged the energy in your body.. fertility and aging is also mismanagement of the energy in your body.

Which is why the less fertile you are the more well-balanced you will be and of course if you have been diagnosed to be menopausal then you're deteriorating. Because being fertile twice a year is not the same as being menopausal

If you don't understand you need food all food release rest and retention you will Supernova like a red giant and that's kind of what's going on during climate change.

Some of you might be eating food but you're not resting and you're not realeasing you're just this big ball of energy that one day will go poof.

Women have the natural ability to rest because she has more estrogen than testosterone which is a known energy booster. But women try to keep up with the men as well as other women, they destroy themselves

I call that living on fumes. And you're also falling apart in the process..

If men have more estrogen than they might have a chance but they're also going to be bigger because they have to release those demons. Some people call them beta boys or soy boys

Very thin men can be also extremely wiry and a ball of energy and full of testosterone because all they are is just energy basically testosterone.

When girls are so thin they become like men very full of testosterone as well as highly estrogenic and highly sexualized because that's what the system programmed into them and of course the boys will go after very thin girls and screw them to death. Which is why you see girls get pregnant at such a young age because they're hormones kicked in earlier and earlier so they get screwed earlier and earlier literally and figuratively

When girls are so overly abundant then they also have a whole issue of problems and so balance for both sexes is Paramount..

Yeah the system royally f***** us all up and you have a chance to fix the issue and balance everything If you understand what is deadly which is aggressive fertility

But You know how's that goes, people are addicted to hormones they can't get off without abusing themselves or other people.

And so that's why the family pushes the girls into marriage so that way they're not responsible for the destruction of their own daughters and sons. Now the people are each other's responsibility and if you're in a f***** up marriage of someone who is cannibalizing the crap out of you because you've been conditioned to do that you've already signed on the dotted line and I guess that's enjoyable. People don't marry people unless they enjoy the relationship. And so people will fall to their death at their own hand signed on the dotted line and they also teach their daughters and sons to do the exact same thing and there's the destruction of the family and society and the depopulation agenda.

Yeah this has been going on for thousands of years And you're basically repeating history .

girls don't have a chance right now in our society and boys don't have a chance obviously..

And so while I could say this from the safety of my computer you try to tell this is someone to their face out there in the public it's called fighting words and people will hit you for this. That's why you have the internet so you have the freedom to say what you need to say without getting hit by somebody in your environment because they can't handle another truth.

F****** phenomenal

"useless eaters" evolve to die and they consume everything in their environment.. but that was "necessary" based upon the intentions of the system Post WW2.

Evolving to live is about conservation and scaling down consumption without destroying yourself and the environment..

-2^5 = influenza if -2 is influenza

then -2^100 = cancer

so a simple infection trapped in the body can turn into a fast moving cancer or if the person is lucky enough, and they are a woman, maybe it turns into a baby.. but not all the time..

And so we have people disabling half their immune system called "release" and then activate their immune system called developing antibodies and so they develop so many landmines that have nowhere to go and they develop either a died suddenly but if they are lucky, they get cancer...

and sometimes it is the other way around.. they allow so much release, but they do not eat enough and so they starve themselves out of existence..

Our Immune system spits out so many land mines and then we also don't want to feel the pain and suffering of release and so we harbor so many landmines that then go off like July 4th firecrackers.

And people don't survive the energy conversion.

Truth in Advertising

When you donate to my cancer awareness campaign to end cancer, you will have helped the system eradicate cancer.





I'm saying this tongue-in-cheek.

when you donate to cancer cures organizations, you probably are donating to companies who develop a surefire way to protect people from suffering from cancer:


died suddenly..

no suffering, no cancer, no disease, just RIP.. that is what you are donating to..

see, i told you.

when there is NO more cancer in the population and no uptick in Covid cases, why don't you check the morgues and funeral homes ...

people pay for died suddenly, no suffering and they make it so easy..

people love running for the cures... lol..

they love asking people to donate to all the died suddenly organizations ..

breast cancer

march of dimes

st judes

died suddenly is a cure for all diseases, even cancers.

how can you say no to a cute face or your suffering friends.. people cannot say no to anyone, so they alleviate guilt and donate.. and I cannot even for the life of me figure out how they measure their donations to be a sound investment..

people are still suffering from cancer..

but wait, died suddenly will be specific measurable result they made a sound investment

running for the cures and donating to all the organizations...

you paid out of your own pocket for all the died suddenlies..

mainstreamers are famous for donating to died suddenly...

logical fallacies are the illusions ..

companies donate to died suddenly..

queen bees encouraging their friends to donate to their birthday campaigns "fighting" cancers..

king bees playing on your sympathies and their muscles finding ways for you to donate taking all the suffering away from your friends and family, called cures and then died suddenly..


ironic, lol

How do you save a life. You have to end somebody else's.

