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Achieving Longevity Might Be the Thing to Push for, VS Money, Power and Prestige..

Correction: kathleen turner: serial mom, not crybaby.. John waters movies..

Achieving Longevity might be the thing to push for, vs money, power and prestige..

the boomers and silent gens pretty much figured it out.. and they developed offspring to carry out the agenda...

everything people are going to school for is just to sustain the depop agenda and/or build the roads to the future...

do we need 11 billion people to do that? Nope.. you are in a scale down..

time to figure it out.. how will you save yourself?

If you are in place is like middle america.. It's time to be self taught.. Researching concepts and ideas and basic skills. It's time to be technologically advanced and inclined.. Because there's nothing here, except distractions.. Sex.. Prostitutes.. Drugs.. Alcohol.. And dying industries.. And a hospital system overburdened with dying people..

Middle america.. Is dying..

You need to save yourself middle america .

The two coasts are dying but gradually.

They are the indicators...

When you start seeing the two coast go down the hill. Middle america will fall faster..

How will you save yourself middle america..

You have an edge over the two coast because you're not driven by wealth power and prestige..

Middle america is strong.. You can't let the two coasts destroy you..

Strong men and women are here in middle america.. Extremely strong stock are in middle america..

Don't let the california new york lifestyle get in the way of your life..

I'm not even counting in florida because it's just a matter of time before hurricanes takes them out.. And all the flooding..

They told you..

How can middle Americans who were raised on meat milk cheese outdoors, military and faith, family football turn itself around to be intellectually capable and staying home and staying safe..

When they are forced to stay at home because of an illness or injury.. And realize the writing on the wall..

You just hope they don't die suddenly...

That's the challenge of middle americans.. Can they get out of their own way.. Because they have the strength.. People are fucking smart over here in ohio and strong.

Can they get out of their own way

Gen X Peaked in High School

It is now time to achieve longevity.

Boomer already figured out the tech world.. And we have so much redundancy in people and in corporations.. We are in a scale down..

We have a billion religions.. New ones come up every single day.. New spiritual healers who discovered "sliced bread"..

Millennials will just follow in the footsteps of their boomer parents, unless they get their head out of their ass.

Gen X, sexualized by Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Weird Science and propagandized by John Hughes and John Waters.. all became Married with Children or Tyler Perry's Single Mom's club or the le sbian. Or the dudes became another baby daddy or stud.. Or gay... Or some love guru.

Revenge of the Nerds, you have your archetypes of arrogant abusive preppy jocks, the preppy s l uts and the nerds, the misfits, the rebels..

Yes, maybe in high school the arrogant preppy jocks and s luts, or the beautiful girls were popular, sought after and voted best in class and part of the home coming party...

but.. but.. one day, they will end up like Al Bundy and Peg Bundy with two kids like Kelly and Bud and be married with children asking the nerds how to heal open sores surrounded by animals and children..

that is karma.. and the system knew one day the tables would turn..

if you were luck enough, you would end up "looking" like Peg Bundy, but the reality is not as nice..

So you have a degree and a big house and nice cars.. And fancy vacations.. And a few friends to party with..

Is that all there is.. ?? Isn't there more to life than fancy cars? A few friends , fancy vacations and a big house with a paper degree surrounded by puppies??

What if there was more to life than that..

If that's the best you can do and achieve.

Then you can't get mad at the system for wanting to clean it up..

Because that's really short sighted. You've been given that opportunity for the last five hundred years..

And the system had to clean itself up every single fucking time..

Maybe there's a reason why..

At some point society exhausts the gene pool.. Because there was a reason why society existed at the time. To push humanity forward..

And you had to have so much diversity..

But diversity turns into wars.. Turns into disease. Turns into intolerance.. And then the suffering of the animals and the children because they were bred to death.

So many animal breeders out there.. People can barely take care of themselves.. And where are these animals going..

They end up in a shelter someday when they are not fun anymore.. How many people have had 5 or 6 dogs And then had to give them away when the dogs didn't behave the way they wanted them to??

That's your society.. That's your disposable society. And people applaud that..

I say to myself, "They got another fucking animal.." They gave away the last one when it was a puppy. Are you fucking kidding me?

Humans became extremely insensitive to humans and animals because they were making so much money off the life of that animal..

That child..

Humans stopped valuing life.. And they started commodifying it .

