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An Open Letter to My Trolls Who Consistently Waste Law Enforcements' Time With False Unproven Claims

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

(I make no accusation and I say NO names, because the names could be fake anyway)

By the way I don't ever answer my phone...

If I need something from somebody like a vendor or whatever, I call them.. If I answer my phone is because I'm expecting a phone call..

I never answer private numbers or even listen to private numbered messages.. My phone is on silent.

Too many people phone spoof and phone stalk and so that's why I don't ever answer my phone and I have no desire to be a social butterfly or use my phone for sales anymore.

There are so many apps for people who pretend to be somebody else when they're not the person they claim to be or business..

Too many people on Facebook pretend to be somebody else and even through email..

And so I make a habit of not responding to emails unless I know the person or have work with them before.. So, If I answer your email, I know who you are and I do ignore you.

I don't ever answer the phone unless I'm expecting a phone call or know who it is.

I never listen to messages unless it is someone I'm expecting to leave me a message..

This is how I save myself from being fooled by those who have nefarious intentions..

This is how I have relative peace in my world..

This is also how I cut down the stress of my society..

And yes the FBI tracks my emails and understands IP addresses and fake addresses and fake accounts and they know when you downloaded a texting/call app to use as your "phone" using your wifi and even VPNs are traceable, if deeper inspection is warranted..

If deeper inspection is warranted, then who is the criminal here?

Who are you "saving" or wanting to "hurt".. If you have something to hide, and must be anonymous or use a fake name taking on someone else's identity.. red flags..

Then is your campaign against the JJ crowd more of a religious/fear based belief system campaign or are you truly trying to help other humans help other humans because you have not saved anyone from anything that was not already set to happen anyway..

If Facebook took down my last Facebook internally then yes I am definitely being watched and anyone who contacts me nefariously or intentionally with great intentions are also being tracked..

Assange and Snowden told you a long time ago.

And so I love digital tracking mechanisms because you really can't hide behind your fake accounts and fake email addresses. I also follow the letter of the law.

You know who you are (fake accounts people) because I've been dealing with you for the last 6 years the same people under different pseudonyms.. I also deal with your minions, too.. But I ignore them.

And when the police and the FBI and the humane society get tired of false reports they can choose to go after you and press charges if you become a nuisance to them..

I mean they know who you are in Facebook email private messenger organizing campaigns..

I mean come on it's not that hard.. How do you think the FBI took down the Proud Boys???!!!!

People leave their digital footprint everywhere..

And if you have a lot of money and they find out that you've broken the law that's how they can take money from you it's because you've broken the law and justified having you pay restitution to your society.

Those who are dishonest will eventually pay the Piper because you intend to harm somebody through deception.. What's in the dark will always come to light..

By the way I'm out there in the open and I hide behind no fake account..

I also wrote a book making NO claims, just possibility and I made no accusations, but left room for the opposite to be true, as well. Can YOU?

When you make claims and accusations, you are dealing with absolutes, you teeter on violating manmade and natural law and that is why it is dangerous to make accusation that are also false reports to law enforcement and govt agencies. You can paint yourself in a corner and only have yourself to blame.

The same people who called the FBI and Ohio Attorney General on me are the same people who are harassing the ASPCA to go on wild goose chases and eventually it will catch up to them. Either the ASPCA and the law enforcement will collaborate together or the perps will lose followers for wasting the followers time.

Some people have a personal vendetta against me because of how the JJ world started out and I was working with many extremists in the chemtrails anti NWO world.. and the same people have been following my journey and influencing others to be unaware of the larger agenda, essentially working with one side of the NWO or the Skull and Bones..

The gentleman at the FTC ("Federal Trade Commission") taught me never to make absolute claims because what if I was wrong, and there is no way to prove the claims, etc.

Which is why I introduced a thermodynamically open system (my book) vs a closed system so you have the chance to survive and release the pressure building up in your immune system releasing damaged cells and PTSD and develop whole memories, aka whole cell regeneration.

People die from closed minds and closed immune systems and if you learn how to open up your system, wider than your system is today, you have the potential to survive climate change.

There are two sides to the Rosicrucian Order.. The life side and the death side and some of you who claim to be "saving" others are "working for" the Skull and Bones (they do not even know it) by purposely shielding people from my info making me out to be the bad guy..when it is quite the opposite.

I am not the enemy... I am just trying to survive, no different than you.. We are the same.. but you are barking up the wrong tree.

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