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A Testimony Case Against Getting Surgeries, esp for women (not me)

A Testimony Case Against Getting Surgeries, esp for women (not me)

"I had a hysterectomy in 2015. Fibroid the size of a football sitting on my bladder causing havoc. Then gallbladder 5 mos later. It's all connected. I probably would still have my gallbladder if I hadn't had the first surgery. On and off birth control pills for years I think compounded the issues leading up to the first surgery. What a racket. I was 48 at the time. I used to be in a group so many young girls getting butchered from that surgery at like 20 years old. This shit should not happening. I have a high pain tolerance but when I woke up I felt like I'd been run over by a bus. That major surgery puts your body in such a shock. I was so messed up for a long time. Gallbladder surgery had it issues too but not as bad. These surgeries happen everyday yet people think nothing of it".

This is why I hate the breeding of animals and then force them into these operations of suffering and commodifying their suffering.. And people fucking advocate this shit to an animal... They advocate these crazy a** surgeries and buying animals and adopting them, allowing people to breed them. So you can save them and watch them suffer and justify it.. And force them into surgeries and diets..

Spay a neuter is trauma.. If you don't want them to reproduce, then you keep them whole, and you separate the males and the female.. And only take care of what you can handle..

If your animal never had surgery and you're in the j world and understanding my information, you have a chance..

This is why animals suffer and die from the vet system and why humans suffer and die from the medical/holistic energy healing system.

those surgeries done to the animals, regardless causes tumors, fibroids, etc and then suffering and forcing the owner/slave owner to put down their animal no different than forcing people into palliative/hospice care..


this is WHY WE ARE IN A GREAT RESET and those are resisting evolution using the surgical/holistic energy healing system are just compounding the suffering... makes me ill to know this... which is why emotional involvement in very FEW people will save your life.. THIS IS WHY I HAVE VERY FEW FRIENDS, BECAUSE I CANNOT AFFORD TO SUFFER AND WATCH THEM PASS SLOWLY AND THEN ACCELERATED IN AN AGGRESSIVE ENVIRONMENT

how can you watch massive amounts of animals and humans suffer and die at the hands of their own friends and family..

i had a pet once, and wont do it again until Africa finally gets down to a manageable population in the future, like beyond 2050.. Or whatever is intended via the Georgia Guidestones..

I don't know how people have animals over and over again watching them die.. It's great on one hand because you can enjoy their prime.. But until the system changes i'm not voluntarily causing anyone even myself to suffer..

Because if you don't want your animal suffer and you have to kill it, so you don't have to suffer.. That's fucked up.. That's fucked up for the animal and you

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