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Air water and the sun are amplified..

Air water and the sun are amplified.. They are the weapons of mass destruction to those who don't understand the environment they live in. Not only do you feed for the environment.. But you also need to take more shelter and shade inside climate control conditions Away from the sun and heat..

The people in the first world take it for granted their options.. Third world countries are subject to the scorching heat and humidity.. The children and the elderly will die first in hot hot hot areas.. Especially in an amplified environment..

Parents in first world countries will suffer that with their children and themselves because they don't change.. They don't understand the world they live in..

People are also witnessing their animals reacting aggressively to climate change.. But if you can't even admit You are in climate change.. You will blame the air food and water and therapies.. And then continue to starve yourself your children and your animals.

You are in a Luciferian Society.

Time to draw the curtains

sun worshippers will burn up faster, esp if they are not eating for their lifestyle to make up for the energy used while worshipping the sun..

smh. nope, not jealous of the beachgoers, now.. that water/light is more amplified than ever.

If you have an issue with this information.. Maybe it's time to balance out the light and the dark.. Because both can be deadly..

It's not just the light.. But right now our society is all about light. Like moths to a flame.. Sometimes it's okay to sit in the dark.. But if you're going to be chasing light..

Maybe it's better you have enough substance to handle the light..

Too much light can be deadly..

Evidently some people have an issue with this..

I could delete this post.. Save myself from trolls.. But i'm not a martyr.. I won't sacrifice this post to save myself..

But I think this is really relevant.. The atmosphere is not the same.. Everything is amplified.. Which is why you are seeing turbo cancers.. And aggressive aging process.. And short fused people.. The atmosphere influences growth.. And also a lot more energy used up..

That's what hell is.. It's hot.. It's global warming.. It's extreme cold in areas that were not meant to be so cold.. Have you ever heard of a cold day in hell.. It will be a cold day in hell before.. If you're going to play in the light especially now.. You must eat for the light.. So the light doesn't consume you..

Right now the world is changing.. It's changing extremely fast..

Don't be offended.. But if you are.. Chances are you are chasing the light..

Yes I learned how to pull back.. I'm fifty years old.. If you're 20 and thirty, fine..

But you're not in the same atmosphere i was in my twenties and thirties..

And so if young people have to learn the hard way.. You're not in the atmosphere.I was in when I was your age.. But nobody can tell you that..

Young people can't be told anything.. Nobody could tell me anything either at your age.

Which is why the young people will age extremely faster than their elders..

At some point you won't know the difference between grandpa and grandma and grandchild.. Because grandchild will look just as aged as grandma.. And everyone starts looking elderly.. Even thirty year olds.. That's when you know shit's gone crazy..

Yes i'm fifty.. I've absolutely slowed down.. Because I don't need to keep up with anyone.. My life is not over it has just changed..

Some people think they have to keep spinning that wheel until they work themselves to death..

 Okay fine.. That's your prerogative..

I'm just aware of the atmosphere i'm in.. And I act accordingly.. Nothing to prove to anyone..

Right now it's a race to the bottom just so people can impress their friends and family.

It's not a crime to point out and observe the behaviors of a society I live in..

I like allegory.. because it's extremely appropriate right now.. I like dante allegheri.. He was a great poet. He understood the human condition..

Lucifer is about bringing light to everything.. People were in the dark for such a long time.. Now you're getting so much truth..

That's the truth or community..

That's the mainstreamers.. Everyone's chasing the light.. Everyone's chasing knowledge.. Everyone is chasing pleasure and paradise..

Sometimes it's okay to sit in the dark.. And give your body a rest.. Give your mind a rest.. Give your spirit a rest.. And you don't have to rest in peace..

You can still enjoy the world from a different perspective..

Native americans rain dancing is to a solar eclipse and a mass ritual right before southern tornado devastation and so much rain.

Monday's ritual is wednesday's devastation.. Monday was like a rain dance.. Or a tornado flash mob.

The goal posts never moved..

They just weren't wide enough.. Sometimes to make a goal everything must be factored in.. Sometimes you have to use all the plays in the playbook in one game..

Humidity Heat= hell= growth and starvation for those who dont modify behaviors, if possible

Californians.. And up and down the west coast, Your weather is changing too.. So don't get too comfortable either.

You've had it very good for such a long time.. Those days are over..

It's just a matter of time.

Remember you're in earthquake country.. Fire country.. Flood country.. Even tornadoes.. And potentially hurricanes.

So before you gloat.. And make fun of people over here.. You better figure out a game plan for all situations possible..

Because you might have to use them.

And this goes for all first world nations.. Don't get too comfortable.

In case you hadn't noticed Hell is extremely warm..

Right now all of us are living in hell.. If you can survive it.. Greener pastures ahead.. But it's going to be a battle.. A battle for your life..

And you will need every edge you can to survive Hell on earth..