People don't want to suffer so the less they have to suffer from cancer the more lives get saved..

When there's no more cancer in the population lives are saved. Have you ever been in a circle of people where no one had cancer. I've never been around any circle of people where they hadn't suffered from some kind of cancer scare or another.

What happens if people have cancer they have to treat it to death that's causing more competition and yeah more cancer in the population. Yes cancer is catching and it is infectious.

Somebody has to control the population to save lives.

So the system will eradicate cancer even if it means a person will not be able to fight it anymore

they'll just die from lack of assimilation. That's what the system is eradicating are the cancers on this Earth and people are choosing to be a cancer on this Earth and so they choose their own demise through all the treatments. Eventually you won't be treated anymore there won't be any more cancer anymore.

It is quite a paradox understanding what the system has been doing and then you guys sign on the dotted line and even give your okay and that's the issue with those who can't handle suffering. They treat themselves to death. And then they have to be around people so they don't feel lonely and then everyone gets exposed to the competition and fight disease and potentially cancer and then it becomes a domino effect. That's why I walked away from it all.

The Georgia guidestone said be not a cancer on this Earth leave room for nature leave room for nature




THE LAWS of entropy,

cured = 0k or zero kelvin

ok or 666

you cure small things, the small cures lead to large cures and then speed up the growth and reactions, large things become cured, called

died suddenly.

cured = death

thanks to your donations, the system found the ultimate cure in died suddenly..

you got what you wished for.. no suffering. no cancer.

When the cancer cures become so effective so will died suddenly.

The cancer cures will be so effective you'll see a lot more died suddenly and no more cancer

When people's cancer comes back it means the life was strong enough to withstand the oncology but the person will keep attacking the cancer until they completely destroy themselves.

The logical fallacy of cancer cures is the fact that you get treated you'll be saved when actuality it just makes you weaker.

Because then the next time the body tries to live there's no more lifelines. They just die suddenly.

Every form of cancer is a colony in your body that when it became out of control and influential you decided to attack it because you didn't like the symptoms. Or it was not allowed to spread out and become part of you it became another life of its own

Which is why you see those who are in remission don't survive they die suddenly.

That's in all the died suddenly groups and died suddenly worldwide and rest in peace worldwide.

Once you eradicate cancer from your body you're next.

And that's a f****** brutal truth..

Which is why the cures Market is one huge logical fallacy and so is the Run for the Cure in every single f****** organization that takes your money because your friends are completely oblivious to the world they live in..

You can't stop life that wants to live and if you find a way to stop life then you're next.

You're f****** next..

So no I don't celebrate your cancer remission because it tells me that you won't be able to handle another climate change. The cures are becoming way too effective.

And when you're developing cancer vaccines eventually you will assimilate to be the things that your body is trained to attack and then that's how you get your own immune system attacking you and destroying you

The medical and holistic industry is one huge logical fallacy that I have to walk away from and I can't even hang out with people because it's f****** brutal and I can't be a party to it anymore that's why I'm done with Society. I'm literally done.

Once you decide to become aware of another truth you will have a hard time hanging out with your friends and family.

The third law of thermodynamics states that the entropy of a closed system at thermodynamic equilibrium approaches a constant value when its temperature approaches absolute zero.

Again I will not donate to any foundation that is in cancer and cures disease research.

I am morally against destroying people through the government.

And that includes all the holistic supplements people selling people a dream. That includes the dietitians.

once you destroy/attack/eradicate the cancer in your body, you are next.. and even your own children and your Offspring who have very similar genomes to the cancers in your body.

And vice versa. When The Offspring destroy the host because The Offspring and the host both have similar genomic sequences.

