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Aleister Crowley Would Be So Proud

Aleister Crowley Would Be So Proud

Sex Magic and Drugs while conjuring up dead spirits or developing children was his MO.

Self Harm to Heal to be the Rescuer of Animals/Humans/Children

The Messiah Complex

is the new religion while under the influence and being radiated at the same time chasing pleasure, avoiding pain and blaming a person, place or thing for their own self harm..

Owning humans, animals, children.. modern day slavery..

People fly their Cutters also known as colors..

What a way to go..

"Do as thou wilt"

Crowley would be extremely proud of EVERYONE

I see people who claim they can save people under the influence of whisky.. using religion... wow.

the messiah complex is what develops cults, cult leaders and those who abuse their power like queen bees/kings bees and those who claim they can take away your pain and make you feel good.. soooooo goooooddd..

ack.. public masturbation is what many people advocate.. ok. Pay it forward..

Crowley advocated sex magic using drugs, herbs and psychedelics and family to justify everything..

that was the 1960s..

that was the Christian revival, the porn revolution, the sexual revolution and the drug revolution and of course, all the pot or marijuana and the new age movement.

Then children become the new commodity.. how many little geniuses can we produce today? or how many hot chicks and men can we develop this generation?

People fly their Cutters also known as colors

seeing the northerns lights in florida/California all over the world are harbingers of doom..

The rise of the storm chasers. The rise of the meteorologist..

The rise of the weather underground.

Prairie FIRE part 2

Yes , I see both the beauty and the ugly of what's going on.

I told you it's only going to get worse.

You better take care of yourself.. Resistance is futile.

Right now people are channeling their pain and suffering through everything they are doing right now.

I can never redirect anyone's intentions.. Only my own.

Purple/blue/red ALL TOGETHER is chaos..

Synchronized chaos

Redshift is longer wavelengths AWAY FROM YOU (LESS INFLUENTIAL)

When an object (e.g. a galaxy) moves away from us it is 'red-shifted' as the wavelength of light is 'stretched' so the light is seen as 'shifted' towards to red end of the spectrum, according to ESA.

BLUE SHIFT IS shorter wavelengths coming at you, towards, you (more influential)

noun: red shift

the displacement of spectral lines toward longer wavelengths (the red end of the spectrum)

Yes, mixing red and blue creates purple. The shade of purple depends on how much red and blue is added. More red will create a redder purple, while more blue will create a bluer purple.

seeing the northerns lights in florida/California all over the world are harbingers of doom




the very nature of family and friends is never to evolve, only repeat the homogenized storyline until the group/family/friends die in their storylines.

If you want to evolve and survive climate change, one must separate themselves from homogenization and start evolving to live, not resist and die.

the danger of breaking into a "new" family/friend/religion is to assimilate and repeat the party line and never say anything different, ever or else get attacked or frozen out..

which is why being on your own away from catering to homogenized storylines might be the "only" way to survive climate change..


The whole health and wellness industry is aimed for those who are cutters or employed cutters to give them pain and then save them from their own pain..

Cutters probably represent those who are on diets cutting out nutrients from their own body , mind and spirit..

Professional cutters are surgeons.. Veterinarians.

Self-harm is everyone who is suffering right now trying to take away/CUT OUT sugar and salt and meat and milk and cheese and eggs..

Everybody in the health and wellness industry is harming themselves and employing each other to harm themselves and save each other from themselves to death..

That's why I walked away from society..

Now you know I am yhe way I am.. It's tough to wash cutters.. Even cutting out their own hearts and food.

First responders try to save people from themselves..

cutters look for the enemy while they self harm

they look for ways to channel their pain and suffering and sometimes they employ proxies like surgeons, and alchemy to give them pain so they can heal.. like those who purposely fight with their spouse so they can have the best s ex ever...

people purposely harm themselves so they can actively watch their body heal from their own self harm and claim they "healed" by self harm..

that is the medical/holistic/energy "healing" world..

technically people are "healing" after they harmed themselves or employed a proxy..

then it becomes a religion...harm to heal.. vicious cycle.. and then look for the enemy..

and "healers" look for people who commit self harm and give them things to take away their pain so to look like a hero and make money..

vicious circle.. of death.

Self harm to heal is the new religion. That's how the system will take you down.. That's how they will take your family down.

example of a "cutter" by proxy

getting drunk all the time to suffer from a hangover ..

That is self harm and then employing friends to heal you from self harm.. You're looking for sympathy.

Taking away food, getting operations, and then employ your friends to sell you an herb and a supplement and a detox.. Even an antibiotic.. Anti life protocols.

You harmed yourself to heal.

Harming to heal is the new religion..

Another example of harming to heal.. The system does not condition you for pain and suffering of your own immune system.. So they change the climate.. You feel harmed. You harm yourself again to heal with all the medical and holistic proxies.

You have two strikes against you already.. And then you withhold food from yourself..

Three strikes against you..

And then the system keeps changing the climate..