Jordan Howlett said he often gets mistaken for his mom's older brother when they're out in public together.

Basically they're blaming it on inflation and stress and working.. Every generation has had to deal with inflation stress and having to work..

But why is generation z getting gray earlier.. Which is one of the signs of why they look older.. Because the atmosphere is that much more aggressive.. And they're trying to keep up with their peers and prior generations..

They have something to prove..

And so they will work themselves to death to prove to people they're just as good as everybody else..

That's fine.You don't have to slow down.. But you will run your hamster will into the ground earlier.. Just so you can look like you're a productive person to your friends and family.. who really don't care what you do. So as long as you're not on their couch or in jail..

They are not taking into account climate change , which is causing all the blood clots and long covid.

There are literally not even mentioning climate change..

Entities don't grow fast unless they are catalyzed by aggressive energy in their environment.. People are curdling like spoiled milk in heat..

Right now people are like cottage cheese.. They are growing excessive curds called blood clots!!

It is 65 degrees in my house and it feels so amazing. Usually, 65 degrees is "freezing" to me. NOPE!! It is very comfortable to sleep in, esp with blacked out windows.

the heat/humidity will destroy people slowly if they do not find a cool dark area to rest in and recoup resources lost from priorities, not gallivanting like you live in Disneyland not in the middle of the Apocalypse.

I am serious.

We are still in the middle of the apocalypse.. But it's a slow and expeditious death relative to your lifestyle and belief system and state of biological existence..

I'm very glad I prepared myself for everything on monday.. Because at least now I know how to at least stave off aggressive heat and humidity.. I can't control natural disasters.. But at least I could survive them if they did happen.. I'm in the first world.. If you survive natural disasters you could potentially be okay . You still need food and water and climate control.. And the earth is still heating up regardless of where you think it came from..

You must protect yourself from heat and humidity and aggressive temperatures..

Some people will go out with the light. They intend to supernova..

And we have tornadoes to prepare for over here in northeast and southeast ohio..

I already have a go bag ready.. Bring on your worst.

But at least I'm admitting there is a problem which means I will do everything I can to find a solution best for me..

What sad is most people out there don't even see there's a problem.. And if they do see there's a problem they turn to politics or religion or some kind of solution in science as far as remedies and surgeries..

And some people are trapped.. Yeah I understand that situation..

Oh well... I am sad for many humans.. Nothing I can do.

By the way.. All those clots those strings of what seems like calamari out of people's veins.. That's all of the antigen antibody programming that grew so fast and clogged up peoples arteries and cappillaries..

People have constricted intestines as well as constricted blood vessels.. and then aggressive growth on top of that clogs up their blood vessels.. Like so many people full of shit clogging up their intestines.. Which is why people don't eat because they don't want to feel the growth and release .. So then we have starving humans out there.. Like a snake eating their tail.. cannibilizing themselves.

And so not only do their blood vessels and intestines growing entities so fast but people also die suddenly from that..

Because the particles have accelerated and you're in humidity and heat and even aggressive cold..

And so those of you who are shaking your head at the sky saying there is no more sun because you see all the clouds..

Literally , you should be afraid of both clouds and sun.. Because the sun is aggressive.. And the clouds are also extremely aggressive.. the clouds or full of hydrogen fuel cells.. They are amplified energy.. And so is the sun

You really need to be inside in climate control.. In my opinion , you stop bitching at the cloudy skies.. You should start bitching at the environment.. But you can't change it.

You can only change yourself and your behaviors.

So I proved on Monday i can change my behavior.. And modify my personal environment..

To help myself.

silent weapons for quiet wars= ulf/infrasound/amplified water vapors using light as a WMD.

your unchanged lifestyle is weaponized against you.

So it doesn't matter what you believe or disbelieve.. It doesn't matter if you think it's all in someone's head.

Everything is about intention and outcome and specific measurable result.

And if you don't know what you're measuring . You'll believe allegory .. And it doesnt matter what kind of allegory.. Because you won't use science to back up the allegory..

You'll use allegory to back up whatever science you think is happening..

Science is the egg..

The allegory is the chicken.

How that egg was developed is what gives you the type of chickens out there..

The egg always came first..

The egg always came first..

I feel so normal right now, in a blacked out office, that usually I feel heart palpitations because the sun would shine so harshly in my office..

while the barometric pressure rising and falling so aggressively influences immune system activation and blood pressure, the constant harsh rays of the amplified sun contributes to even more aggressive immune system activation..

that is climate change.. accounting for how the system uses the sun to dim or light up people's world.. all relative.

and the system uses so many different mediums to activate all types of ULF or ultra low frequencies to manipulate the energy in the environment. The system uses metal nanoparticles to activate or salt particles to reflect whatever direction they want the sun to reflect.. either away from earth or towards earth..


wind rain and water are energy carriers..

And the sun is that energy converting the energy in the wind/rain/watercarriers for specific purposes..

