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Adam and Eve Discovered the Anti-Christ When They Ate From the Tree of Good and Evil

Adam and Eve Discovered the Anti-Christ When They Ate From the Tree of Good and Evil


Climate Change=Uncured=dancing with demons and some do not survive the dance

Adam and eve is the ignorance and innocence.

The anti christ is when you're not innocent anymore.. Cause now you feel the pain of retribution..

Ebola is the ANTI christ.. A global offspring of microbes so formidable that certain blood types will succumb TO THE growth much faster than others..

Everyone holds some form of the anti christ within and it's up to them to release those demons. And control that devil within.. Or else they will destroy others, even themselves..

Disease X will be that high frequency that will take out many people.. Because they hold those demons within that they do not want to release because it was and is too painful.. Or they were afraid of food, starving themselves from the necessary proteins, fats and minerals and even sugars so now the body is weak and cannot push out that demon and when it tries to, the body dies in the process while trying to release those demons (blood vessels popping or aggressive infection/tonsils/appendix, intestinal perforation)..

And if you want to go allegory.. All the love and light people are dealing with that deceptive demon trying to beckon people into their presence so they can attack them through the microbes.

the 1960s was all about channeling your demons into love, sex and family and/or war and destruction

That's why lucifer the light can be just as deceptive as the darkness of satan.

And i'm not religious but I understand allegory..

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