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America Was Built on Logical Fallacies

Diversity has always been based on logical fallacies.

The system will force you to react to your environment and you hope you survive aggressive immune system activation..

it is not "safety in numbers" anymore.. now, it is safety in singularity..

Logical fallacies are illusions that appear real and it gives you relative safety until you cannot resist reality anymore through your Illusions and then reality comes Crashing Down.

That's called suffering.

When there is no more suffering and these variants are not causing too many Hospital admissions. Then most likely a lot more die suddenly are in your vicinity. And I couldn't tell you how to navigate your way from died suddenly..

And so everyone will have to figure out what kind of logical fallacy they're willing to adopt and you hope they survive it

I Produced My Own Logical Fallacy

My logical fallacy is that I eat ALL FOOD and I sleep and I deal with pain and I release and I don't treat any disease that will be the only way I'm going to survive this.

And I stay away from most people. If I do the opposite of this I will die.

That's pretty much my own logical fallacy.

All of you will either sustain the logical fallacies that were given to you or you might explore other ones and sometimes you may have to develop a lot of conflicting logical fallacies until you figure out the right one. But you now have the choice to develop your own logical fallacies and I hope the logical fallacies work for you

I learned the term "logical fallacy" while I was a conspiracy theorist, a term (conspiracy theorist) coined by the system to discredit those who are pointing out what is happening in plain sight.

I was busy debating Rob Cypher, who has since passed away and he was very busy defending CNN while I was challenging CNN.

Many of his cohorts would reply to my offensive comments at the time and reply "ad hominem" or "logical "fallacy" or "false dilemma". I quickly shooed them off waving them away while I continued with my "offensive" replies and arguments.

Fast forward 12 years later..

I get where they are coming from..

Developing one's own logical fallacies are not difficult if one must work from a pre-existing logical fallacy to be used as a backdrop and basis for resistance or assimilation. Logical Fallacies produce the illusion of order, reactions and consequences and are developed relative to the climate and the economical atmosphere of the time. The illusion of order provides "safety", "security" and the "freedom" to create, evolve and maintain with "goals" and expectations to meet and strive for.

For all intents and purposes, logical fallacies keep humans circulating within very rigid paradigms which self replicate by instilling positive and negative reinforcements like Pavlov's Dogs, aka conditioning. Soft conditioning develops soft results and aggressive conditioning develops aggressive results and then the intellectual programming is key when matching up with soft/hard conditioning. Does it make sense to instill aggressive conditioning without matching it up with something useful and productive? Obviously not, so the system develops aggressive conditioning matched with games of chance, competition games, academics, verbal skills and effective regurgitation, or acting.

Well, with that said, what happens when the current logical fallacies of their time outlive its usefulness and the system wants to introduce many logical fallacies?

You get chaos.

That is what you are experiencing right now are so many logical fallacies circulating within your spheres of influence and the tried and true logical fallacies you have adopted don't even compute the predictable outcomes people have depended on so stubbornly. What once "worked" during past frequencies, does not work anymore in the current frequencies.

Now, if you plan to survive all the obvious changes that are going on in your town, body, mind, spirit and economy, you must develop your own logical fallacy that works for you or keep repeating the ones that were given to you.

All of us have been given social constructs, biological constructs, intellectual constructs, economical constructs and family constructs to keep "order", but now, those constructs are diminishing and deteriorating.

You are in a war of an attack on every construct you have come to know, and if you plan to survive the aggressive evolution called attacks on the once socially acceptable constructs, you will identify the logical fallacies you have regurgitated, and then figure out how you will develop your own logical fallacy that is right for you..

The old world of "safe and effective" logical fallacies are over..

You are on your own..

A logical fallacy is an argument that may sound convincing or true but is actually flawed. Logical fallacies are leaps of logic that lead us to an unsupported conclusion. People may commit a logical fallacy unintentionally, due to poor reasoning, or intentionally, in order to manipulate others.

Obviously you can't guarantee any kind of survivability you just have to play everything day by day..

But yes I've changed and I've developed a logical fallacy that works for me and I'm not impressing that you do what I do. But I'm giving you my own logical fallacy. And so far I haven't died from the latest variant though I've been very sick but I've pulled through every time and I've changed during that process

And I have not had any heart attacks or Strokes or wound up in the hospital. That to me is a huge indicator that the logical fallacy I provided for myself works for me. And I'm on no drugs and I do not put myself in positions where I have to be saved from a person place or thing.

Logical fallacies in politics religion science and the medical system gives you a false sense of security. Once those logical fallacies start deteriorating diminishing and falling apart now it's up to you to figure out how you're going to survive. Most people don't. Just look at the nursing homes and the died suddenly the groups and look at the age groups who are falling apart.

