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WAR!! is all about defending your position even if you did not witness the "first" provocation..

Main take way around war.. If you believe in a savior around war or you are blaming someone for war. And you don't adequately defend yourself.. You lost the war, it's just a matter of time before you die in that war.

All medical holistic energy, healing world using remedies and surgeries, and herbs spicy foods extract is a provocation of war against your body, your mind and your spirit developing demons . Those demons will destroy you one day..

Because of shaman's are being eaten alive by the demons in their body.. That's the aging process.. That's the deterioration process..

The psychedelics and all the different drugs to go and play with your hormones develops more demons in your body..

The whole j world, you leave the war out there. And you fight the battles within and you win them 100% with the intention to live. And if you believe you should die someday . You already lost the war. Everyone who believes they should die some day and buried their friends and family.. You already lost the war

Unless you're willing to redirect and not say you should die some day.. And then you learn how to reinforce your own resources without taking from somebody else .. You might have a chance to win the war against your genetic line..

All of you have been entered into wars you had no idea you were in.. Many of you are losing that war right now .. Because you bought into all the stories that were fed to you by those who developed the war against you..

Many of you are so unaware that you are in a propaganda war that you bought into hook line and sinker.. and then you taught your kids how to destroy themselves in war..

in my opinion the only way to win this war.. Is if you sit in your accountability and feed and release. And it is a conditioning process. There is no one to annihilate . And there is no remedy in the world that's going to save you.. Because the climate is changing so drastically and it's very unstable.

You seriously have to sit with the information in your body and release based upon your immune systems, ability to release because you allowed it to release . And yeah it's painful. And you have to eat all food regardless of where it comes from. And that includes animal proteins.

It's not my fault.. I'm trying to give you guys a clue. How to win this war that you can't even see where the enemy is..

again, high rpms today.. i feel it in my wrists and arms..

laying low today.. eating my way through the day.. and sleeping.

i am so thankful I built in the option to eat and sleep and lay low when I need to..

bigger people may not understand as they have proteins to burn, until something comes up and no more extra proteins to burn.. Well, now I know what it's like to have arthritis in your forearms and in your hands.. I know what it feels like to have an issue curling your hand into a fist or a ball.

I don't know if any of you are feeling the same thing. I am feeling the pain in my hands, especially holding the phone. But wow.. Each major round of pain today I had to take a nap.. After eating..

It doesn't seem so bad right now because I am doing talk to text.. But yeah my hands and arms are fucking sore today.

Update 611pm saturday

I feel better now.. Especially after eating.

Had to blow my nose really hard.. Because once I fed the children. Also known as microbial offspring.. My immune system released the demons. Through my nose

I think I sneezed like three times..

So I had to release a bunch of demons and wow.. Yup.. And those demons want to stay in your body.. And so it makes sense why I was sneezing. Cause my body was leveraging in the pressure to get everything out.

No wonder my arms were so sore. Because the body is now going through a very deep cleanse from the universe. The radiation and all the energy in the atmosphere is activating my immune system.. Who knows how much generational damage and ancestral damage I have in my body, mind and spirit.

And so as long as I'm willing to sit with the pain. And it was sitting with the pain. And go to sleep when it gets that bad because the pain can get that bad.. And then I'm willing to eat and release the demons. The way I have in my book. I can help my body purge out all the damage and rebuild simultaneously, and it's fucking painful..

I'm telling you this is not for the faint of heart.. And it was brutal.. the aches in my fore arms were insane. Even my fingers and my hands..

Lymph nodes were pushing all the damage throughout my immune system out through the filtration systems.. I even have a hive that just developed within the last couple hours.

Yeah, we're in a major universal cleanse.. And the energy in the environment is cleansing everything.. And then you have the responsibility to eat all food, so you can build back better.

But it's fucking painful

That's why i'm glad I set my life up to where i'm mostly responsible for myself. Because when you have to take care of so many other things.. You ignore what your body is telling you because you can't afford to be sick.. You can't afford to be down because everybody is dependent on you.. Oh my gosh i'm so sorry you're in that situation..