If people don't change their lifestyle.. They will be energized out of existence.. And of course suffer diagnosible condition..

You must eat and rest for your environment even your lifestyle, If you're even aware of the danger that you're in ..

how water/rain and water vapor is amplified.. how clouds are amplified..

hydrogen fuel cells.. cloud seeding amplifies storms and cytokine storms.

the amplified sun rays amplify everything.

As the world works toward a lower carbon future, alternative energies, like solar and wind power, are expected to be key contributors. What doesn’t make as many headlines is the universe’s most abundant element: hydrogen.

This energy source can be produced in large quantities and used at scale. The International Energy Agency (IEA) projects hydrogen, a lower carbon intensity fuel, to make up about 10% of the future energy mix in 2050 for heavy industry and long-distance transport.

Demand for hydrogen could reach 225 million tonnes per year by 2050. The IEA reports demand in 2019 was less than 100 million tonnes per year.

We’re taking a deep dive into this increasingly important element to explore how it’s produced and its role in our lower carbon future.

lower carbon intensity hydrogen demand

hydrogen as a fuel source

Hydrogen is typically bonded to other elements in compounds such as methane, water and biomass. After separating hydrogen atoms from these compounds, hydrogen can then be used to store and transport energy.

Like electricity, hydrogen is an energy carrier that must be produced from another substance. Given the properties of current battery technologies, creating electric power is challenging in industries such as aviation, marine and heavy-duty, long-haul freight.

mourning/morning=dawn of amplified sun/light/water vapor

mourning cell death..

morning cell death..

Which makes sense why this environment is causing people's vision to change.. Even more so during the solar eclipse..

Which is why my eyes were affected during the DMV license renewal. I didn't even think about how harsh the sun was.. Or how much light was illuminating through my window.. And of course how climate change has affected amplified particle acceleration and light..

Yes, light can damage the retina, especially when it's prolonged exposure to bright light, like from the sun, lasers, or arc welders. This damage is called solar retinopathy, photic retinopathy

, or retinal


. It can cause low vision and permanent retinal damage.

To those who mock other people because they're trying to warn you.. They've already seen the indicators.. I don't care if you agree or disagree.. But mocking somebody because they are trying to warn you because they give a shit about humans in general.. Is fucking cold..

And you're an asshole for doing that. A complete and utter asshole. And i've dealt with a lot of assholes in my lifetime..!! And i'm sure people thought I was an asshole.. No doubt.

But, you know how quick shit can turn around.. And then you'll be the one ending up suffering from all the things they were trying to warn you about..

Don't be so quick in mocking people and gloating.. Especially if you're in the southern states.. texas.. Somebody in texas was gloating.. That the apocalypse didn't happen.. How's texas doing.. How's louisiana doing.. How is mississippi doing...??

You better make sure you're on the side of right and science.

You better make sure you know all the arguments.. Because I can assure you most people out there who mock other people who try to warn them don't have any idea all the arguments available.. Because they've closed themselves off to everything except for what they choose to believe..

And that's dangerous.. When you purposely blind yourself because it doesn't fit your narrative..

I may have a narrative.. But I ALSO entertain every piece of information..

And I make sure I don't tear down the house entertaining all of the the information out there..

I know what I can afford to lose..

And I am thankful for those who try to warn me. I am fucking thankful for them.. I am thankful for the weather people.. Even the lay people who try to warn you and keep you guys abreast of inclement weather.. And everything else..

Some of you have your head up your ass.. And are cold as hell. And you make people not want to help you. You make people feel sorry for you.

And doomsday and apocalypse scenarios doesn't always look like what you expect..

Again everything has a delayed effect..

I've tried to warn you.. So before you get on your fucking high horse and laugh at people for warning you..

You better check yourself before you wreck yourself.. Because you already found yourself... all by yourself.

 Not everybody can be there to save you

And if you're in florida laughing AT people trying to warn people.. Remember you're in hurricane season..

I don't think you can afford to laugh and gloat at people trying to warn you..

You're right in the path of fucking hell...

What happened in the South Today is a major indicator..

If you can't see IT.. I'm sorry for you

But again.. Laughing at people trying to warn you.. Is extremely cold.. And it's an asshole maneuver.

I'm in northeast ohio.. And i'm not immune to anything.. I understand what kind of danger i'm in as well.. And I can't afford to laugh at anyone warning me..

You see i'm not an asshole.

But I know many and plenty people who are assholes out there..

And here's the thing.. You can't stop what's happening.. You can't stop whats already set in motion.. But you can find ways to make the blow not as traumatizing and destructive..

That's all you can do.. Is embrace the warnings.. And make the blow as soft as it can be..

That's all warnings are for...

Lessening the catastrophe.. Side stepping preventable situations if possible..

If you are truly trapped.. Don't take it out on the messenger..

Find a way to unfuck yourself.

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