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Angels and demons. Antigen and Antibody~ As Above So Below

Angels and demons..

Antigen and antibody..

As above so below


It is relatively common, especially in the United States, to find the caduceus, with its two snakes and wings, (mis)used as a symbol of medicine instead of the ...

The snake eating its tail.. People are literally being eaten alive from the inside out.. And they keep taking on more demons.

Some people don't learn their lessons.. I guess they will find out the hard way..

1-30 You are acting out the demons forced in you as a child.. That's why you can't really talk to children because they are run by their demon..

30-50 You start becoming aware that you are fighting a demon within.. This is when people start breaking down and getting disease and pain.. And of course turning to remedies..

50+ You either save yourself or that demon will destroy you. Right now people are destroying themselves and helping others to destroy each other.

EVEN those in the Jilly Juice World.. jilly juice never "saved" you.. it was a catalyst to an awakening that you will either cultivate and pay attention to or use as yet another remedy..

It was a catalyst, then it became a cure and now, it is NOT needed as the environment is ionic enough..

I can bet most people in the Jilly Juice world thinking Jilly Juice will give them that edge over others are incubating so much diverse microbes they won't live to tell about it..

You had to evolve with my info that sometimes ran parallel to the mainstream media and sometimes ran perpendicular.. You had to understand the concepts and laws of biology, physics, even allegory..

I was never meant to be used as a satan/saviour..

My info was meant to keep the evolution going as fast as possible while you supported the info with all food and proper release..

My world was never meant to be used as another religion..

I am NOT religious.. I am a woman of science who cultivated new arguments and understood all the arguments or researched all arguments I was not aware of...

Food has never caused cancer..

It was every single life form you came in contact competing for your vessel.

Look how social people's lifestyles are today... And the longer people are in diverse company, the more microbes replicate and cause so much competition..

That's why the weight is astronomical for some and why some people can't gain weight.. They cannot control the competition in their body..

The system incubated demons within you.. And made it socially acceptable to develop them, even get vaccines against them.

And then people suffer through all the treatments and behaviors.. Further justifying to their friends and family why they should never change.. Not realizing those treatments made everything worse.

The depopulation agenda was for you to starve yourself of food while you're bringing in diverse competing microbes in your immune system.. And then weakening yourself through every remedy and treatment.. And women having children weakens their immune system..

The protection she once had turned into a life form she must now expend resources to take care of further weakening her immune system .

Some women understand what it means to gain the weight, so she has something to convert

Other women don't understand this.. And their children will destroy them. Some women have the weight and are starving themselves because they can't manage it.. And then taking on new life forms in their house causing more competition..

All the different diseases and sudden events laid the groundwork for a more aggressive sudden event situation in the future..

The amount of sudden events is enough indicator for the system to turn up the heat even more so.. However ignorance is bliss..

That's called disease x. And you'll be given a scape goat. So you have someone to blame.. So your kids don't even learn from your mistakes. And they will fall to the same outcome..

And they don't know any better.. they are listening to you mom and dad.. They are watching you.. Copying you.

This information is powerful information that you will either just laugh at. And then the suffering of your friends and family will be astronomical..

Or it might encourage you to change the way you do shit

Either way you have choices now.. But if you choose to go and get distracted with hatred and other intolerances or trying to save people through all of your remedies and meditation..

You're laying the groundwork for your own died suddenly.. You won't be around for your children if you don't fucking wake up ..

Anyways i'm not angry.. After this weekend I see things a lot more clearly around demonology..

I know what demons I fought and released.. I know what's in all of you.. And I know the suffering you are going through and will be going through..

If anything I just want you sort of prepared even if you're not..

Expect the unexpected.. But at least now you have a little bit of knowledge to work with

The family has been self imploding for a while..

People were in denial.. Blaming somebody else..

You see where this is going, right..?

The family will destroy themselves if they don't find a way to strengthen each other and then eventually go their separate ways, so they don't destroy each other.. At the micro level..