And those animals suffer from being bred over and over and over again.. Just like children suffer being bred over and over and over again. And they suffer from the operations.. Because somebody had to stop that genetic line from reproducing yet again.. Causing more suffering in the future..

Those children and puppies turn into adults and dogs/cats at the shelter..

And then you have the animal rescuers making money off of rescuing animals.. When the other side that county is breeeding them..

Nice little money train for everyone isn't it.. There is no one who is benevolent..

The exotic animal trade well, I know people , who are in it and they take care of their animals well , but how long without last.. What happens to them when you pass away..?

In most cases out there in the population,

short sighted humans don't give a shit. It's all about now.

And so as long as the money keeps flowing and the social capital keeps flowing because of their animals and children. And lifestyle.. People don't care about the astronomical suffering.. Because they are getting paid for it.

Once the money train stops.. Animals are let go.. Children are too expensive to feed..

People become family annihilaters.. And that's why the shelters are full. And why families break up.

But you'll see these mothers want their daughters to squeeze out another currency.. Another money train.. Like squeezing water out of a rock..

That's what i'm saying people don't care about the suffering. They care about money power and prestige and influence..

Because that's what you were taught.. Because that's the only thing you know..

And who cares about the suffering right..

Because to you it's going to die anyways, so who cares.

Yeah disposable people have disposable lifestyles..

So sustainable living is the future..

Disposable people will dispose of themselves.. And then resist evolution.. And call people trying to change society the devil..

You can't fault the system for doing what it's doing..

Generation X, you have choices..

Millennials are still trying to climb that corporate ladder not realizing there's nothing at the top.. Everything was an illusion..

We, GEN X peaked a long time ago..

The old world is dead and dying.

But you don't have to be..

That's why I point out the system like football.. Because it is a death and FERTILITY ritual for those who are completely oblivious..

And then I don't live a disposable life..

I put my money where my mouth is.

Maybe it's time to save yourself..

There is nothing else to achieve except longevity..

That ladder is a path to nowhere..

The system already achieved what it was set out to do.. You're seeing what the system intended to do..

Just look at everybody around you..

It's time to redirect..

When most of the baby boomers are gone dead and dying.. That's why you have artificial intelligence.. And immigration..

So if you think you have something to prove.. I guess you must die for your beliefs and lifestyle chasing the illusions


Song by Jem

… Who made up all the rules

We follow them like fools

Believe them to be true

Don't care to think them through

… And I'm sorry, so sorry

I'm sorry it's like this

I'm sorry, so sorry

I'm sorry, we do this

… And it's ironic too

'Cause what we tend to do

Is act on what they say

And then it is that way

… And I'm sorry, so sorry

I'm sorry it's like this

I'm sorry, so sorry

I'm sorry, we do this

… Who are they?

And where are they?

And how can they possibly

Know all this?

… Who are they?

And where are they?

And how can they possibly

Know all this?

… Do you see what I see?

Why do we live like this?

Is it because it's true

That ignorance is bliss?

… Who are they?

And where are they?

And how do they

Know all this?

… And I'm sorry, so sorry

I'm sorry it's like this

… Do you see what I see?

Why do we live like this?

Is it because it's true

That ignorance is bliss?

… And who are they?

And where are they?

And how can they

Know all this?

… And I'm sorry, so sorry

I'm sorry we do this

Source: LyricFind

Songwriters: Gerard B. Jr. Young / Jem Griffiths / Johann Sebastian Bach / Ward Lamar Swingle

They lyrics © BMG Rights Management, Reservoir Media Management, Inc, Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner Chappell Music, Inc

In the film, the friends fall victim to backwoods zombies, but two scientists are manipulating the events. The friends also discover that horror movie clichés are part of an elaborate sacrifice ritual.

the jock

the nerd

the sl ut/preppy girl

the rebel

the scientists..


reality is much scarier than the movies..

football is the ritual..

But you have the right to live in your fantasy world..

Use your allusions

Why are athletes dying suddenly... Blame it on whatever you want..

But if you buy into these archetypes you are the ritual..

Maybe it's time to become a scientist.. not a spiritual healer.

Art imitates life.. Life imitates art..

We are living, the REVENGE OF THE NERDS,.. and all the Al Bundies and the Pegs and Kelly's of the day, are dying suddenly or suffering from disease..

