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America Has Turned Into an Intolerant Religion

Main take away.. History will always repeat if you can't evolve..

America prove you are American by embracing potential immortality because that's the evolution.. This immortality is like the Puritans leaving religious persecution from King James and King Charles.

Some people are American in name only.. Because they have not been able to embrace evolution.. They keep persecuting people who try to evolve.. by attacking them and ramming their religion right down people's throats.

So now when I see the American flag . It's not a symbol of freedom anymore.. It's a symbol of slavery.. Persecution.. Intolerance.. And radicalization..

I mean, it was only 84 years since 1776 when we had the civil war in 1860 or so.

It was only a hundred years from 1860 to 1960 regarding civil rights.

Within that hundred years.. We had WW1 AND We had WW2.. Then influenza pandemic of 1918..

Now in 2023.. I'm trying to release myself from not only the religious but the medical holistic tyranny persecution.. I'm trying to escape the enslavement of prior generations.. Who are today, still enslaving their friends their family and children.. And shitting on evolution.

Literally shitting on it.. With love and Intolerance..

So maybe being patriotic means you're on your own. Because when you're on your own you're away from persecution..

Maybe now it's time to redefine what American means to you because believe me, most of you are not exemplifying the American way.. America is about evolution and you know people can't handle evolution or want to.. Which is why we're in a great reset and in climate change.. And those who succumb to climate change.. You were given absolution you were given something to blame.. I am sure you will blame whatever ..

That's the enslavement..

You all have been enslaved under blaming someone or something.. You were never given the gift of personal responsibility..

That's slavery.

You have been enslaved by your politics.. Your religion I don't care what it is.. Your spirituality.. And your scientific dogmas..

That's why we're in a great reset.. Because you don't want to give up slavery so we're going to set you free.. You could either reconsider everything.. Or you die for your beliefs. In my opinion.. Most people don't know who they are.. So they have to hang out with people to tell them who they are.. So when they say be yourself.. It usually means go find the people to be your self.

When I'm with my husband.. I am Mrs. JASON Epperly

When I'm in groups.. I am whatever the group perceives me to be.. Am I allowed to be myself.. What does that really mean..

When you're by yourself you're allowed to be yourself.. When you're in a group.. You are whatever the group wants you to be.. It's not a question of what type of deodorant is toxic. The whole idea of clogging up your body's ability to release is why people have issues with release.. Body odor is the body allowing to release the demons.

But when you stop the body from releasing using anything even natural oils.. You are curbing the body's ability to replenish its own resources and.. Release the demons..

I don't use deodorant.. Not anymore.. I take plenty of showers.. Especially in more aggressive energetic times..

But I will never ever try to cover up anything or stop anything from releasing out of my body..

I will never ever revisit the trauma of releasing the last seven years..

That's a lesson you only learn once if you learn it at all..

All types of oils natural or occlusive.. When you use them to mask any scent..

You clog up your system.. How do you balance the scales.. You increase the frequencies in the first world.. Activating the immune system to such an extent people can't keep up.. The public health therapies are not dangerous... So the third worlds get the public health therapies but they're not as activated.. Because they don't get the high frequencies like the first world..

That's how the world is competing on a level playing field..

Which is why Africa will also surpass us in longevity. Once they get on the grid...

How do you balance the scales.. You change the environment and you keep people's traditions relatively the same..

The winners become losers and the losers become winners.. When you think about evolution... 1776 was evolution from England

The jay world became evolution once 1776 enslaved other human beings..

Evolution can only last so long before it turns into slavery..

Evolution is freedom..

When you think about it.. The jay world was America to those leaving England in 1776..

And it became a revolutionary war.. The jay world became a revolutionary war.. Or evolutionary..

And you saw how the British fought against American freedom for many years.. Until they capitulated..

Then America and England became allies..

Don't get too comfortable.. Because you might turn into the very thing you resisted..

When people refuse to change... History will always repeat.. In America, how many people persecute others for their beliefs.. Ironic isn't it..

Ironic that the King James Bible is the most popular..

Majority of American Bible Readers Still Prefer King James Version

The venerable KVJ, now 403 years old, is the favorite Bible of more than half (55 percent) of American Bible readers, according to “The Bible in American … Lifeway Mar 17, 2014

Many colonists came to America from England to escape religious persecution during the reign of King James I (r. 1603–1625) and of Charles I (r. 1625–1649), James's son and successor, both of whom were hostile to the Puritans.

Maybe the real patriots are the ones who sit home alone... Maybe they are the evolution.. If you are alone on the holidays.. It's just as accepted as having a bunch of friends and family..

Both sides can work together.. It's okay to be alone.. You are not less than.. You acknowledge the past and you become the future.

The j world is a group unto its own.. Assuming you understand where i'm coming from..

Happy Independence Day J world..

Why am I now developing division..

Survival comes from evolution.. Evolution comes from relative independence.. Which was why 1776 was so integral back then..

America became English evolution .

But it was never going to be forever..

Which is why now even America must become independent of itself.. The people in America must become independent of Americans.. Because we have gone too far and enslaved each other..

