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Addiction to Ending People's Suffering is the Death Culture Controlled By Your Sexual Proclivities

Clarification I did use the word attrition correctly in the context of this transmission Main take away.. When someone is trying to end your suffering with flattery love and remedies and surgeries and herbs and extracts and detoxes.. They are trying to end your suffering to eventually rest in peace and they will flatter you on the way out the door and keep telling you you're a good person and validate you and validate you so they can validate themselves.. Because they don't feel like they're a good person so they need tto not only end your suffering but also end their own as well That's the death culture in politics religion and science long story short.. Parents in the holistic world withholding food from their children will eventually be used as a tool to show people what not to do when it comes to starving their kids from gluten milk meat cheeseggs fruits and vegetables.. There will be a certain amount of death that will be alarming and then the system will flip the script especially when they're already showing you that they can overcome allergies by introducing the proteins at cleveland clinic.. Those in the holisticl world will eventually be corralled back into the system again because you can't do s*** on your own.. The system does not want to have weak a** children in the future because that means they will be weak adults and will be reinventing a stupid wheel again.. so, if you believe in death and your children pass away, and you also explored holistic/alternative methods, the system will blame you for not gambling in their system of a death culture, so you are screwed.. unless you know how to stay alive and deal with the sickness, the medical industry will force parents in the holistic system back into the allopathic system because all the holistic remedies and the natural abx are prolific and so when it suits the system, they will come down on the holistic system with all the force of the federal govt.. At some point the holistic system will be used as a tool.. Not to be an alternative but as a tool of getting people back into rockefeller medicine.. Too much deregulation in the holistic industry.. It won't be for a minute but it will happen.. just watch.. mark my words.. remember, the system does not want all humans to pass away.. so they will let people do themselves in baby boomers until they see a need to regulate the herbs market, which are just as deadly as the prescription drug market when abused.. shit changes all the time... remember that.. esp if you have children or want children... Some people's retribution against their parents are their children they have weaponized against the world.. What if humans could be good people without another human telling them they're a good person.. That's what i'm getting at.. What if you didn't need validation.. Wow That would mean we wouldn't have so much dying and reproducing.. And we would not need law enforcement.. We entertain suffering so we can feel good about ourselves trying to end somebody's suffering.. Or they want somebody to validate and save them. From self inflicted suffering.. Built in validation and suffering.. This is why people want to suffer they want to save people or end somebody else's suffering.. That's the death culture.. If you don't agree with my information on facebook please don't kill me with kindness.. Or tell people you're killing me with kindness without telling them it's me.. Just block and delete me.. But please do not follow me if I make you feel like you really have to be a good person to make up for me.. So I will unfollow you so im not reacting to you.. But you will definitely follow me and react to me.. Somebody's gotta walk away.. Without walking away.. So interesting I love human dynamics You only need validation to be reassured you matter to others not yourself.. smh I dont need your validation so you can be reassured that you are a good person.. If you need to validate others to reassure you're a good person then you're not doing it for them you're doing it for yourself for other people Optics And then to say that you validated somebody else.. Like giving money to the poor and taking a picture and posting it on facebook.. That's what I see right through so many things.. That's why I may able to speak plainly without worrying about what others think.. I don't need your validation.. Please don't validate other people for yourself... Just so you can tell people you validated people even when you don't agree with them.. It's disingenuous... And its fake.. People don't need other people's pity or charity.. We don't you need you to save them.. Either.. Everybody is doing great.. You don't need people telling you you are doing great.. You tell yourself you're doing great.. F*** everybody else.. If people are not doing great they will deal with it.. They will find a way.. Or they wont.. There is no one way there is your way.. Times they are a changing.. The winners will be losers and the losers will be winners.. Oh boy this afternoon you're in a marathon running like you're sprinting In the died suddenly groups people are recommending people get on keto diet so they don't feel the high blood pressure..

I eat the gluten and the bread and everything else I f****** feed it with everything..

I don't f****** starve myself

In this highly accelerated environment when you feel stuff you can't afford to starve yourself And you have to hawk out loogies and poop do it.. You need the food and the substance to give the body the ammunition to release the demons.. That's why the high blood pressure. The body is trying to push s*** out and they are starving the body..

I don't take anything to release the demons except for food like milk and gluten and meat and some fruits..

And I use my methodology that's in my book.. Because the body is releasing from all orifices right now..

I'm not pooping a lot except for this morning.. But the body is definitely finding ways to release anything it does not need..

So that way I keep continuing to keep the balance even in a highly ionic environment.. And as my body is releasing im listening to high energy music to help the cells release.. It's f****** insane boby dylan said, the winners will be losers and the losers will be the winners..and the script can always change when science has infinite arguments/truths.. mark my words.. fyi Anytime someone recommends methodologies to end your suffering.. watch out, they mean to cause RIP in you, inadvertently.. Watch out for those who are addicted to validation and those who flatter you and validate you even when they do not like you, so they come off as a "good person".. they are wrestling their own demons.. trolls are not always those who must confront you in intellectual combat, trolls are also those who aim to prove they are good and patient and kind by killing you with kindness..they are the succubus and incubus in our society.

and they will find ways to end your life by "ending" what they think is your perceived suffering.. and they lay it on thick... thick thick thick.

stop killing people, esp with kindness.. unfollow and block, but please do not be fake.. and stop confronting people you don't agree with..

if you don't agree, stop killing people, period bye IMO, it is not required to be kind or unkind, be respectful and do not assume people need saving.. that is how you invite riff raff in your life.. balance is necessary so people do not necessitate the need to be a god or goddess or demigod to people..

if not, you are then purposely inviting in suffering so you can play that role.. very Freudian.. then you see how sex and love is used as a weapon of control...

feeding into all the religions, politics, science and then you become leveraged.. pope/catholic church politicians/trump/wiener gates/epstein

now your children are up for grabs.. i hope you intervene mom and dad before the system swallows them up..

now you see how the system controls you and your family.. i broke free.. and can see it as plain as day.. the system knows how important sexuality is in people they want to assume control over.. in plain sight.. Freud·i·an

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