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America is Rosicrucian, a Melting Pot of All Religions Running the World You Must Survive

The main take away.. The main take away.. The system couldn't tell you.. They had to show you.. You had to look in the mirror.. Your peers are your reflection.. I saw my reflection and oh my god I was appalled.

I dare everyone in the j world to stop resisting the government and the new world order. And take personal accountability where you came up short in your life . Take personal responsibility to understand why the system is doing what it's doing. I fucking dare you.

I challenge you to give people in your world another way to survive this without falling into the ENDLESS rabbit holes of exposure. Which doesn't help anyone if you don't give them another path to follow .

Exposing things you have no control over is pointless and it is an exercise of futility. It's fun and you get Social capital and you feel accepted.. But that person now is your Human sacrifice..

That's the ultimate distraction.. Falling into rabbit holes.. Never doing anything to change.

It's so easy to resist.. It's so fucking difficult to be a fucking leader.. And give people another path to go on.

You can lead without becoming a cult leader..

You lead by example..

I challenge you j people.. I fucking challenge you

But I dare you to look in your own backyard.. Before you mischaracterize your government .

I challenge you to list out every single law you violated against your life and animal lives. I challenge you to own up to what you have contributed in this world..

Simply supporting my world is not enough.. You have to do more.

Look at what you support even in your own home . I challenge you.

understand when you get psychological "combat" training done in controlled circumstances, inevitably you will encounter a psychopath who was brutalized by their family/parents because of alcohol or drugs DEMONS, also from alchemists/herbal remedies and VIOLENCE,

and you will have to SURVIVE THAT EXPOSURE because you remember the feeling of humiliation, pain from the other person, the sarcasm, the cunning, the love, and the "acceptance".. and you had to save yourself..

right now people are choosing to be "killed" with kindness and love and acceptance or "brutality"..

the J world is NOT accepting either..

MK ultra was NOT just to program people and use them and abuse them.. it was also a technique to HELP THOSE survive those who are predatory and remember NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER GET INTO THAT SITUATION EVER AGAIN AND TO LEARN HOW TO DEVELOP YOUR OWN BOUNDARIES..

MANY NAIVE WOMEN/young girls WILL NOT SURVIVE THEIR PEERS AS THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL, SEXUAL AND NAIVE.. THEY NEVER HAD THE TRAINING.... you hope they do survive.. but you know you cannot protect your kids forever.. they will learn the hard way, if they even survive the hard way.. assuming they are not sold into human trafficking, coming up missing because they walked home alone one day in college at 2am leaving a bar...

America is Rosicrucian Just to be clear, I do NOT support anyone who demonizes Freemasonry, and it does NOT mean I am a "card carrying" member of anything.. It just means I do NOT hunt humans and troll them and antagonize them and hurt them spiritually..

I am NOT anti any belief system.. I just understand them.. I may have been intolerant in the past, but dammmnit, I am ashamed of what I supported and belonged to as far as intolerance and so NOPE, I do not support anyone who calls anyone evil.. and I do not support purposely hunting humans and sending them horrible messages and those people have done NOTHING to you..

America is the melting pot.. Of all the religions in the world.. And you have to be tolerant if you want to survive.

There is nothing to resist.. Even in the j world.. You have to understand what the government is doing. And I am not taking up for anyone who has been accused of anything.

Everyone must look at where they were a problem and contributed to the problem at some point in their life. I supported abx and surgeries in the past, and not anymore.. but if you do.. that is your choice.. I just speak about the ramifications of developing "demons".. but hey.. we all must be accountable for the demons we conjure up or develop and the system will also regulate them, as well..

Those in glass houses shall not cast stones.

You had to step through the looking glass and look at what you have done to develop someone like a russell brand or even A charles manson..

You have to look in your own backyard.. I dare those who are anti government even the j world.. To come out publicly and understand why they're doing what they're doing..

I dare you.

Through The Looking Glass: Finding Light at the End of the Rabbit Hole Written by Matthew A. Burke on April 13, 2017

The phrase Through the Looking Glass, “as used in literature by world renowned author Lewis Carroll, can be viewed as a metaphor for any time the world suddenly appears unfamiliar, almost as if things were turned upside down – similar to looking out from inside the mirror to find a world both recognizable and yet turned inside-out.

Comparing today’s global environment vs. one year ago feels to me a bit like Lewis Carroll’s insightful metaphor. Despite all of the apparent unsettledness in the world these days, perhaps there are lessons from Lewis Carroll’s classic work of literature that we can apply to today’s challenges:

Passover triggers the rapture.. when the angel of death passes over your house.. do the people in your house have the body, mind and spirit to survive the frequency/angel/light of death? or will it be the rapture and you think all sinner are left behind, thus giving you absolution for not surviving the frequencies/angel/light/angel of death?

the mezuza may have saved the jews in the land of Egypt.. but now, everyone will be equally exposed to the angel/light of death or frequency, and will you be strong enough for the change in climate.. or passover/rapture?