The pendulum swung too far to the other side.

The first world developed the prototype .

Which means every world thereafter will model itself after the first world..

England took on the American evolution.. And America was taken back by England..

Or the united kingdom.. Canada or NORTH AMERICA already belonged to the united kingdom.

But we AMERICANS were forced into becoming the leaders of the world.. Because we were made to be the evolution..

But now we must evolve ourselves.

Watch what happened in world war one.. On netflix..

Watch how world war two came about..

Then understand the great reset.. The world economic forum. You don't know what people are dealing with.. You don't want to talk to strangers if you don't have to.. You can say hi to them.. But as soon as you challenge their belief system..

You are walking into unpredictable territory.. You aren't equipped for that..

Change yourself.. The world will change.. The energy you give away .. Regardless of payment status.. Takes away from your own reinforcement.. of not only your body mind a spirit.. But also, you're home..

Everyone can afford their lifestyle.. If they cut down

You don't have to work yourself to death..

If you're going to work for somebody.. Work for yourself your family and your home.. Capitalize on the resources you already have.. Versus outsourcing them out.

Independence day means you're not always outsourcing the labor.. You either live within your means.. Or you say no to slavery..

How many people can really say they are independent..

People like the idea of independence day..

But they aren't independent.. Okay maybe they are to some degree.. But as you know as people age out in the system.. They become less independent.. And then you can't tell the difference between the young and the old.. Because it seems like everyone is becoming less capable taking care of themselves..

I like the idea of working for what I have... I like the idea of working for myself.. I like the idea of working on my own home.. Myself with my family..

That's what independence day is for me..

I want to enjoy people for their company.. I want them to enjoy me for my company..

But first.. Everyone must be independent.. If not.. What are you entertaining and why..

I can't wait until my husband and I work on the house together..

We will we are making plans..

I want my energy to go towards not only to help the world.. But also I must pay attention to my own backyard.. My own gutters.. My own backyard..

But I also want the world to help themselves.. I can't do it for other people..

I can only help myself in my own world..

My own backyard.. My energy belongs to my family and my house..

I also want to learn about the world in the process..

These holidays make me reflect on what they mean to me.. You will realize it is American to be "unamerican".. and question what it means to be American..

You will realize, America is about embracing evolution through creationism...

You always had a choice.. but you became radicalized.. and you stopped choosing.. and you only believed.. and evolution turned into creating the same thing with different words and chemistry..

American people stopped being american once they radicalized their version of what being an American truly was to them and their culture..

And, so being American became a religion...

It became a hollow belief system to be used as a weapon..

which is why the american flag is offensive to some people.. it became a symbol of slavery, intolerance and radicalism..


How do we fix this?

Release the demons within you radicalizing your culture..

I love America.. but I do not love what it has become..

If i cannot even promote an evolutionary thought process in AMERICA, THE LAND OF THE FREE, HOME OF THE BRAVE, without being virtually strung up in the town square..

what chance does the rest of the world have???

Hollow Belief Meaning: A belief that has the external shell of being genuine, but which when inspected is seen to be empty, and always unfilled or unfulfilled..

just because you make a lot of money, it does not mean it will convert into longevity...

time for yourself converts to longevity when you feed/release responsibility..

obviously, making so much money does not = longevity..

you see the rich, they are AGING OUT..

SO BEING rich does not mean the money is converting into immortality..

being rich means you have taken your life and turned it into gold and you cannot eat gold..

people turn into not only salt pillars but also gold statues to be torn down later or melted down into something else.. when the world has changed..

When you use JJ against your evolution/symptoms is no different than worshipping the Golden Calf/or money/gold/wealth/status/staying cured

Who was the pillar of salt in Sodom and Gomorrah? She was deemed unworthy to be saved and thus was turned to a pillar of salt. Another view in the Jewish exegesis of Genesis 19:26, is that when Lot's wife looked back, she turned to a pillar of salt upon the "sight of God" descending to rain destruction upon Sodom and Gomorrah.

Cured = salt pillars= no evolution

you see, two can play that game.. but only very occasionally will I throw scripture at people.. however, people have been throwing scriptures at me for years..

here is a little taste of your own medicine..

this is why I am not religious.. because most people cannot play both sides..


Another Jewish legend says that because Lot's wife sinned with salt, she was punished with salt. On the night the two angels visited Lot, he requested that his wife prepare a feast for them. Not having any salt, Lot's wife asked her neighbors for some, which alerted them to the presence of their guests, resulting in the mob action that endangered Lot's family.[1]: 467

In the Midrash, Lot's wife's name is given as Ado[10] or Edith.[11]

sinning with salt means you use it against evolution and change.. you did so much of it that you could NOT evolve or release the demons.. you became constipated... which was why milk and my internal manipulation method was born.. but if you had a milk allergy, you had to transition onto milk slowly and learn my internal manipulation method to release yourself from the bondage of damaged cells..

this is why I say the cream/milk and my way of release outlined in my book will keep you whole among your "god".. and eventually staying away from the medical/holistic/energy healing world

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