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Adam and Eve is the Ignorance Innocence and Insolence (Demonology)

Adam and eve.. The story of you and your society..

Adam and Eve is the Ignorance Innocence and Insolence

The system trained your demons..

It's up to you to release them.. Become a whole person..

1-30 You are acting out the demons forced in you as a child.. That's why you can't really talk to children because they are run by their demon..

30-50 You start becoming aware that you are fighting a demon within.. This is when people start breaking down and getting disease and pain.. And of course turning to remedies..

50+ You either save yourself or that demon will destroy you. Right now people are destroying themselves and helping others to destroy each other.

I saved myself but I can't save you.. You either save yourself or destroy yourself it's your choice.. Some people will destroy themselves and take others down with them..




The system made you a very specific trained demon.. It's up to you to recognize what you have contributed as far as the demonology..

You could release that demon and become the person you were meant to become..

Or else you will make other people's demons inside of them stronger to the point of destruction..

You either save yourself..

Or help others destroy themselves..

Your choice.

I know what my role is..

I don't play with other people's demons i'm not your savior.. And I won't be your demon and target you..

Just think of me as a branch of the tree of knowledge.. Either you will feel shame for whatever choices you've made because you didnt know any better And learn..

Or you will justify.. Then pass away in the programming that was forced on you as a child..

You have choices..

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