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ALL my-co-plasma in your body are entities of past, present and future trying to jockey for position

ALL mycoplasma in your body are entities of past, present and future trying to jockey for position and when too influential, attempt to overthrow the host.

Pain and disease is the attempts of the body to push out those entities to save the host, but the host, under the direction of the system regulating human life, has always instructed the host to suppress one's immune system until the system must go in and remove the invader via surgery, or make it stronger via remedies and medication, thus adding to the coffers of the Genome Databases for further observation in another host..

Your job as the host is to now understand that was the old programming using you and your family for human experimentation via the medical holistic energy healing world of spirituality and absolution, and if you want to save yourself and or believe you are the best and strongest clone out there, start feeding the host (you) all food, attempt to not treat disease and release the programming and YOU program yourself for life, not death..

Right now, in this environment, all of us are fighting to survive each other's demons..

you are being set free.. but will you live to see freedom or float around in the Universe full of plasma hoping to get another chance at life on this Earth..

So now you know why I won't socialize too much in large crowds for a long period of time because I am fighting for my life..

Every morning at 3am I know this . I release those demons in the middle of the night blowing my nose and then a few hours later releasing out of my colon.. And right now very minimal hives.. One high today that was it.

But if I get around too much diversity I have to start releasing all of those invaders.. And that is self induced suffering..

That's why people age over time and they look different because those energies are taking over.


And peoples external characteristics change because of that possession as well as the breakdown of their internal infrastructure.

But remember you were given a story. So everything is perfectly normal to you until you're given a different story..

Choose your own adventure.

That's what you're up against.. And that is what I am up against..

And that is what your children are up against..

The environment has changed drastically.. As i'm sure the died suddenly groups have clued you in on this..

2024 coming up..

We are in winter time and it will be fifty six degrees today.. When usually it was below freezing..

We are in climate change and it's fucking up people's immune systems.. Which is why change is necessary if you can handle it.

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