In other words when a child is being treated for cancer the parents are also exposed to the antibodies attacking the the childs cancer and inevitably the parents will hold some form of that genome within their own immune system

Which is why you get a lot of Family Violence because they are working against each other since the climate has changed. Everybody is getting treated for disease and then they're attacking each other through the treatments and it also manifests in behaviors

Offspring are cancer disease and chronic illness and even your children. It's just a matter of how organized they are and how intelligent they can be

They, the cancers just aren't as organized as your child is..

But your children have a direct similarity to the disease in your body as well as the cancers and tumors and growths you sustain and hold.

And so when Mommy and Daddy get treated for cancer you can only imagine those cures are attacking their own offspring as well. Their own children.

And if you don't understand genes and generations and family medical illnesses and the cures Market, you will treat your cancer and subsequently destroy all of your own offspring especially your own children

Remember the system is guiding reproduction carefully and they say be not a cancer on this Earth leave room for nature and leave room for nature

When you are successful in eradicating any disease from your body

you are showing how effective it is to end the life in your body as you know it.. and even your children

Once you get diagnosed, the assumed outcome of died suddenly will happen.. People predetermine their outcome of Cancer to inevitable died suddenly.

I probably had cancer balls in my body, but I did not get diagnosed to give it "life" and I just did what I had to do to let it spread and release and rebuild.. I have felt fatty tumors, had growths, etc.. but I did not need to get them diagnosed.. because I respect life and I fed it, dealt with the pain and released them..

once you get diagnosed or remedy or treat, or get formally diagnosed, you have just predetermined your own outcome and you declared war on your immune system..

Once you get treated for something aggressive you have declared war on your immune system. Once you get a formal diagnosis. You have professed you will declare war on your immune system by all means possible even cannabis.

The logical fallacy that cancer was something to be destroyed to save your life was meant for you to buy into it when the system had to perfect the ultimate Cancer Cure

So you can imagine the cancers in your body might even have similarities to your offsprings biochemistry. And so if you successfully eradicate cancer from your body your Offspring may not be as lucky.

Of course you won't be lucky either but if the system can successfully eradicate the offspring cancer of your body then your children will be easily taken out and those cures become majorly aggressively effective

And when the wind blows in a different direction you can only imagine your children will not survive given how effective the cures Market is in eradicating the cancers as well as disease from your own body

That's called climate change. That's called died suddenly

They also needed your money and camaraderie and they needed the SOB stories and they needed the horrific images of a child and animal and a human suffering and the only way to save them was to give away your money your time even your blood

Oncology attacks you, your chaotic cancer offspring and your own children..

can you imagine what a cancer va ccine will do during climate change.

People have been trained to attack anything influential. So imagine when your immune system, who holds so much diversity, develops something influential, they attack it systematically through the cures market.

Until they can't survive their own attacks against their own immune system. Or they starve themselves out as well as their children

Instead of just walking away from influential things people want to go and square up and fight it to the point of destroying themselves.

In your community you walk away from fights you don't square up

in your immune system you release the fights in your body you don't square up

And everyone still must be fed

you can't starve anything that you are trying to release because they will latch on harder and even suck the life out of you

That's how I'm surviving my community and my own immune system. I respect the life of my body and I feed it and I release the fight but I never square up and fight anything or attack anything.

Now look at the population of people who attack anything influential.

They will also attack their own body when parts of their body become influential or they will starve it.

You will see what people do their body when they react to someone they think is a threat.. they try to carve it out. They try to electrocute or radiate it. They even try to starve it out

And when you know this. That's why you're only influential on social media and then you be very careful who you circulate with..

If you know you are influential you don't put yourself in a position to be knocked down by somebody else personally and professionally

Yes, cold temperatures can cause blood vessels to constrict, or narrow, in a reaction called vasoconstriction. This constriction helps to minimize heat loss by sending blood to deeper tissues and keeping vital organs warm. However, constricted blood vessels can also raise blood pressure and stress the heart.

So when the temperature goes from hot to cold cold to hot this is why people have heart attacks and strokes because they're not conditioned to feel the pain of the body pushing the blood through narrow constricted blood vessels because of climate change

The aging process is a cure for cancer. Aggressive overabundance and excessive emaciation is also a cure for cancer. Died suddenly is a cure for cancer

Sudden adult death is a cure for cancer. Sudden infant death is a cure for cancer..

