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A Fork in the Road

No complete facebook live today but I wanted to show you the state that i'm in today..

My husband's home.. But now you get to ruminate over your choices..

And you have no one to blame but yourself for any choices you've made , especially when you've been presented different information..

will those who keep selling remedies "repent" .. or will they keep justifying being mercenaries for the system and help the system release the "demons" via pain killers via herbs and extracts, and supplements and infusing fear around food..

noisy sick people who sound like they are coughing up a lung eating voraciously everything in sight and releasing demons so "violently" out of their immune system have a better chance surviving the "rapture" than those who stay silent, remedy away disease, are under the influence weighing next to nothing or "overabundant"...

drugging or starving or liquoring up symptoms = died suddenly one day.. no conditioning for release.

You want to be symptom free forever..

That's called rest in peace.

How is that the government's fault..? You asked for every single cure and remedy under the sun.. You asked for every single diet known to mankind.. You wanted to tell everyone that food was poison.. Essentially starving out yourself and everyone else..

 And they gave you what you wanted..

They let you destroy yourself and the people around you..

Be careful what you wish for.. You just might get it.

You fancy yourself a warrior woman but you remedy your disease..

That's deceptive.

It takes more than yelling at the government and your peers..

If you cannot handle your own disease.. And you can't be noisy about releasing your own demons.. And you have to stay silent and symptom free.. Selling everybody remedies..

You'll energize yourself out of existence because you'll cause your own heart attack and stroke.

You're so overabundant of plaque that your noise about the government and what's going on will cause your own demise..

You never understood how to deal with your own energy because you kept listening to all your friends and family..

The government never gave you the pain.. They only allocated you to take it away through the F.D.A approved protocols..

They will never ever stop you from feeling pain..

You ALWAYS asked the government to take away your pain and suffering.. You wanted cannabis they gave you cannabis..

They gave you what you wanted.. Then it turns into hospice and the morgue..

You asked them to take away all of your symptoms until you had nothing left of your immune system.. And then you have the gall to blame them for what you wanted.

Be careful what you wish for

your medicine cabinet/holistic remedy cabinet atrophied your immune system..

that is why the died suddenlies.

there is NOTHING like knowing the "truth" at the 11th hour.

And so when april 8th comes around.. And you survive a heart attack and stroke and whatever else.. This the time to make a choice..

A fork in the road..

Because the more you treat your disease yet again.. The more you think food is poison. The more you keep buying those supplements and those concoctions from those cute little elderly women who want to sell you a spiritual healing.. You are telling the government you don't value your life.. Please keep employing mercenaries of the system to make your exit as painless as possible..


The next time you won't survive.

Because you asked them to take away everything you need to survive.. And you kept asking them.. You kept giving them permission to take away your immune system little by little.. Until you had no more immune system left to protect you..

You're the one that asked for it.

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