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Abnormal White Blood Cell Count Are the Wars Out There and Inside Your Bod/ie Disease

Small recap.. Main take away

white blood cells are the wars in your body that you can control.. But you must understand what they are.. And why the system has employed people in your world to control the white blood cells in your body using trauma or ending your suffering

And there are very specific personality types that do this who are very attractive.. And they will be hard to resist.. Not only are they on only fans but they are on all the different pic only sites and beautiful people are a dime a dozen..

It was purposely done that way to depopulate people through pleasure.. Of course selling you the family.. Girls had to be not only madonna but Also easy loosy goosy. Now girls were just loosy.. And children Legitimize them give them absolution.. But that was just a spell..

And the girls are suffering because they are not experiencing the american dream because the men are also going through their own b*******.. And men are waking up to the spells being cast upon them even in the circumcision . Many women have issues which is why the men don't marry them or why there's so much Divorce and suffering..

And everything is changing..

June clever is not anymore..

Which is why the single mum syndrome is so popular..

Because the girls are under the disney programming and the men are realizing they can get the milk for mostly free or pay for it for 8bucksamonth..

Beautiful women are a dime a dozen And they are all over the internet.. Especially instagram and these sex p*** sites.. Some of them will resort to the lowest hanging fruit because college won't mean anything really.. Unless they are extremely gifted.. But you have to be groomed for that..

Not many kids out there are groom for greatness if they are in middle class america.. Unless they've been under so much duress and they're in the system.. Addiction to Ending People's Suffering is the Death Culture Controlled By Your Sexual Proclivities

The sex wars was also a way to control people through their hormones

which is why pot is so prevalent.. it was the mother to the hippie/religious generations and it will also be the grim reaper to them and their offspring. and we know the reefer man was popular during the roaring 20s.. the jazz age..

drugs/herbs/remedies and chakra manipulations and marijuana developed many cultures in the west and will also be the downfall of many cultures in the west..

now you get it??

which is why i stay far away from that lifestyle and belief system because it permeates EVERYTHIING right now..

i mean everything.


Anytime someone recommends methodologies to end your suffering.. watch out, they mean to cause RIP in you, inadvertently.. Watch out for those who are addicted to validation and those who flatter you and validate you even when they do not like you, so they come off as a "good person".. they are wrestling their own demons.. trolls are not always those who must confront you in intellectual combat, trolls are also those who aim to prove they are good and patient and kind by killing you with kindness..they are the succubus and incubus in our society.

and they will find ways to end your life by "ending" what they think is your perceived suffering.. and they lay it on thick... thick thick thick the Jworld give birth to yourself and end all the wars in your body, mind, spirit and household.

You are in a war to end all wars right now..

You will starve/remedy yourself out of existence or you will assimilate and stop fighting..

you will only go in one of two directions..

You are in a war that will end all wars..

may the odds be in your favor.

Oh, the 1960's Was the World War 3, but the groundwork was laid out in 1895/1924

Sex wars... pope/catholic church politicians/trump/wiener gates/epstein

now your children are up for grabs.. i hope you intervene mom and dad before the system swallows them up..

now you see how the system controls you and your family..

i broke free.. and can see it as plain as day..

the system knows how important sexuality is in people they want to assume control over.. in plain sight..

Ways to leverage peoplethe 1960's started the Fear Campaigns Manifesting into: race wars gender wars sexual wars disease wars religious/new age wars cult wars remedy wars political/religious/science wars platitude wars drug wars good person wars good Samaritan wars.. saving people/animal wars food wars/starving kids from fear of allergies/or vindicating people by "charging" companies who use certain ingredients... no different than the vx wars.. playing both sides.. tech wars family wars weather wars reproductive wars

oh boy..

just examine yourself, your family, your kids, and your social media..


What is ironic is the saying that war is not good for children and all living things developed in the nineteen sixties.. I came from the vietnam war..

Yeah f****** think.. But it was necessary for innovation.

It won't be necessary anymore at some point..

There will be an unacceptable attrition rate when it comes to children at some point..

When the system finally releases the demons like it intended.. It will then punish people And flip the script..

Understand how s*** works before you get caught unaware and become an example..

Now you understand why I don't vote..

Because i'm not falling for that b*******

I understand both sides of the aisle, the story and I will NOT get in the way of someone else's world.. I will assimilate.. I represent me..

NO one speaks for me.


All war is Population control.. Those who have money and are something in society will find a way out.. Because they have the means to . They have the strategy.. Those who don't will volunteer to fight, be conscripted or they'll be left behind .

once the smoke clears.. a whole new society..

Choose your own reality/truth.

that is what is going on.. be careful volunteering for anything around any wars..

learn from history

i keep a low/high profile..

the system wants strong peaceful people..

you can be that.. but it requires work..

we all are in different wars right now.. recognize the ones you are in.. if you cannot, you chose to be a casualty.. the American way of freedom is you get to choose the wars you want to be in..

but you will not survive them..

i left the wars.. and I do not volunteer to take part in any more wars.. i just point them out like red gumballs in a machine.. And the gumball machines are already this point.. Some of you don't even know that you're in a war. And you're losing.

some of you have not only drafted yourself in all the different wars, but also drafted your offspring into them, as well..

Death/regardless of how you died, meant you lost the war you had NO idea you were in..

chew on that. Don't be so sure about your position because the script will flip when you least expect it..

That's why I don't take part in any more wars regarding concepts science math english politics religion..

And I will not volunteer to go to war and luckily I'm almost fifty and so is my husband.. and so we will not be drafted or asked to volunteer for any crazy wars out there..

And I won't volunteer myself for any therapies unless it is required universally across the board..

You have an immune system.. Use it.. If it's not working "correctly" Based on your perception of what correct is.. Go get a therapy..

I understand all sides of the issue..

And I mean to stay alive.. And I do not believe people or myself should die someday now or even fifty years from now.. If you do that's your choice you will make it happen.. You are the architect of your own outcome.

I will never die from natural causes..

However, I can't guarantee the wars we are in right now won't be aggressive but I will do everything I can to keep feeding the energy and stay out of people's f****** way. When you feel energetic like your whole body feels energetic. Then you know that your body has distributed the energy properly and it's not segregated.

segregated into different parts of the body causing cancerous growth

When your whole body blows up during an energetic evolutionary process that means your whole body is an alignment..

No reason to get tumors having isolated growth when your whole body can go with the fluctuations.. And expand and contract when needed.

Taking on excessive growth unilaterally and releasing it as how you will survive..

When you fight expanding and contracting in all your body mind and spirit. That is how you deteriorate.. entropy

What is Abnormal White Blood Cell Count?

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