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Adapting vs Suffering

Psychological Operations Is using the power of pain to justify ending someone's life systematically.. Humans have never been taught that suffering to live makes them more powerful.. When they suffer and then use oncology they become weaker and weaker and weaker and weaker .. And then they become non existent..

Adapting vs Suffering

Our society has developed a culture around adaptation and suffering and use the medical system to take away adaptation in the name of suffering..

We have people suffering to die which means that anyone attempting to suffer to live will be met with those who want to destroy those desperately trying to suffer to live.

Adaptation means when you go through an evolution you must deal with a certain amount of hardship and suffering.. And we have allowed people to adapt to somebody abusing us through the medical and holistic medicine and remedies as well as Corporal punishment!!

Corporal punishment is MK Ultra.. MK Ultra is when you externally abuse someone and psychologically abuse someone to convert them into a type of religion, innovation and scholarly academic endeavor.

When you've adapted to suffer and then die.. You have been sorely misled. MK Ultra is in all politics all religions and all scientific dogmas when the end result is death but you have to go through the pain and suffering of being programmed into a system that will dispose of you when you're not useful anymore.

You suffered through the pain of someone exploiting your resources and then threw you away. People's inability to adapt then allows the system of destruction to characterize their adaptation as suffering that needs to be destroyed literally..

That's the psychological operations.

Adaptation: Conversion

Suffering: Unnecessary pain via the Medical System and Religions

Love and kindness like hatred and intolerance may also be extremely violent given how they characterize reacting to evolution and adaptation.. medical/holistic trauma against cellular adaptation

Remember: people can love and hate you to death if you let them..

Bloating and Swelling will happen when you finally activate your immune system correctly as retroactive cell memory of healing. Like a plastic surgery patient post op, vast amounts of swelling until all the painkillers stops the immune system from working properly.

If you have gone under the knife and you finally want to become whole again, if you went under countless facelifts, your face will be bloated until your face finally reverts back to what it was before and then also evolve to the level of the environment.

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