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Amplified Light and Water/Vapors are Energy Carriers Accelerating the Aging Process

The solar eclipse.

It was a mass ritual of using light as a weapon for silent weapons for quiet wars. They had so many people staring at the light at the sun.. for at least eight hours..

 "Protected or unprotected" doesn't matter.. You had no idea what frequencies you were dealing with at the time..and what kind of water vapor was amplifying the frequencies, at the time.

Like skiers/boaters who are sunburned on the slopes and from the water reflecting back energy burning the skin.

It was a mass light ritual event that even some of the conspiracy world fell into..

That's why you have to get off the pot .

No pain receptors behind your eyes is what causing people to have issues now and later..

When you have no pain receptors or you remove them. Through remedies and surgeries.. You'll have no idea that kind of dangery you are walking into or experiencing.. And then the system is recommending you donating those glasses to third world countries.. blinding another population.

If you have to be out there during work hours.. Make sure you eat for the environment that you are in during work.. Make sure when you are at home the windows are blocked off from all light even at night.. Make sure on the weekends , you recoup the resources lost during the work week..

If you have the presence of mind to do so.. And if your partner resist you.. you either fight for your life or succumb to death..

Or else you will run your hamster wheel into the ground.. Premature death.. You used way more resources than you could retain..

The climate has changed but people refuse to fucking change.. And they wonder why they have food issues and intolerance to air food and water..

People make fun nothing that was projected to happen, happened

That means you got too comfortable.. And you don't really want to be prepared.. so ..

And burning your retinas via "protection" from 2 dollar glasses is pretty apocalyptic for some.. immune system activation is pretty apocalyptic..

Next time, you wont get all the warnings

Like the boy who cried wolf, people stop listening..

That is reverse psychology.. lol..

The system gave me a test run.. as well as those who did something to change .


And if something happens i AM ready

Light is aggressive energy but can also be amplified and made to be extremely aggressive causing immune system activation more than some people can handle relative to their body, mind and spirit. If one must survive "the light" one must know how to keep up with the resources being converted so one does not expire prematurely.

Why do you think we have different wattage bulbs for devices relative to how strong, soft or types of light needed for a situation? Because some devices call for a higher wattage of bulbs for its intended use.

If the system is calling for "silent weapons" for "quiet wars", then changing the temperature in areas of the country is one way, while amplifying light rays is another way.. Of course making cancer, disease and chronic illness more accelerated and the aging process faster as these kids turn into elderly children sooner..

Light is what gives biodiversity life, but also, too much light is what burns up and even shortens the life of biodiversity if you are not feeding for the environment.

and kids, humans and animals are already starving..burning more resources than they can retain and or have access to.

Electrical energy Light energy can be converted into electrical energy through the photovoltaic effect

, which occurs in solar cells

. In a solar cell, photons from sunlight interact with semiconductor materials to create electrons. The amount of energy produced is directly related to the intensity of light that hits the cell. Other ways light energy can be converted into electrical energy include hydrogen fuel cells and charge-coupled devices (CCDs).

Chemical energy Light energy can be converted into chemical energy through photosynthesis

, which occurs in plants. In photosynthesis, water and carbon dioxide are used to create glucose molecules and other sugars, while oxygen is released as a byproduct.

Chemical reaction energy Light energy can be converted into chemical reaction energy. For example, roses are red because of photosynthesis.

All light is made up of photons, which are small packets of energy. The energy of a photon depends on its color, or wavelength


Only a little light gets through my office.. which is great.. AGAIN I DONT HAVE HALF AS MANY RESOURCES AS SOME PEOPLE TO KEEP THROWING LOGS ON THE FIRE

Maybe that's how civilizations rose and fell.. and how the elders controlled their population..

They had everyone looking up at the solar eclipse..

Those who knew better stayed home and stayed safe.. Blocked out the windows

Became cave dwellers..

Because poles shifted..

How do we really know what happened thousands of years ago. Or even hundreds of years ago.

All I know is blacking out my windows upstairs I'm sleeping better. I just feel better being mostly in darkness.. Giving my body a rest from all that light.. It's not like I'm living in darkness one hundred percent of the time.. I go outside.. I go downstairs..

But I feel immune system activation especially spending more time in the light.. It feels like pixellation like sparkly feeling.. Like a separation.. And then my immune system brings everything back together..

Because I have reserves. And I eat.

Cooking in the kitchen last night was interesting becausw there was so much light in the kitchen because one of the windows brings in so much light..

It's the light that is developing stronger storms.. Rises and drops in temperatures.. And immunological activation sequences..

And blindness for some.. Delayed reaction for others..

The light outside is not the same.. It's even more activated.. Which is why these storms are even more aggressive..

We had torrential rains in northeast ohio.. it rained extremely hard last night.. More than i've ever heard the rain..

 Harder than I ever heard it..

And i'm going to be blacking out my window in my office..

We will eventually get black out curtains later.. But right now we have other fish to fry..

It's the sun. And the light waves are activated and accelerated and amplified.. the sun is the same but the rays are amplified..

Which is why I feel sorry for the kids shoved outdoors.. By parents who are unaware. Some can afford immune system activation all the time and the human growth hormone activated all the time.. Accelerating their maturity.. But if you don't control it somehow.. We will have elderly children..

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