Death is a cure for cancer

Antibiotics and starvation are also cures for cancer. Politics religion and science attempts to be cures for cancer

Cannabis is the number one popular cure for cancer..

Right now climate change such as tornadoes and hurricanes are also cures for cancer

Waking Up With Slight Feelings of "Pain"

Life is movement and energy and intelligent. Life is ever evolving and it feeds on the environment while processing all information. Life becomes what death cannot become, influential. How can that be? It is the fear of death that is more influential than death itself. Even then, death can only play games with the living if they happen to galvanize enough energy to haunt the living. The living give power to the dead if the living has extremely close connections with the dead.

Lately, the last few days, slight arm, hand, back and shoulder pain that is manageable and not very influential. I even feel the armpits of my lymph nodes open up when my system needs to "release the demons". This morning I woke up with no pain at all and then when I did my "business" and released the demons there were a lot more "demons" that needed to be released and then I felt a little arm pain and shoulder pain because I activated my own immune system and let everything move the way it needs to in this environment.

Life is painful, especially during aggressive climate change and I have found ways to channel my "pain" into art, intellectual ability and even take naps to escape. My dreams are also representative to the movement within my immune system as the memories swirling around release themselves throughout the night and into the early mornings. I enjoy listening to YouTube documentaries on the past, present and people's version of what the future might bring.

I enjoy collecting information, data and new habits because one day, if not already, the information will serve me to my benefit, not work against me. I enjoy watching patterns in our society emerge and watch people react differently or the same way and I know deep down inside I survived what they are going through. I just hope they figure out they can survive what they are going through. Again, that is not for me to determine for anyone.

I welcome all pain and suffering and release and am thankful for all food because without pain, suffering, release and food, I would just be a blob waiting to pass away or be some energetic demon antagonizing a person place or thing until the environment takes me out..

The system is giving all of you a gift, if you can recognize the gifts the system is giving you. Those in the West have a better chance to survive climate change than those who live in third world nations.

I hope you see the gifts and I hope you utilize those gifts to your benefit. We won't get a second chance to make a "first impression" into the New World.

Have a great weekend!!

Life is a virus

Hypothetically, you are 5 viruses


One(YOU)to the 5th power (VIRUSES)



3. HPV



2/1^5 of you are influential life catalyzed by:

Some studies have found that certain frequencies may affect cancer cells, including:

7.83 Hz

A 2019 study published in Electromagn Biol Med found that this Schumann resonance frequency can inhibit the growth of B16F10 cancer cells.

1873.477 Hz, 2221.323 Hz, 6350.333 Hz, and 10456.383 Hz

These frequencies are common in patients with breast, prostate, pancreatic, and hepatocellular carcinoma.

100,000–300,000 Hz

Some say that cancer cells are vulnerable to frequencies within this range.

Influential life=cancer

Instead of releasing EXCESSIVE MICROBIAL OFFSPRING, people DISABLE aspects of their immune system AND TRAP THE CHAOS WITHIN and then the 2/1^5 covert to

-2×-2×-2×-2×-2= 2^-5= 32 PCR TEST


Everyone has the potential to allow their blood types full of viruses to become IN FLU ENTIAL



Cancer is a byproduct of years worth of OTC, HERBAL, and prescription drugs, plus food mitigation diets.. the aging process is low level cancer sucking the life out of people..

Died suddenly, vital organ failure are from lack of nutrition and blood clots or drowning in mucus from a disabled release process

CLIMATE CHANGE《---》Influenza--》DISEASE ---》




Diddy, the new Epstein?

During this crazy climate change everything is coming out. Especially in politics religion and science even the music industry and Hollywood. It's not over yet. There's a whole lot more.

There's a price to fame and fortune. There is always a price whenever you become extremely influential.

Hollywood is going to go through their aggressive payback for the money the power and The Prestige and influence they were given. Everyone right now is suffering from the gifts that were given to them and now they have to pay the piper because the devil is taking its due. And that is the whole world. Suffering is the payment system. That's something you're not told until you go through it and then you will either try to end your own suffering through the FDA protocols and then accept the outcome or you suffer to live in that takes a very strong person if it's even possible.

All advanced societies go through aggressive Growing Pains. And I guess that's the price an advanced Society must go through and a segment of it must be the lessons for the future

Trust the system

because that's all you have is the system

Or else you'll be subject to somebody else's intentions and even their consequences

I think it's hilarious that even aldis is under attack laugh out loud..