40 50 and 60 year old are in nursing homes nowadays. 70 and 80 old are being destroyed.

the new census you will see your peers your age falling apart

But at least they have the illusion that everything is safe and effective

until it's not.

And that includes every single religion and belief system that gives you the comfort and the security everything is okay. It is until it isn't. Until you're wiped away from a tornado or a fast moving cancer or some stupid idiot out there you have no control over because you put yourself in a position to be attacked by a person place or thing

No Facebook live today. I'm sitting with the intellectual pain of knowing the truth and the reality of the world I live in

The science and religion of logical fallacies

Science has been able to use scientific concepts to develop logical fallacies (LF).

For example the IF/THEN FUNCTION TO DETERMINE TRUE/NOT TRUE like using formulas in EXCEL developing reports with spreadsheets

However, Science also loves using religious concepts to develop logical fallacies to give people "hope" ... such as:

IF biden or trump gets voted in THEN we are doomed and saved all at the same time..

The only way the above statement would be true is if everybody agreed on the same logical fallacy. If any person disagrees with any statements then there is no such thing as we all are doomed or we all are saved. It's all relative to person's logical fallacy of perception

The very fact you have a choice an illusion of a choice has a built-in logical fallacy already set to go.

Now just wait for the people to develop their concepts around a person place or thing and develop their own logical fallacy.. sell the LF through multi-level marketing and of course activism

Schrodingers LAW/Equation

Schrödinger's equation

A basic law of quantum mechanics that describes how a particle's wave properties respond to an external force.

In other words, the meaning you placed upon a person place or thing brought to life a predetermined outcome.

Newton's Laws just outlines what happens physics wise when you or the environment apply an action and then a NOUN develops a reaction

Logical fallacies is when you apply rigid meanings to every single action and reaction

Logical fallacies had to exist to keep some kind of order in a very diverse population who could be apt to go to war if given the opportunity

More logical fallacies:

IF you get a vaccine, THEN you are protected.

IF you get a vaccine, THEN you are unprotected.

IF you do not get a vaccine, THEN you are protected.

IF you do not get a vaccine, THEN you are unprotected.

IF you take a remedy, THEN you are saved.

IF you take a remedy, THEN you are not saved.

IF you don't take a remedy, then you are saved.

IF you don't take a remedy, then you are not saved.




Less hospitalizations more DIED SUDDENLY (blind spots)

Getting sick is an indicator ya AINT DEAD YET

No major uptick in Covid cases due to new variant

Although there has been issued caution around these FLiRT variants, there has been no reported significant uptick in Covid cases in the US due to the new variant prevailing in the country. A Mount Sinai South Nassau Hospital official has revealed that he has not seen any evidence of uptick in cases on the basis of data he is currently observing or the patients he is currently supervising.

The justice system was never about Justice. It was about closure and appealing to perceptions with an aggressive storyline behind it.

I don't celebrate convictions or Appeals. Anyone can get caught up in a situation and be convicted. As you know some people get falsely accused because of trumped up charges because the district attorney wants an open and shut case and they want to move on. Someone had to be the Fall Guy. That probably happens more than you know.

You saw how easy it was for people to get judged in the media based upon story lines and public perception and so at this point the justice system is nothing more than a place to air your grievances and to develop an argument and incorporate wit and humor and also pick apart evidence.

I mean look at the OJ Simpson trial. The system convicted him and then the jury realized there wasn't enough evidence to convict him.

And even though he won the federal suit he had to give people money in the civil suit because another jury of his peers convicted him and there still wasn't enough evidence.

Not every domestic violence situation turns deadly.

I'm not saying Trump is innocent or guilty. It's just another distraction. But then every single election was a distraction based upon perception and logical fallacies.

Everybody is given an argument to vote on or argue and then each candidate represents whatever argument you support and then you have the fight among people.

And then the system pulls the levers to develop situations that would make you right or wrong based upon the situation and the context. It's not difficult to develop perceptions that what you did was right or wrong. It's not difficult at all.

For example when Trump was voted into office, the system gave him the option to lower the gas prices. He knew Republicans wanted cheap gas and so the system made sure that the economy matched the expectations of what Trump represented.

And then of course the people were happy

And then Biden came into office.. and you know how that went. And then of course gas prices are through the roof just like the system intended.

And so then you saw Democrats turn Republican and then all chaos has people started crossing dividing lines because they perceived now they see the writing on the wall.

Now people going to say Democrats are corrupt and here's the evidence. And of course the system will make sure you're right. And I'm not saying the Republicans aren't corrupt because I'm sure they have a certain amount of corruption, both parties do.

But the system will make sure you are definitely correct about your perception so then you are gaslit to move a specific direction.

