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Addressing Bruce Wilmot and My Dog Sugar_Both Died In the System of Remedies/Medicine/Surgeries

Let Me address both of them as they are the same situation.. Bruce died in hospice. My dog could not handle the environment.. And she had prior injuries from the veterinary system..

When you are placed in hospice you are non negotiable..

When your animal has to adjust to the environment and you don't want to keep destroying them with treatment.. Eventually you have to give them back to the veterinary system to be destroyed because that's where the destruction started..

It's a f***** u* system.. I was part of that system for a while and then learned valuable lessons how f***** u* it is.. I don't want any part of that system..

Which is why I developed the j world..

The system.. It's not about saving people's lives. It's about making your life easier as it deteriorates but taking your resources on the way out the door ..

The jay world is trying to change that world.. It will eventually..

But we are in a transition ...

Our society right now is like a home hospice for certain people.. Starvation is rampant. People are dying suddenly.. And the climate has accelerated exponentially.. It's affecting everyone..

starvation = death from heart attacks and strokes

and you will be diagnosed on your way out the door from the aging process.

My advice to the world..

Don't ever let yourself get into hospice.. Especially, if you want to turn stuff around..

Don't ever ever let yourself get into hospice..

You won't have what it takes.. AND It won't matter what you do..

The pain will be too great..

And anything you eat and drink food pineapple juice fermented cabbage juice won't make a difference..

It won't save you or help you, if your body does not get rid of the antibodies or excessive white blood cells and you are not substantial enough to handle the conversion process and food is painful to you.. And even in addition to that.. People are also afraid of food..

So those excessive antibodies are cannibalizing them and they are starving..

You won't survive anything, when you're not releasing and you're not eating everything you should..

It won't matter what you do.. You could drink water and pass away.. People do all the time in the medical system..

Why do you think you get sent to home HOSPICE when they can't do anything for you in Palliative care..

People in hospice are already starving..

Remember that.. When you are IN hospice.. You have already been deemed non negotiable in the medical system.. Definitely in the holistic system..

Don't ever get into hospice and do a hail mary, if you're not prepared to cough sneeze blow your nose and eat food and feel pain..

If you want to turn shizz around, you need to pay a doctor to oversee your process.. So they can monitor your progress.. If it is necessary..

but if you keep buying into taking away your pain then you're just torturing yourself..

That was the lesson the last seven years..

You cannot let yourself get that bad and then think something out there will save you.. People let themselves get so bad.. Then turn to something at the eleventh hour..

That's religion.. That's absolution that's the eleventh hour..

Don't f****** wait till the very end and then think you can pull yourself out of the grave and survive it and think it will be easy because it won't

You need to change before you get so bad.. If you want to survive.. Only, if you want to survive it all regardless of what is happening..

And if you believe in death anyways it won't matter what you do because you will make sure you don't survive and you will do everything in the holistic and medical world.. And your friends and family will not allow you to change.. Because they also believe in death..

BRUCE WILMOT I will never let anyone forget that Bruce was used as a tool for the system to scare you away from salt and water and probiotics..

I will not ever forget my old anti-govt moderators used the govt against me when I wanted to let everyone in my 60k group and they wanted only the conspiracy people to be let in. So when I tossed them out..

That was the beginning of the war..!!

So they formed an alliance against me.. and then off to the races.. that was when the train left the station and started questioning all the symptoms.. Even when I try to change publishers to somebody in Hollywood.. Who backed out at the last minute..

They called me a reptilian a sell out. That was what started it all!!

And while we're not taking probiotics or the j j, today.

Because we don't need it, we discovered, we can make our own probiotics in our gut using milk, meat, cheese, eggs, fruits, etc and we salt our food.

We figured out that starvation is what people are dying from..

And that's everyone who is dealing with diagnosable conditions using the latest thing or withholding food are dying from starvation and dying suddenly..

And when you're in starvation from LACK OF food and you have been categorized in hospice even water is painful to some people.. you won't survive.

Food would be painful.. They don't have what it takes to deal with symptoms and will do everything to suppress them even using pineapple juice..

Pineapple juice is a known natural remedy, a cough suppressant that some people cannot afford to use against their release process.

Nothing is poison but when you are already too far gone because of starvation.. Because you are in hospice, that's why people die..

Regardless of the last thing they INGESTED!!!!!!

My lesson is to never save people who already are too far gone.. And that includes everyone who needs to be saved by somebody else...

Watch out for those looking to you as a hero/demon.. they will use you as a tool and then blame you when their expectations are NOT met.

