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A Case for Life

I noticed i didnt set it to public while transmitting Lol <A Case for Life> Possession is real.. wow.. 15 year old destroys his mom premeditates a horrible slaying and he sounds like an old old man .. like something out of the movies.. insane

Listening to my husband's reels indirectly.. ugh.. the reel mentioned misery, stephen kings book..

Too synchronistic. Given a few fb lives vids I've done mentioning microlevel parallels..

The world is definitely deeper than what we see

Yup Intermittent itchy hives, lol, lotta energy!!!

Sports channels the warriors within.

The system is evolutionary not fixed, but if you have an intention to develop a double entendre because you can't move, does not mean the system is fixed.. you are fixed and projecting..

death forces people into energy conversion

life gives humans choices and their intention is not to convert, but to understand what life is at the terrestrial level..

most people are so dogmatic and enslaved, they will NOT understand this.. they are not your issue..

people set themselves free.. adults have a better chance to set themselves free..

kids are enslaved..

i would NOT want to be a child in this system..

but even some adults are children..

what a time to be alive..

some people are headed into being recycled back into the universe and who knows what kind of meatsuit of lesser intelligence they will be forced into...

If you are already extremely intelligent and have an amazing foundation, why would you let your body die????

if you do.. starting over again is hell...especially when you get a taste of major potential and intelligence and intellect..

Remember the number line.. 0 to infinity Why would you go back to square one and accept that type of existence.. When you already made it.. So now how do you maintain it..

Some of you are going back to square one and you are embracing it and we thank you for your service.. microbe insect amphibian reptile mammal human

If you can't handle change today.. And you have to be under the influence and or accept death as an outcome..

It will be even more h*** when you're forced into a lesser intelligent body coming back to earth.. Enslaved again under a human who has no idea how to maintain life and will attack your evolution with oncology and veterinary surgical butcher protocols..

You all have an amazing foundation and you're f****** it up with your politics your religion in your science dogmas..

When you finally do get recycled back to the universe at your own hand will you get the luxury and the suffering to remember your prior life if you're in a less intelligent body.. Is the universe that cruel..

It can be.. Some animals seem like they are human.. Because they are highly intelligent.. And they are probably suffering on some level.. And they will have to die in order to transition to become human . If they're allowed into that commune living..

That's why you don't want to let your body deteriorate..

You already made it why would you f*** it up

You are already at the top of the food chain..

If your excuse is you can't evolve or change because of your job family or friends..

You are a slave.. At your own hand..

Your ACTIVISM is b*******.. You chose this life..

That's why those in the J WORLD, who are serious, you can't feel sorry for people..

But you have to give them a choice.. You don't have to.. But is it our duty as humans to give people choices..

YES That's what humanity does and is..

Letting your body die and your soul float around. You can get kidnapped and forced into a frog meat suit and be forced into that existence.. I'm sure there are very intelligent frogs that wish they weren't forced into that lifestyle..

You as a human were given an amazing opportunity and it's very complex and if you don't respect the life in your body you'll be forced to be very simplistic and come back as an animal or kidnapped and your soul forced into an insect body or an animal body.. And start over again.

Why not maintain the meat suit that you have and respect the life in your body and in your community.. Don't attack life in your body and in your community but respect it and release damage without attacking..

Everything has a soul.. But you are lucky enough to be human with a complex meatsuit of adaptation.. But you must understand natural law.. When you die it's because you violated the laws of life in your body and in your community..

That's why i'm not getting a pet.. Because humanity has not learned how to respect life yet.. It's still just for entertainment purposes

Once you actually respect yourself.. The earth will give you the companions indefinitely who won't die and won't have to reproduce exponentially..

Life would not be commodified.. Right now life is traded on the open market and there's so much suffering along with that..

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