The system is playing chess with your reactions and your pocketbook.. and so then the people become the c/rooks and the pawns

And then you have the resistance movement.

When the system has an intention it won't matter what you do to counter it. The system is God. When the system wants to change everything will change

even your perceptions of the three branches of the American government..

1. Justice was never blind. Your politics your religion your science and even your skin color is on trial. Even your education.

2. The executive branch was the perception your savior won

3.The legislative branch always developed stories to either lead you or mislead you but they had some kind of order through protocols and procedures

And then you had the false dilemmas between Democrat and Republican and then sprinkling in occasional Independents to make the fight look interesting..

False dichotomies

Logical fallacies

Politics religion and science are all based on false dilemmas and guiding perceptions.

If you personally do not study the basics of Science and the develop your own logical fallacy based on what you think is safe for you, you will buy into whatever the system has provided for you and to you and they will give you people to support your positions to make you feel you're not alone and comforted.

when you finally face reality being happy is not a choice it's denial. Is that a choice.

No it's a defense mechanism.

Happiness is a defense mechanism because you know it will be short-lived. Happiness is fleeting. It's something to be treasured not abused. Happiness is not something you advertise or you bring up to surface with drugs or alcohol or anything else. Happiness is reward for the pain and suffering of life. And if you're always happy and you're always promoting happiness one day the devil will take his due. And there won't be any more happiness left.

I would say my marriage I feel very safe in. I don't always have to be happy in any situation. But when you feel safe around a person place or thing. That is a million times better than happiness.

Feeling safe around a person place or thing is worth more than any money fame or power.



The alluring attraction of people full of "heavy" metals... aggressive sexuality..

Why do you think people become sexually attractive? Because they are full of HEAVY METALS... yes, it breaks the body down causing the influence of the reproductive organs to kick in and the beast of dying and reproducing is on the move... and humans become predatory when they are full of heavy metals, which is why the heavy metal detoxes became so popular. The irony of heavy metal detoxes is when the detoxes are full of heavy metals themselves which compounds the issues... the person gets a temporary high, feels AMAZING, then falls back into the suffering of dying and reproducing..

However, there does come a time when so many heavy metals stuck in the body causes infertility and hormone disruption, which is also why they project most of the Western World will become infertile. Too much fertility develops infertility and even the end of that genetic line.

With all the nano tech floating in your atmosphere and accelerated by particle acceleration, immune system activation not only develops major symptoms like hive, sneezes and allergic reactions, but also died suddenlies..

The logical fallacy that all your detoxes, juicing regimes and herbs and extracts and supplements will "save your life" keeps compounding the issues and then climate change from hot to cold and cold to hot in a span of 24 hours kicks everything up a notch... people get converted out of existence..

Of course, when you google does "heavy metals cause fertility" you will see the other side, the opposite, "heavy metals causes infertility".

Why is that? Because the population is already "fertile" based upon dying and reproducing and of course the hormonal imbalances from the breakdown of the body influenced by sluggish immune systems causes heavy metals to stay stuck in the alimentary canal. When you already hold more than the trace minerals you are supposed to hold, the body does go into senescence and then accelerated body maturation process, or menses earlier and earlier and even increased sexuality earlier and earlier to the point of teen pregnancies or forced into marriage in their 20s.

Over time, the accumulation of heavy metals causes miscarriages, infertility but still an increased sex drive.. Which is why single motherhood happens in their teens and early 20s, when the child is most fertile..

I noticed in myself an increase in oxytocin triggered by the higher accelerated nano particles during increases in frequencies and even my husband is effected.. I also notice decreases in hormone production based upon the frequencies and whatever else I hold inside such as excessive heavy metals causing reactions to my environment.

The environmental frequencies do play a role in accelerated predatory behaviours, increased sexual drives and even decreases in fertility but increases in cancer, disease and chronic illness.. People not only hold so many nanoparticles in their immune system but they also disabled their immune system from releasing until the environment forces the immune system to release, even before the person is ready...

Heavy metals are conductors and they do not work like salt and water.. Heavy metals in the body work in conjunction with particle acceleration and people are forced to react, and be converted out of existence if they do not hold enough substance for energy conversion.

By the way, heavy metal detoxes compound the issues as they are another form of heavy metals lol..

To release excessive heavy metals, you need meat, milk, cheese, eggs, fruits veggies, salt, sugar, gluten, bread starch, carbs, processed foods, everything.. or else you are just a walking piece of metallurgy..

You could be overly abundant full of heavy metals and so skinny full of heavy metals and the system can and will commandeer those metals to react to the frequencies..

basically, the zombie apocalypse..

Which is why i treat no disease.. I will not push those "demons" back in the body like people do to themselves and their own children..

it is pretty sad what we have been conditioned to do..


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