People who need to be saved are like people who are drowning and you're not strong enough to carry both of you.. Either, both of you will not survive that situation.. Or one person must DROWN because you can't save both..

So if you are playing with herbs and extracts and diets and people are trying to save themselves using your methodologies.. No matter what they must see their doctor..

NO one should be recommending you or selling you anything to stop the pain/release process.

But the system will allow it until the attrition rate of humans reaches a particular level and then the script will be flipped. It already has, a the system has allowed the ANTI vaccines people vindication with cash payouts if they can prove correlation equals causation.

Believe me the system will make you a tool for evolution.. And punish those who are taking their life in their own hands using remedies and tinctures..

Even those TRYING TO SAVE themselves in the j world and they have been in starvation mode for many years with food allergies and whatever they must see a doctor, who will oversee that process.

Just like they did the Cleveland clinic with that peanut allergy.. thank YOU Cleveland Clinic!!

Introducing peanut proteins in the body..

And so we learned a valuable lesson the last seven years about people's hail marys and using you, their savior turned demon, as a tool..

Good Samaritans will be sacrificed at some point..

We learned not only is it NOT lucrative to be a good Samaritan. But when the outcome is not favorable you will be somebody else's scape goat..

At least when they die in the medical system as they have SO MANY people dying there AND people accept/expect it.

And they also have malpractice insurance..

Most times, people will not save themselves and sometimes you can't save them..

When they are that far gone.. (medical system/holistic system) both of those systems are not built for longevity.

Save yourself..

And thank you for that reminder.. Mister and missus troll..

Using Bruce Wilmot as a weapon against my ideas will only backfire when he was and will still be part of the holistic/allopathic world sent to home hospice, just like everyone in YOUR current world now who cannot negotiate the environment.

We will never forget Bruce Wilmot!! We will never forget those who have exploited him and the situation for their own personal gain..

He was NOT ever a poster child in the J world, at the time. He was just another person trying to find something because they were not finding anything in a holistic or the allopathic.

BTW, I never charged him for my time, as others have portrayed.

Nothing worked in the world he lived in which is why he chose my path.

Home hospice means, death is imminent!!! Hello!!!!!

My mistake was: I was still in savior mode.. Didn't realize I was being set up inadvertently.. But that's a lesson.. For everyone.. Do NOT be a savior and ESPECICALLY IN THIS ENVIRONMENT!!

Let the medical/holistic system take the fall and then people in those system can choose whether or not they should be part of that system of destruction, regardless if you are a patient or a solicitor in those industries.

We will never forget those who purposely scared people away from salt and misunderstood probiotics because you make them in your gut..

You don't need them made anymore in a jar when you can make your own probiotics in your own gut.. Using meat milk cheese eggs fruits vegetables..

We will never forget Bruce Wilmot because he lives forever around the jay world.. He is in the Jilly Juice Wikipedia Page..

He has been immortalized..

He is an example to never let yourself get that bad..

And so we honor him..

Thank you Bruce..

Btw You can be morbidly obese and be starving because you will have also diagnosable conditions..

You can be extremely skinny and starving and not having a diagnosable conditions because somebody in the holistic allopathic world took away on your pain and withheld food from you..

You don't necessarily have to be in hospice to die..

Our society right now is one big hospice ward..

Home hospice..

People are dying suddenly all the time.. In this environment they are starving.. their body can't negotiate the atmosphere.. They are losing not only their memories but also their will to live..

In this environment right now..

They don't get the luxury of dying from cancer or disease that could potentially give them a chance to turn shit around..

People are dying suddenly every day.. And you know they are withholding food and using painkillers through herbalists and other types of tinctures.

And many of them are full of muscles hardly any fat..

When you have hardly any fat you don't have a STRONG ADIPOSE TISSUE IMMUNE system..

People are starving.. That's the hospice system..

The Veterinary system is the same way..

Constant suffering.. Procedures done in the veterinary system.. constant breeding Constant rehoming..

Dog/CAT OWNERS expect their pets to pass away.

If we can't develop a system of longevity also known as immortality then it is self induced suffering..

Right now animals and humans are not made to evolve because they were not trained to deal with evolution and then constant reproduction has made the genetic lines weaker..

When you're constantly breeding animals and humans you are developing glitches in the life.. That's the self induced suffering.

That's capitalism.. That's the war against life and using it as a commodity..

Why does hospice not give water?

Why Does Hospice Stop Giving End-of-Life Patients Food and Water? Continuing to offer food and water, or opting for artificial nutrition or hydration (ANH)—such as nasal (NG) or stomach (PEG) feeding tubes or IV fluids for hydration—can actually complicate the dying process and lead to other health problems.

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