Rapid growth deplete you of resources. Which is why all foods are so important.. And that you must understand you have to make room for the new growth in your body.

let my people go.. meaning let the trauma go and then the people resist, thus using all the herbs and remedies and detoxes, then the angel of death comes around and releases those who refuse to set free the demons in their body..

All of you are pharaohs to your body and to someone in your life who you actively resist them changing.. tempting them to stay stuck in being cured in their politics, religion, and science..

sickness is the body attempting to free the slaves in the body..and people actively stop the body from freeing the slaves, the children.. and then the children rebel.. and the angel of death destroy both the parent and the child..

oh my god

exodus was the story of people's refusal to set free their demons and release trauma..

when you refuse to set free the enslaved life in your house, body, mind and spirit.. you get the 10 plagues..

we are in EXODUS.. OMG

DEMONS devil/satan = accountability.. we all are demons to those who we help resist setting themselves free.. aiding and abetting someone's enslavement

when you enslave your friends and family forcing them to assimilate to your death culture.. they will be your undoing.. and you will be their undoing.. angels of death..

The parting of the red sea was the body allowing itself to release the enslavement . The trauma.. The programming.

Many of you are refusing to release the programming.. And you're making the demons inside of you stronger with all of your detoxes and your remedies and supplements and herbs.. And extracts. And you're believing whatever someone told you through the medical holistic system.

You're still stuck in egypt dealing with the angel of death.. You chose to enslave yourself. The Rosicrucian Order Is The Balance

They are the compilation of all the religions in the world.. You must coexist.. Or treat yourself out of existence.. You always had the choice.

And each turning will represent some version of some religion that is out there, and you have to be discerning to know which religion is being represented and survive that storyline.

It was okay to worship the golden calf the last two hundred forty seven years..

Now it's not o k I mean, you can do it but it might compromise your future..

Some people cannot afford to worship the golden calf.. Others can..

Do you have enough discernment to know if you can afford to worship the golden calf????

Or is that golden calf sucking the life out of you

surviving every storyline will save you.. which is why you must understand all arguments..

choosing to blind yourself to one or more storylines is your blind spot.. and you will walk into the lions den.. You are run by hybridized religions multiple religions in this world.. They run everything you do.. They are the architects of your system..

And so hypothetically, if you have ten religions running your world.. Running everything that you do.. It does not make sense to only believe one religion out of the ten.

You had to understand all the religions that are running your world.

And a lot of these religions oppose each other because you had to balance out everything..

You could not be intolerant.. Your intolerance to everything or anything will be your undoing.

right now, people are trapped into walking into the lion's den.. and they don't even know it or they deny it's happening..and they claim to know the bible..

The bible has so many versions . You have to know all the versions . And be open to knowing ALL the versions.

And it doesn't matter if you believe it.

Those versions are lessons in the world that you live in.. and are actively being applied today. Just like numerology.. That is also actively being applied today.. You couldn't be against the horoscopes..

the microbes in your body ARE desperate to be released, and you stop it..

your kids/family and dog ARE sick wanting to evolve and you ARE actively stopping the animal from evolving or stopping the person from evolving or leaving and you are actively stopping yourself from evolving or leaving broken conditions,


however, he survived,

will you?

NO, because you believe everyone, including yourself, should die anyway.

AND .. still justify it..


Where did the meaning lion's den come from? It is said that the phrase came from the story of “Daniel in the lions' den” in the sixth century B.C. when a number of people from Judah became the captives in Babylonia. Daniel used to pray to his God which was against the command of the king so he was thrown into a lions' den to be consumed by the lions.

Daniel called back! He told the king that God sent an angel to shut the lions' mouths. The lions did not hurt him. The king was happy that Daniel was safe.

Even the Hebrews may not survive the lions den because they fell from grace when they kept worshipping idols.. you trapped the beasts within.. you had to release the demons.. NOT look for remedies and absolution ..dying and reproducing all the time..

If you are Hebrew in the Yah world.. when you idolize remedies and surgeries and herbs and supplements and detoxes, you are still stuck in the land of Egypt worshiping the golden calf.. Investing in the gold/silver/crypto/ gambling and worshipping currency had to have been a sin.. idolizing wall street.. the bull.. wow..

a sin..

it was.

