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Absolution Violates Manmade/Natural Law of Life

Absolution Violates Manmade/Natural Law of Life

Whenever you blame a person place or thing or therapy for the demise of anyone you are making absolute statements and that does violate man made law and natural laws of life..

Then it is shocking when your religion/spirituality ultimately violates the natural laws of life through the manmade laws of that society... ironic, yet again.

Now do you see the generational grooming via politics, religions and scientific dogmas of you and your children/offspring to inevitably cell destruct/self destruct and also telling you to be happy about it and expect it and do nothing to change because you became used to all the baubles and surgeries and "freedom" of movement.

Gifts and wealth are nothing more than shackles to keep you stuck and wanting more and starving because you failed to convert your money into useable food for continuous survival.

And I also learned not to make absolute statements that even the opposite is true relative to intention.. Thank you Federal Trade Commission for that important lesson. #FederalTradeCommission

Educated people know all the arguments not just their bias point of view. If you are holding fast to your lifestyle and beliefs, there should be no fear of anyone "converting" you so then there is no reason to "prove" anyone wrong, because everyone is correct relative to their intention.

I have proven my beliefs are correct relative to Science and the mainstream media keeps proving their beliefs are correct relative to their intention and we all know where mainstream media listeners end up; in the morgue, someday.

Sooner in climate change.

How did I prove my beliefs, because I am not feeling anymore aggressive dermatological symptoms from climate change or hawking up green loogies or dealing with extreme hot flashes, or anything else I used to feel from all the new variants. Even the Kraken will not adversely affect me like it will others. I have great energy, no need for naps and I am clear headed while others who participate in the medical holistic and/or aging with tunnel vision are trying to save other people. I can only save myself and I have proven that. Now I am saving my dog from climate change.

So you could be formally traditionally educated with a stamp of a "approval" on a piece of paper and only understand 1/2 the world blinding you.

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