Here's some truth most will not understand or like. You are bioengineered

There is no such thing as organic. There is such a thing as starvation and fear of whatever someone told you to be in fear of.

And when something tastes "funny" to you or you feel symptoms you will make correlation equals causation causing even more starvation. And actually you would be right because people are starving and they can't handle the pain of release and retention. So technically they're proving how intolerant they are to life and adaptation. The system was always right. And people were always right. And they will take themselves down through their own lack of Tolerance

That was f****** strategic. That's how the system will take down most people. It's f****** genius

And those who are afraid of themselves and the word bioengineered. You know they're starving right. They are f****** starving and it's insanely obvious

People want to blame the media for brainwashing but I will tell you your friends and family are the worst people that will brainwash you. The media is just the reflection of your friends and family. No matter who it is you listen to you're not getting an unbiased point of view. And so if you can't tell the difference between a bias and a fact. It doesn't matter who you listen to. But I will tell you your friends and family are the worst more than the media.

Because even the religious alternative media is probably the same if not worse than the media and your own friends and family. That right there should tell you there is a controlled opposition. And if you can't tell the difference it won't matter who you listen to

I take all information and process it and look for the biases and the filters and then I make my own choices. I don't ask people what I should do in any situation. If I start asking people what I should do in any situation i might as well pretty much just fold up and die because I can't make my own f****** decisions.. and children are stuck asking people what they should do which means I hope they have what it takes to survive their friends and family. They don't have enough life experience to make their own choices.

And even friends and family don't have enough life experience to make their own choices because they're always referring to Authority or somebody else to tell them what to do.

You can tell those who need Authority are the ones who ask Facebook who they should hire and what they should do in any situation.. and that's a sad State of Affairs when you have to ask your community who you should hire and what you should do for a symptom or what they should do in any situation.

And if I ever did ask Facebook anything. I don't anymore. Because even recommendations aren't always going to end up the way you expect. You can't assume that somebody else's situation will end up exactly the same as yours. To make that assumption means that you don't want to take any responsibility for the choices you make. So when the person does f****** you can blame your friends for recommending a s***** person.

And let's say a person does listen to a person place or thing. Every person must take personal responsibility for what it is that they choose to do. They are given so many choices and if they choose any direction it's that person's responsibility for the choices they made. Just because the system gave you options doesn't mean it's the system's fault for why you ended up the way you ended up

When you're given choices you must be responsible for the choices you make. Or else the system takes away your choices then you end up in a very predictable outcome that you cannot blame anyone but yourself.

The system works .. It's working for me

it's brutal

but it's working for me

but some of you don't understand how much freedom you truly have

because you've painted yourself in such a corner because you always have to be part of a group situation

of which then you rely so much on the group you will have zero faith in yourself and your abilities. And then you're stuck referring to the group.

And then you end up with a short end of the stick..

Personal accountability with the pain and suffering of the choices you made and even your ancestors choices was always the payment system.

Then you had to support that payment system correctly and that is subject to perception.

There's so much power in finally facing your own choices..

There's so much power in the knowledge of the world if you can handle the knowledge out there. But as soon as you follow the light you'll end up burning up and as soon as you stay in the dark you'll end up blind and subject to somebody else's intentions

That's why the black and white checkerboard is a circular logical fallacy of reasoning that people cannot get out from under and that's the Freemason programming that most people are subject to.

The black and white checkerboard was a symbol that if you didn't get away from those two options and find a GREY area and walk away from the war you'll end up going one side or the other which means you'll end up in the extremes and not survive the dark or light.

The religious people say walk to the light and the dark goth people say stay in the darkness and you can't survive either..

You can't survive staying in the light so much or being in the darkness and so you must learn how to balance both and I couldn't tell you how to do that.

You're the one that knows how much light and darkness you can survive in and again adaptability is a pain and suffering process that I could never tell you you can survive or should choose for yourself

You see what the system is doing right?

If you can't survive your peers and your community nobody can save you. Even the parents couldn't protect their own child. Parents can't really protect their children. Their children don't have it within them to protect themselves. That's the truth of the matter.

All of us have been bullied at one point or another. If you never been bullied, then the environment will bully you into submission.