Let me tell you.. You can't get mad at those who finally have to save themselves.. Many people are gonna die anyways.. You can't save them.. And you can only give them so much before you take away from yourself..

I'm not trying to be cold here.. But at some point when are you important and when are you number one..

I'm so sorry humans that we were bred to be this way.. I'm so sorry it's going to be so difficult for you to save yourself..

This hardship we are dealing with whatever it is.. Was the intention..

And you will be mad.. You will be so mad.. And then you will be so angry and violent.. If that's your background.. And then you will have to reflect.. And look within.. And figure out how are you going to strategize yourself out of this..

It's going to take so much for some people..

If You have what it takes and you have the money.. And maybe you have some support systems to help you through the hardest times.. You could potentially survive this..

I'm so sorry we're all going through this..

And it's so difficult to make the choice.. Attempting to save somebody else who will then take you down with them..

Or cut the cord and save yourself..

I'm so sorry you have to make these choices..

These choices will be the hardest choices you'll ever make in your whole life..

And it's tough to lose friends because they don't understand or they don't feel what you feel because of so many factors.. I'm telling you it's tough to lose friends.. You can say they were never your friend.. They were for the time being.. But then you had to change to save yourself.

Many people don't understand that concept.. It's a very difficult concept to get across to everybody..

That's why it's easier to be alone.. Or have less of a social life.. Because you're going to have to take the time.. If you truly want to save yourself.

And I will tell you most women who are smaller than their counterpart.. Will be cannibalized by their husband or boyfriend..

Men who give up so much of themselves to the women in their life.. And they also can't afford to give away what they have given away.. Will be cannibalized by the women in their life.

Animals get cannibalized by humans regardless.. Pets or food..

feeding off emotions and hormones is no different than eating animal meat.

Everything is a transaction..

Now every man for himself.. You must save yourself. And hopefully you can afford to take care of your dependents The only way for any temporary cure to work for a long period of time is if the environment stays more stable than not.. Cures during climate change will only just torture you.

Now the rubber must meet the road.. That's why I say every time you treat disease. It'll be worse the next time the climate changes. At some point you are going to have to face the music

All the wars actively been waged have started a long time ago. Way before any of your living relatives and even dead relatives.

All of us are caught up in the war around mankind and what world he ultimately wants to live in..

Now literally and physically and intellectually you must defend yourself.. Prove why you deserve to be on this earth..

Because the war is heating up.. And everybody is getting the war that was created and developed for them.

And so if you personally start a war against a person place or a thing.. Especially against the "enemy" who has been around for thousands of years.. You better one hundred percent know you will win the war.. And just say you know.. It's not just numbers of people that win wars..

I mean it helps.... That might be one battle.. Because if it's not an all out annihilation.. You're setting yourself up to be annihilated.. War is mutually assured destruction. Because if you're going to start a war.. If you are not in it to win it..

You're just asking to be destroyed.

Smart people start wars they know one hundred percent they are going to win.. Because they have inside information.. Or they know they are stronger than the other person or smarter.. The battle might seem like it was not well thought out.

The battle was definitely well thought out.. You just were not privy to the thoughts .. Until those thoughts were purposely made known to you ..

The system will tell you.. I heard it.. They say it publicly.. You must have ears to hear.

Whenever you provoke a very stronger force . They will annihilate you.. Unless you can give them a good reason not to.

And the intention is the outcome.. The outcome is the intention.

The battle is the pain.. It's the memories.. It's what reinforces the point..

Without the battle all you get is just annihilation with no story.

The story is the whole point.

I don't take sides on any wars.. Because the outcome will always be the intention..

I'm just a spectator..

War is a spectator sport unless you must defend yourself literally.. Because nobody provokes anyone without reason for defense.

The enemy may not be who they think..

But all war is about defending your position..

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