Golden calf The Adoration of the Golden Calf – picture from the Hortus deliciarum of Herrad of Landsberg (12th century) According to the Bible, the golden calf (עֵגֶל הַזָּהָב ‘ēgel hazzāhāv) was an idol (a cult image) made by the Israelites when Moses went up to Mount Sinai. In Hebrew, the incident is known as ḥēṭə’ hā‘ēgel (חֵטְא הָעֵגֶל) or "the sin of the calf". It is first mentioned in the Book of Exodus.[1]

Bull worship was common in many cultures. In Egypt, whence according to the Exodus narrative the Hebrews had recently come, the Apis Bull was a comparable object of worship, which some believe the Hebrews were reviving in the wilderness;[2] alternatively, some believe Yahweh, the national god of the Israelites, was associated with or pictured as a calf/bull deity through the process of religious assimilation and syncretism. Among the Canaanites, some of whom would become the Israelites,[3] the bull was widely worshipped as the Lunar Bull and as the creature of El.[4]

Symbolism What does the golden calf symbolize It was a symbol of virility and strength associated with the Canaanite god El, and such idolatry would persist into the period of the divided monarchy. King Jeroboam I of the Northern Kingdom of Israel commissioned two golden calves for the sanctuaries of Yahweh in Bethel and Dan, to serve as the Lord's attendants. May 3, 2019

now I see the split in the Jewish Religion with all the different Jewish denominations..


will he be able to stand up to the scrutiny of the system

the system has evidence of crimes, however, when will it come out?

I experienced this trial by the media.. i know what he is going through.. your past adulthood choices will come to surface once you challenge the system..

why no one wants to expose epsteins black book? because no one wants to end up like Epstein..

if you are honorable challenging the system, it will come out.. eventually.. you must do the work and prove yourself to the architects of the system.. not your peers..

your peers still refer to the architects, even when they resist the architects..

Challenging the system is risky if you harbor skeletons..

Those in glass houses shall NOT CAST STONES The j world was the catalyst, and it released the demons and activated your immune system. But you couldn't stay on the j juice forever..

You had to find a different way to release the demon. So you didn't cause extinction to yourself..

That new method is in my current book..

Veterans of jj No more waterfalls.. You don't need them.. You don't want to be cured.

We are in the days of noah.. And water will be your Nemesis and your savior..

Do you have a discernment to know the difference..

People are so afraid of chemicals in the food supply..

But they use this against their immune system..

DMSO, or dimethyl sulfoxide, is a by-product of paper making. It comes from a substance found in wood.

Everything is "natural".. And it's also a prescription..

Yeah humanity is lost..

In my opinion.. I would rather eat food with elements.. Than take something like this in its purest form.. I would not want to take anything like this against my immune system.

And I also know people are suffering.. Sometimes things work too well and they stop suffering forever..

This is a sign humanity is suffering extraordinarily..

It really is very sad.. For every bad person you read about in politics religion and science.. There is a good person balancing out the bad..

Have faith in/humanity..

All diamonds go through stress.. Remember only a professional can induce stress..

And your outcome is relative to your intention.. And your intention is relative to the desired outcome

We only know what we've been told what humanity should go through and why..

We live in a complex world..

Do your best to attempt to understand what's going on.. If you cannot..

I'm so sorry you can't.. You always become the thing you fight the most.

Indubitably At 49 years old I figured THAT out..

Now look at who you all resist.. What you resist will persist..

When you fight your weight you become the weight..

When you fight the aging process you age aggressively..

When you fight change you change astronomically..

When you try to disappear symptoms more of them pop up.. And become more aggressive..

When you fight the new world order you become it..

When you fight another thought process you become that thought process..

The war strategy the tactic was to get everybody to resist something..

Resistance was the playbook.. That was the war strategy.. It all makes sense..

Whatever you give energy to you become whatever it is..

If you think people are destroying you and the food is destroying you, you will destroy yourself just so you can be right. And you will still go down blaming..

When you voluntarily enter a war.. You become the casualty until you leave that war..

The art of war..

to know the enemy is to know yourself..

And you don't have to pick up a single arm..

It's not that china took over..

It's that we borrowed their playbook..

No different than the whole Rosicrucian Order

It's all about borrowing the best parts of every culture.. Relative to the intention..

Just to be clear.. I'm not fighting against anyone doing what they have to do to end their suffering..

I'm just saying you can end your aggressive suffering without dying someday.. But you need all food.. Engineering a proper support system..

Because in reality.. I like humans.. Not all humans like me.. So why am I invested in people who don't give a damn about me..

I already saved myself..

But there are still parts of me that I still am speaking to.. And I don't mind sharing the wealth..

I'm not greedy.. My mind is for the world to share.. Because the world has shared so much with me..

I'm just giving back..

By the way.. Death comes from the resistance to life.

Everything that you resist even if it's not even in your vicinity even a belief system will destroy you. Obsession has always destroyed people.. Fixation on resisting anything you think is deadly, becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

War is psychological.. And there are so many battlefronts. It's not always in an open field.