The system knows there are people who have never been bullied because they had enough backup or they were far more treacherous than most people around them and so the environment will be the great equalizer..

The environment is the balancing force regardless of your politics or religion or science even your biological immunological makeup

Everyone right now is competing on a Level Playing Field, even the big giant people who could kick people's asses..

Strength isn't always in numbers or in muscles and how far are you willing to take things. Strength is also adapting to your environment without succumbing.

The system won't prosecute situations like this unless it's completely targeted and they can build a case if they're willing to put forth the resources. They're going to find out that there are a lot of children and adults who won't be able to handle the people around them or their environment. And you can't put the population on trial unless you have enough resources to warrant a targeted situation. Which means then I don't know how parents are going to do it if they don't have it within them to do things differently and even then there's no guarantee when you do things differently the child and willl then survive their community.

When you can walk away from those who've done you wrong without getting retribution you have probably shown how strong you truly are.

If you're not allowed to walk away because you don't have any choices because you're a child then you have to fight it out or die in the process and that's the Grim situation. Sometimes kids aren't allowed to walk away and so they don't survive their peers

And then If you're allowed to walk away from the schoolyard and be homeschooled, can you survive the environment

you can't walk away from the environment

It's kind of a s***** situation all around. It's like saving an animal that's going to die tomorrow. What was the point? just prolonging The Agony and the suffering

Right now we're living in catch-22



a dilemma or difficult circumstance from which there is no escape because of mutually conflicting or dependent conditions.

"a catch-22 situation"

Some kids wish their parents would have left them.

If more parents like these walked away we would have less BS when it comes to child abuse.

Not every "deadbeat" mom and dad would do this to children but who are you to judge why people walk away maybe they know they wouldn't be a good parent.

In my opinion don't DATE people who post these types of posts because they're the ones who also destroy innocent lives because they think everybody should do what they do. To the point of guilting people and forcing them to perform things they don't have the capacity to perform..

Who are you determine if someone is parent material or not.

Who are you to judge anyone regarding what someone should do..

I wish more f***** up parents would walk away from their kids and let somebody else raise those children..

But unfortunately our society forces people to be parents and then these parents do horrible things to their children.

Posts like this is why we have so many child abuse cases in the world. This is what contributes to probably all the child abuse cases because the system forces people and guilts them into things they were not prepared to do.

I don't care if they did the deed.

You don't know the circumstances around that and our children have been sexualized so much and then we condemn them to these situations and then punish them when they're not even old enough to know right from wrong really.

Boys and girls have been victimized by the system before they're even 25.

Then they get locked into a situation they can't get out of and now they are miserable and so are the children.. and that's why there is so much pain and suffering in the world. Because people didn't know when to walk the f*** away.

Just look at all the sexual material they ingest before they even turn 30. Just look at all the 1980s posters of Farrah Fawcett and the Soloflex guy and all the scantily clad chicks and they wonder why everyone's pregnant before they're 20.

Not everyone but a lot of single mothers out there have been sexualized and so were the boys.

And then they get punished. Some were smart enough to walk the f*** away.

I admire those who walk away.. and I really hate those who virtue signal and play the violin as if they never had a choice and now they should be rewarded.

Well your kid better be f****** perfect. Because obviously you chose to be the "good parent" because yeah you chose to have that child and you chose to take care of it.

So then stand by your choices and don't get pissed off at someone who chooses not to get TRAPPED

Smart people know their limitations.

Pissed off people blame everyone because they didn't know their own limitations..

No one ever put a gun to your head and said you had to have that baby.

You've always had choices

Parents locked 6-year-old girl in dog crate and tortured her, Pennsylvania officials say BY JENNIFER RODRIGUEZ FEBRUARY 11, 2024 12:07 PM

The black and white checkerboard

a. Either babies are having babies and then extinction

b. People aren't developing themselves and family and so they die lonely

They weren't introduced to another option because they were told that they should die someday. And when you're told you should die someday what's the first thing you think you should do.

1. Get married

2. Get a job

3. Have a family

Not necessarily in that order.

