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All religions are the same.. only the words are different🌹



All religions are the same.. only the words are different🌹 If you pray to a god you call any name but your own.. RELIGION To point out other religions but your own.. is a religion...

I am jillian.. i am.. there is no one above me below me.. i am at one with the universe... i evolve I am no one's slave, and i enslave no man or beast..

I have no issue with others who pray to whomever but all religions with a name attached to it is manmade.. man developed the words you speak..the people you associate with.. the world you live in..

Man developed language, thus the innovation and cult(ure) you have adopted. Man wrote and developed every book known to mankind. Man can take away your family or encourage you to breed.. Man controls the weather by his intentions or activity. Everything is manmade.

Without man.. Earth would be just another rock with animals reacting to the sun, asteroids, comets, moon, and star cycles. Disease is manmade. What i mean is, man developed a name, a meaning (+/-) and a preferred reaction behind every single energetic activity of life in your body and commodified it with an herb, pill, powder supplement, detox, surgery etc.

Man made it acceptable to worship dying in a million ways but made the energy of life unacceptable as something to stop, remove, hold in, or stifle. When man develops cough suppressants, mucus drying agents and anti inflammatory agents, he devalues not only his own life, but also devalues your life, as well. He also devalues the life around him.

Pest control in your house and in the house of your body is your choice. Ending up dead from your own pest control is an indicator life was not managed properly because the architect of that microbiome did not understand balance. You are the architect of your own microbiome. And if you have already devalued your own life, it will not be difficult for someone in "authority" to keep confirming the devaluation of your family, friends and humans, and animals, in general.

When I am thankful, that I didn't get swept away by a tornado, because it could have happened, I am acknowledging someone else, a collective of mankind, are the architects of my existence of the world I live in that will change when they say it will change.

If I choose to resist the changes, I am free to leave this current existence, called passing away. Are the architects of my existence really a God? Or are they Mother Nature's balancing forces? God.. Dog.. Conditioning.. (dogs are conditioned for their perspective environment). How did mankind develop religion?

Pain has ALWAYS been the point of reverence/reference around all dogmas of politics, religion and science. When humans don't understand pain, and someone took the pain away. You are a God or Dog. Because you have been conditioned to be revered by those who don't understand pain. Both types of people worship each other, as it is not difficult to do until the pain returns. Then it is the worship of hate and misunderstanding. The Medical system and holistic system developed their own little pickle of future recalls of their remedies.

Quid pro Quo Worshipping The one that's in pain worshipping those who take away the pain. And those who take away the pain, worship those in pain. It is a symbiotic relationship of predator and prey. That's the fall of mankind, when you stay in that continuous dance. When you constantly think someone's above you or beneath you.

You lose your humanity; casting judgment by physically, spiritually and intellectually genociding a person, place, thing, or thought process; developing a religion of for and against the actions and reactions.

Joining a religion or developing a religion, is easy. Getting away from religion altogether, is quite difficult. Laws Morals values and laws Based on what we're willing to accept as far as death and reproduction and life.. Morals values and laws will change as society changes.. Religion are Easily Developed By Declarations and Jem, a Welsh singer knew this

Aliens.. are only man's image of their perception of a higher power.

Interspecies grafting may develop all the "aliens" you want to observe.

Give man access to all the genomes they mutated over thousands of years, I will give you a man who develops whatever he wants to, so as long as the environment holds life.

People who lack knowledge and refuse to obtain knowledge or refuse to read and consider another argument, worship those who they perceive have access to "advanced knowledge" but they themselves have intentionally kept themselves blinded.

Ignorance is a choice and ignorance is worshipped.

Which is why, we are in a great reset.

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