Guerilla warfare does not discriminate.

It's like a game of chess..

It's ALL strategy.. And there are rules for every single player... And the rules are different for each player..

I just realized today that landmark worldwide was a branch of the rosicrucian order.. Their playbook was also borrowing from all different cultures and spiritual beliefs..

And they compiled all the different concepts to develop their seminars.. And it was unique. It still is unique.. But also the same..

All self help is a compilation of the "best" parts of each culture.. Everything is relative to intention.. Best is relative to your purpose.. And every self help group have different purposes and intentions..

But what the difference was_is in my world..

You had to release the demons without compromising your immune system.

Or else it was just another temporary thing another temporary fad..

Fads are a dime a dozen.. And they don't last song.. And they're like a drug.. They are addicting.. And you still die anyways..

So what was the point..

Someone would say, "the point was to have a great life.."

Great life is relative.. When you're in search for the best life ever.. It's like chasing the dragon.. You will sell your soul to keep the great life until you can't keep it anymore.. When you're obsessed with having a great life.. You're a great life will destroy you.

So what is the meaning of life..

There is no universal meaning to life.

You live..

And you develop the meaning every single day..

And it can always change..

You can have an amazing life.. With almost nothing..

Material wealth is not the meaning of life.. It's an obsession.. Compulsion.

Through the Looking Glass

The things people don't tell you.. When you take an antibiotic against your life.. You develop offspring.. You have now compounded the problem.

On top of that, you also develop allergies. Because now the body is armed with all those offspring who are going to attack any kind of nutritional benefit with any of these proteins..

It's like programming your kid to attack its own family.. taking antibiotics against your body is like abusing your children. Teaching your kids to take abx is teaching your child to attack itself.

Natural or synthetic..

What's the difference between eating these types of foods sprinkling in your meal and seasoning your food versus abusing these types of food.

The difference is how much you're using and what it is mixed with.. And what your intention is..

Many of these home remedies are mixed with very aggressive influential elements that are by products of industrial grade solvents that you wouldn't dare put in your food.. And you have accused the system of putting that stuff in your food and they don't.. And if they do it's very little. The appropriate parts per million for the intent..

But the people who have issues with disease put these types of aggressive elements in their body against their immune system.. And they have the nerve to say the system is poisoning them


That's why you believe you should die some day and you're okay with aging out.. self fulfilling prophecy..

Everything below is o k by itself with the intent to season..

But we have many alchemists out there who mix so many different AGGRESSIVE ingredients together with the intent to take away your pain and mucus. And they sell it to your friends and family.. And then you give that to your child . You administered these aggressive concoctions to your own child..

And you have the nerve to say the system is poisoning you.

Wake up humans..

now you know where some of the spirituality comes from..

When you have different life forms in your body talking to you and then you play with drugs on top of that. People get these spiritual wakenings because they're talking to little demons in their body. And they are conscious.. And they came from all of your remedies and alchemy.

When you do those psychedelics and ahuyasca even cannabis.. You develop little conscious beings that run your immune system and even change your view on the world.. Even alcohol.. They bring up the spirits in you as well.

Those are the demons people hold inside.. That's what talks of them in their sleep.

When people meditate they talked to those little conscious beings inside their body..

And they are a bitch to get out.

And I have been releasing them the last three years..

I would not dare ever to see any alchemist or medical professional.. Because they develop more demons.

That's why you detected my intolerance to holistic people.. But they don't know any better.. And many of them are too far gone.. That's why we are in a great reset.

And I had enough of them in me already.. I had enough demons in me already. I was not going to conjure up any more or develop anymore. What I had was enough..

That's what's fucking you all up. That's why you're all suffering.. Because you have so many offspring in your body and they are torturing you..

And some of you have them in your household torturing the fuck out of you.. But you wouldn't call it that..

As far as the offspring in your body.. When they multiply.. That's what people die.. They can't handle the diversity in their body.. Because it cannibalized their whole infrastructure..

That's why you live around so many religions..

They had to account for every single diversity that was developed through alchemy..

And you couldn't tell somebody they were wrong.. Because that's who they are.. They developed their own demons..

And it's the government's responsibility to keep those demons under control. And you see what a hell of time they are having doing that.

My world attempted to help people exorcise those demons out of your body. And it's a bitch of a process.

So remember that those of you who are recommending iodine and supplements to your friends..

You're just DEVELOPING more demons IN Your friends to be tortured by when they leave this earth.

And sometimes those demons turned into offspring your child.. That's why there's so many movies about children who kill and and destroy. Like the bad seed.. Children of the corn.. The village of the damned.

You are living every single story out there.. Every single story fairy tale is about you.. And the worlds you live in..

Through the looking glass..

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