When someone gives you the meaning to your life that's why we have children having children and while we have monsters in our society

The left and right-wing perspectives of sexuality are the logical fallacies of the western Society

1.The white part of the black and white checkerboard is you are right wing and family first and then get reproduced out of existence suffering on the way out the door. Contracting so many different diseases because your immune system is now shot because of how many kids you have to reproduce for your right wing family

2. The black part of the black and white checkerboard is you become so sexualized that you destroy yourself with so many different partners contracting so many different diseases and then suffer on your way out the door with your left wing family

In my opinion date people who know when to walk the f*** away. Because they had some kind of self-respect. Not enough people have self-respect.

Men, you seriously have to watch out when it comes to women because once you have sex with them and they have a child and let's say you guys don't last very long, you'll either have to take care of that child which you might not want to do or you will pay a lifetime full of Child Support and you will deal with baby mama drama. And a bunch of judgmental f****** out there!!

Women you seriously have to watch out for slick tongued men who are looking to make you a notch on there bedpost. They will make you feel great and even tell you they love you and then they will leave. But don't make a habit of screwing everything because you think you can. That has its own ball of wax of problems

Women, GETTING PREGNANT is not going to keep that man around. Having sex with him won't ensure he's going to stick around. You literally have to know you can support yourself and deal with yourself. You have to have something to bring to the table besides your body.

who wants to be saddled with a lifetime of SINGLE PARENTHOOD on their own and then having to fight the system and also pull child support out of somebody else which is never enough anyways.

And mothers trying to look for Prince Charming with a gaggle of children is a losing venture. She's better off finding other single mothers and developing a commune so they can have somebody to relieve stress..

What kind of misery are you going to bring to those children because you decided to have a child with somebody that there was no guarantee you were going to stay with.

As far as raising your children..

And who's going to say no to you when your family is all about being family so everyone is suffering behind their fake smiles sounding like they're self-righteous and virtuous.

But the system banks on the grandparents stepping in raising the grandchildren along with the parents and so the grandchildren will then get pregnant at some point and then that whole genetic line will be reproduced out of existence. That's what the system banks on

Women who trap men by getting pregnant that's probably the lowest manipulative thing you could ever do.

All women have choices. All women do..

Both of you did the deed and the woman has the choice.

Again the women always had the power and she comes off as a victim which is actually a paradox and oxymoron..

Wait wait hold on a second .. women have children because they're lonely and then they use that child as Leverage..

Women you've always had the last say. You were never a victim. You're a victim of your friends and family telling you what they think you should do with your body your mind and your spirit. You let your family and your friends dictate what is right and what is wrong.

The left is trying to give women back their power. The left wing are trying to tell the women you always had a choice in the matter regardless if both of you did the deed..

I understand the thought process of the right wing party but you MUST know WHY abuse is happening in families, esp when you're forcing people to raise children they're not prepared to raise and they haven't even tempered their own demons..

If the woman is the one who becomes pregnant she is then choosing a lifetime of hardship or a very hard lesson.

And so men are put in two positions. They dictate what happens to women's uteruses or they become the devil because he chose to walk away..

In reality both people were not prepared for parenthood but they were sexualized as children and as teenagers and then of course somebody got pregnant.

That's why the system is fed up with the b*******

The family court system and child protective services are bursting at the seams. There's more children than there are parents because we have too many people who don't understand they've always had choices

Dying before 100 you haven't even begun to mature and understand the ways of the whole universe

Do you really think you have anything of value to offer to your children when you haven't even figured out the world yourself young mothers and fathers.

Maybe you should rethink having children and a family.

Because what kind of values will you be teaching your daughters and sons???

To be a single parent and to be used and abused by those who capitalize on ignorance..?

or to raise a family that will end up just like you dying someday in agony and pain or dying suddenly??.

We need some of the Gen X and Millennial Generations to be the last generation who doesn't have to reproduce another generation to carry on their genetic line..

I'm not sure if the Boomers and the Gen Z are prepared. I might give a little bit of credit to the Millennials but if they have been taught by Boomers or taught by X raised by BOOMERS I'm not sure if they're willing to break out of the box..

Gen X is anybody's guess..

Will Generation X be the last generation who doesn't have to reproduce another generation to carry on the genetic line????

That's my challenge to the world..

And that's why I'm Generation X. Because there were a few of us that were taught very differently or the world was a certain way that some of us were able to evolve and rise above the b******* and survive our peers and the bullies

as well as the sex offenders that were still circulating but we happened to survive our community.. and maybe we were smart enough not to get into car with strangers.