You harm yourself some more to heal until you're done..

That's hospice.

Then people fight for peace.. Also known as rest in peace .

And they advertise that everywhere.. World peace .

And you can't tell people this.. They will call you satan.. They will say it's your fault for why their life is crap.. And you don't even know them. You have been nowhere near them . You don't even talk to them.

But they hate you.

So I just stay by myself..

You can live in your illusions.

Once I saw what the system was doing.. It took me seven years to articulate it..

I did this for myself.. Because now I know there is no way you're going to understand this..

The system knows how radicalized people are..

So I do this for myself.. And I hope some of you get it.

the smart will get smarter in this environment, the rich will get richer, the "dumb" will get "dumber", and the violent will get even more violent, and the lovers will love you to death..

everybody knows..

everyone knows.

people have children/harming themselves and then look to heal ..

harming themselves to heal...

fertility is harming to heal...

People fractionalize their own potential and they are suffering from deficits.. Essentially harming themselves and then looking for healers..

That was done thousands and thousands of years ago..

It's still being done today.

The circle of death and life is harming to heal..

That's all politics all religions and science..

I left the circle of life and death..

I just live in the circle of life and release the demons..

I walk away from those who purposely harm to heal..

I can't watch the suffering.. People will justify it.. Called their harming to heal life and that's fine..

One day you won't survive the healing... You will heal yourself to death..

And your children won't know anything but what you've done.. So they will harm to heal..

Until there's nothing left to heal.. Because you've harmed yourself too much..

thanks you Audrey for that term, the MESSIAH COMPLEX

Who are the people who have the messiah complex..

activism and medical/holistic and all "rescuers" of something..

harming to heal


right now, all humans have some sort of MESSIAH COMPLEX..

to what degree, well look at what your doing..

i claim to save NO ONE.. i am not god or the messiah..

Yeah I stopped rescuing things .. Because it is religion..

Harming to heal.. We allow our fellow man to harm things so we can rescue them and heal them to harm them.. To put them down.

And when you have a messiah complex and you have to save the world and all the animals..

You bought into that harm to heal religion. And you will suffer. And then blame someone for your suffering. But you've also employed cutters by proxy

So you can harm to heal.. And then when they're suffering , you can get sympathy and social capital.. And look like a messiah.. Even though you caused all the harm looking for the sympathy.

Until the system changes everything..

I saved myself.. I can't save any animals or humans from their own inevitable death.. And I wont purposely make myself suffer watching that shit happen. I won't employ that under my own roof ..

I learned my lesson..

The saviors and the satans will destroy the world and that was the intention..

I walked away from that. I walked away from sainthood.

I will own nothing and I will be fucking happy.

You were never ever supposed to own any life but your own..

The fact you think you own any other life besides your own makes people cutters.. Employing cutters by proxy .

Cutters are also those who cut out meat milk cheese eggs sugar salt and food..

cutters cut out the life in their body.. Cutters also develop life in their body to cut themselves out..

Or they employed other people to do that..

Cutters also cut themselves out of life. I don't mean leaving society.

Cutters actually sacrificed themselves to their friends and family and children..

If they tell you you can see the Northern Lights at night all over the world then you know the day is going to be aggressive.

Ultraviolet light is everywhere and even at night

Don't let the color purple pull you into thinking everything is safe because it is ultraviolet

Ultraviolet radiation is NOT VERY SAFE AT ALL


I knew the solar eclipse was the harbinger of Doom

And I knew nothing good came out of it and I knew ultraviolet lights were going to be even more so and people were staring at the sun

So I stayed inside and blacked out my windows

I had the science but I didn't have it so obvious because I needed something else to give you as an example

Seeing the Northern Lights is believing once you understand there's a lot of deadliness under so much Beauty

Which is why Hollywood is what it is

You have the Beautiful People seducing you into destruction

Could you be well balanced and beautiful without destroying people..

That's the new world..

Right now all of you sun worshipers and Sun gazers are going to be frying your brains out.

and all of the storm chasers will be exposed to high amounts of energy just like the Northern Light chasers trying to get the best photo.. those photons are coming at you causing accelerated ENTROPY.

Climate Change = the knowledge of self harming to heal to feel good

(read the whole article, if you have the patience to)

In this highly amplified ultra violet radioactive environment aka G5 and then next G6, you cannot afford to be on your diets, eating meat free, milk free, salt free, sugar free, food free diets gallivanting and sunbathing and skiing because the accelerated photons coming at you like blue/red and purple will cause the holes you already sustain and developed from your lifestyle and belief systems will only get larger, wider and harder to come back from.

Alistair Crowley implied, if it feels good, do it..

lol, ok.

People are doing what feels good and dying from it.. lol self harm to heal.

In 1898 he became a member of the elite occult society, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, rapidly achieving the grade of Magus. With equal dexterity he scaled two extinct volcanoes, Ixtaccihautl and Popocatepetl, “in an unbroken sprint.”

oh boy.

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