So if you want to model yourself and your children after the eighties movies and gen x breakfast club

They're not living very long in this environment..

The nerds will rule the world..

You don't have to be the archetype your parents forced you into..

You can break that programming.. Without deceiving yourself with another programming with the same intention..

If high school was your hey day.. Just look at married with children..

So if you were picked on as a kid from all the beautiful people and the jocks.. This is your revenge.

But even the jocks and the beautiful people can finally release that programming... Or die in it because it's so lucrative. Then they are married with children..

It's not always a happy ending..

Some people chase after plastic surgery to try to look like those archetypes.. That's an enormous price to pay to fit in.

Silicon valley and even small towns play this deadly game..

It's time to wise up.

You see where the system programmed you.... Then the suffering..

The real life "Kelly Bundy" is suffering from an autoimmune disorder trying to keep up that image for many years in hollywood..

Now look at your family and friends suffering.. They peaked in high school..

Art imitates life.. Life imitates art..

And now you see people capitalizing on the death and destruction of people trying to keep up an image..

Nothing is organic.

If you believe that dichotomy between organic and synthetic.. You were used as a tool..

The alchemist/outcome is still the same..

If your intention is to keep up an image.. You will be a beautiful corpse!!

And if you're in hollywood.. You've exploited yourself for many years.. You'll be used as an example just like you were an example during your career..

Applegate first shared she was diagnosed with MS, an autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system, in August of 2021. "It's been a strange journey. But I have been so supported by people that I know who also have this condition," Applegate wrote in a social media post. "It's been a tough road.

Sometimes it pays to be on the outside looking in..

By the way.. Christina applegate got the luxury of getting a disease of which she could turn around.. But she won't..

Some of you will die in your programming trying to keep up an image.. You won't get the luxury of disease so you have a chance to turn around..

That is the died suddenly world.. They didn't have what it takes to keep up that image..

So they died in that image

In the sitcom Married... with Children (1987–1997), Peggy Bundy is a lazy, sex-starved, and free-spending housewife. She is married to shoe salesman Al Bundy and is portrayed by Katey Sagal. Peggy is from Wanker County, Wisconsin, and attended Polk High School in Chicago with Al. In season four, it's revealed that Peggy didn't graduate high school, failing to earn a half-credit in home economics. She later returns to school, earning her diploma by stealing Kelly's final exam and tricking her into going to summer school.

Al Bundy is a character from the TV sitcom Married... with Children (1987–1997). Bundy is a former high school football player who works as a women's shoe salesman. He is married to Peggy Wanker, his high school sweetheart. They have a daughter, Kelly, and a son, Bud.

Kelly is an expert at strip-poker, cue sports, pregnancy tests and insults. She has no motivation or head for study and has few skills with technical devices and, for example, always points devices such as a camera or binoculars the wrong way.

However, while a complete bimbo, Kelly has a lot of unusual skills, such as skill at archery and precognition, and excellent artistic skills and good looks, which are bound to give her success in life.

Kelly Bundy is the older child and daughter of the dysfunctional Bundy family in Chicago in Married with Children.

She is a high school student hanging out with a huge social circle of slackers and bimbos. After graduating tried her hand at a number of occupations, including as a model, waitress, TV mascot and news anchor, with various levels of success.

Bud Bundy is a character from the TV show Married...With Children. His full name is Budrick Franklin Bundy, and he is the second child and only son of Al and Peg Bundy. Bud is a smart-aleck who is funny and sarcastic. He enjoys teasing his older sister Kelly, and his goal is to get rid of his parents and date the world's hottest girls.

MARRIED with children, high school was when people peaked.. and they spend the rest of their lives chasing that dragon...

Now you see why the system is doing a great reset.. Because the trauma in people's families are astronomical.. And they're trying to channel it by making the world better through innovation.. There's always going to be somebody falling through the cracks..

This is not to shame anyone.. It's not even to get back at anyone..

It's giving you a clue on how you can save yourself through all of this mess..

But you would have to scale down your lifestyle and belief systems , so you can save yourself.

If not, you will super nova.. You'll be given all the pleasure ans paradise until you've used up all your resources.

Be careful entering your girls and boys into cheerleading and sports.

You will program them to self destruct.. In this environment it is deadly..

The revenge of the nerds.

It's time to use your brains boys and girls.. Your body is tired.

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