Nowadays people get into car with strangers all the time.

and we were latchkey children and we came home to no one.

I don't think Millennials or GEN Z understand what it's like not having extended family watching your every move and bailing you out of your b******* situations..

Generation X I call upon you guys. Some of you are Silicon Valley survivors as well as survivors across the world.

Do you think you have what it takes to survive climate change? And if you're a woman you might have a better chance. I'm not saying guys don't have a chance but I'm not sure if they're prepared to deal with INTERNAL pain and suffering..


And remember if you have to keep reproducing children you will die sooner and so will your children because you've just fractionalized each other's potential and the environment is f****** aggressive.. and it is a three generation rule. The third generation loses the wealth. Or they have food allergies in deficits and have issues with the environment.

Vectors insert information into a subject. They cause aggressive energy conversion and then aggressive fertility and then aging and then died suddenly even at 95 is too early

Antibodies, mucus and semen are information and they are script and they are programming..

Now look at your societal constructs. And you'll see we are in a depopulation agenda.

This is what the system doesn't tell you

It's all about penetration and causing immune system activation and then utilizing more resources than the person can rebuild retain and release.

Why do you think the children today are weaker than they were a few generations ago..

Because of too much sexual fertility and immunological fertility.

And a lot more diversity.

The laws of thermodynamics are so aggressive right now because of climate change and covid-19 which is aggressive fertility causing viruses to mutate then of course sometimes you get pregnancy other times you get died suddenly.

That's why I'm concerned for the girls out there because they're being groomed to be wives and mothers and forced to deal with it or be shunned from their community..

But at this point it's out of my hands and I don't think girls nowadays have a lot of choices. They're already too weak and they're forced to belong to a group and then they're trapped.

But some girls who are about 50 years old might have a chance. They're not girls they're women now.

Women my age will get a lesson from the later generations and watch them as they go down those traditional roads. You're going to watch your past flash right before your very eyes and maybe some of you might survive the lessons out there..

you're going to watch the other road that you could have taken and you're going to see the bullets that you've dodged by watching the younger generation make some f***** up mistakes that they may or may not survive.. and vice versa but I don't think the younger generations will really learn from the elders because many of them will just repeat the mistakes or go complete opposite but the same..

Most people out there don't even take me seriously so they'll just keep repeating each other's mistakes..

Women my age might have a chance to save themselves because they have the life experience and they know themselves better than the younger girls..

When you think about it the younger generations are cannon fodder for the system. I hope they don't become that but I don't have a lot of hope for them considering what they're being groomed for..

At the rate we're going during climate change, I'm only fertile twice a year. When it turns from Winter to Spring and from Summer to fall.

If I were to be fertile like I was when I was 20 right now I would be menopausal because I'm not menopausal. And I would be aging aggressively..

Fertility is deadly. And getting your period once a month especially during climate change will age a girl aggressively as well as a guy who has to spill his seed all the time.

Antibodies from a vaccine is like having children twice a year. It's deadly to the woman and anyone involved. Cancer is fertility in men as well as having to spill his seed.

Anytime the body is forced to go through an energy conversion developing offspring when you are combining negative and positive together, depletes resources exponentially.

And the way women and men are going now with their issues with air food and water they can't afford to be so fertile and spreading their resources out so thin.. and they most definitely cannot afford to be drug addicts and yoga artists and dietitians and on constant diets..

Intelligent life knows how to stay alive despite the changes in the environment. If there's no sign of intelligence than there is no life.

When you go into a graveyard there is no sign of intelligent life anywhere

Okay we went from creation to evolution

Now it's Evolution To Die or Evolution To Live

Evolution in of itself is not remarkable unless you willing to go through the pain of life not the numbness of potential death and died suddenly..

Everyone knows how to evolve to die because that's what we've been taught

But what about exploring Evolution to live Not die someday

I just took you to the next level the next challenge.

The environment is forcing everyone to evolve. But some are evolving to die while others have already lived a very long and fruitful life but they also want to evolve to live and not die..

That's the next level..

And no it's not always pleasure and Paradise. I've been there and done that. I lived on the Hawaiian islands for at least 6 months.

That was enough for me.

Life isn't always a beach.

Sometimes it's a storm and a tornado and a hurricane all at the same time

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