I can feel my husband's microbes go through my immune system and it's painful sometimes to release those demons.. And the more diverse company I keep the more intense the pain is..

This time I felt it in my upper arms.. A dull ache, but that's about it.. No more pain this morning because I released those demons.. And I sat with the pain last night.. It wasn't enough to post it on facebook.. But I noticed a difference last night..

That's why you have to understand what you can handle as far as release.. I see the difference every monday and tuesday after a big weekend or just my husband.

My husband is easier to handle.. As far as his microbes. Other peoples.. More aggressive.. I have to literally eat to release those demons.. I have to eat a lot..

That's why parents must save themselves. And I don't know how you'll do that when you have other competing microbes competing for your attention and resources..

It's a bloody fight to the death.. People don't survive their family and friends..

I hate to be the bearer of bad news.. This is why you must eat so much food if you are holding court with children and family.. And yes sickness is inevitable.

The world is not what you think.. All of those arguments and political thought processes are distractions. So you never pay attention to what's going on inside your house.. Or your body because you're under the influence.

Why do you think that call it the conjugal families.. Because all of your microbes are having sex with each other developing offspring . New diseases or new babies.

It's all nuclear reactions.. Manifesting into behaviors and belief systems and intolerance

That's why all the wars. Domestic violence.. Cancer.. And people self medicating because of the misery and suffering.

It's so sad

On top of that, people bring in animals to make it even more diverse and aggressive..

That's what you're up against.. You are competing with every single life form in your household..

Demon = Angel

Antigen = Antibody

They are interchangeable and they can convert..

It's all relative to perspective and intention and the programming of that society of that household at the time..

The deception is when the demon masks himself as the angel and vice versa.

And you won't know until you've had enough life experienced to understand manipulation and facades .

I hope you survive..

Some people can play both sides and you won't know.. Some people can only play one side relative to that religion politic or scientific dogma..

That's chaos.. There's no uniformity..

People get fooled..

That's why I just stick on my own. Because people's angels and demons at the micro level are very aggressive.

What people get deceived by is the fact that overtly people might seem nice and peaceful and calm.. But their microbes will attack you.

It's like a camouflage.. But a deceptive camouflage of attraction..

You have to be able to see through the literal bullshit.. Yes people might be nice.. They might be attractive.. They might even seem peaceful to you. It's their immune system is what will destroy you, especially in a very highly aggressive environment.. But even in a slower frequency environment.. You just couldn't make the connection.

Don't let people's looks and demeanor fool you it's not that they're mean or bad.. It's their demons , their microbes..

That's why religion and spirituality can be so deceptive.. People tricking each other into virtual congress.. Group think.

Right now it's very hard for people to get ahead of their exposure to everyone..

Be mindful.

Think of these chakra lines as your alimentary canal..

People are blocked up full of poop, full of demons Or traumatic memories, antigen antibody programming, and those demons influence all those different chakras.. That's why all the love and anger.. Love and light.. And then switch to anger and hatred

Predominantly skinny men/women gravitate towards this type of practices of yoga and playing with people's chakras..

What kind of demons do they hold inside.. What kind of demons do they transfer to other people.. How much anger do they hold inside..

Do they have enough room for energy conversions so they can release the demons and rebuild the body.

You have to have weight on you to be able to convert energy and release those demons.. Or else those demons have a grip on you and a grip within that canal..

It's not a coincidence, the alimentary canal follows the same chakra lines..

People's energy is starving for food.. And the body wants to kick out the demons..

But it seems eastern and western modalities keep those demons inside people..

Why do you think people who do this type of eastern and western modality are vegetarians or gluten intolerant.

The less weight that's on you, the more that demon gets cemented and becomes your personality.. It becomes who you are.. Possession..

And when you're very skinny, it's easier for demons to enter into the body..esp when you don't have enough of an immune system, because they enter in easily through all the different portals and chakras..

That's why I don't mess with any eastern or western modalities of medicine or therapy..

I'm not trying a transfer any demon on to me or give any of my demons to somebody else..

I'm not a demon wrangler of strangers..

Because it becomes a war and you take on other people's demons. And then they destroy you.

Note: If you are offended by this.. Maybe consider my thought process.. Everyone is entitled to a perspective on every modality out there practice in the mainstream..

Don't exemplify demon behavior by trolling me because you disagree..

I use this facebook page to give a different perspective..

When I see some post out there on facebook that I disagree with.. I hide the post and sometimes I unfollow the person.. There's no need for any type of disagreement.. It's not like i'm going to convert you or you are going to convert me..

It takes a while to be able to look at yourself.. I even don't get triggered too much by some posts that used to trigger me. I just scroll..

Facebook we get to watch everybody's demons come out.. We watch how they interact.. Even what they don't say..

What people don't say speaks louder than what they do say.


Literally, demonology is the science of demons and their actions. The word ‘daimon’ is Greek and simply means a supernatural being, or a lesser divinity. In classical ancient Greece ‘daimones’ were perceived as guardian spirits, or as either good or evil spirits who try to influence the human psyche. This assumption was inspired by Roman law which viewed contracts as being mutually binding agreements.


Just learn how to be a peaceful humble person who is NOT greedy or out to destroy..

Release those demons..

The demons of awareness is what keeps people from changing themselves to save themselves..

People have been given the demon of awareness and it's destroying them.. As they are frozen resisting Evolution..

Awareness without behavioral change is someone frozen in time..

What does "frozen in time" mean? Not changing or updating; completely static.

It's like people with ALS with information stuck in a body they can't move, but they are aware..

It's frustrating when you're aware and you can't move..

People die like that..

Nuclear family..

Expect nuclear explosions

Hidden in plain sight..

This is what people buy and sell.. I wouldn't touch this with a ten foot pole.. People think salt is poison but they don't blink an eye with this energy powder

The holistic world activates your demons.. And people sell these types of energy powders and drinks to all their friends.. Their demons are in control..

This is why I don't do supplements.. People wonder why they get heart attacks and strokes when they're on these types of things..

My information is not for everybody because some people's demons are seriously in control.. I can't reach the people.. Their demons intercept the communication.. And they don't let them get access to this information.. It's not just their friends and family. People's demons..

Which is why when I introduced salt to people's worlds who were completely electrolyte deficient, many were coming after me because their demons knew their time was up, for some of them..

The people were going to release them.. Ultimately saving people's lives.. Especially during climate change.. They were a sitting duck.. We gave people a head start . It's not over.. But we gave people a head start..

We activated people's immune systema to work the way they are supposed to. People did release many demons that could have destroyed them during climate change..

But they won't know.. Because they can't see that fork in the road.. And they shouldn't.. They should be happy they are still alive.. Assuming they are alive.

That's why I don't talk to anyone really.. This environment is ripe with people's demons in control..

Sometimes people's demons cause them to do horrific things when they feel backed into a corner

This guy murdered his wife and he was on excessive energy boosting supplements.. She, his wife, he murdered, was also a rep for that TYPE of industry as well..

People don't know what they are messing with..

That's why the public is pretty crazy out there.. Particle acceleration. On steroids..

This is why I don't mess with anything yoga or kundalini or meditation or anything like that.. People are opening portals for demons to enter and those demons are hard to kick out..

When you open up to release, people don't know how to manage that opening. And so when they release things also get in..

And when you are so full of the spirits transferred from people who play with your chakras or tell you to play with your chakras, that's when people age extremely aggressively and or manage disease, making it worse with all the spices and herbs and chance/CHANTS and drum circles..

And that's why people will love you and hate you and destroy you through those mediums.. It's not them it's their demons..

People's demons control them and they become very angry or they love you to death.. Cunning..

Which is why you must understand how to deal with people's demons.. You have to learn how to speak to the person bypassing their demons..

Which is also why artificial intelligence picks up on people's extreme behaviors and their demons. And they censor you..

But you think they're being discriminatory.. No they're picking up on your demons.. It's not difficult to recognize people's demons.

The Sanskrit term "Kundali Shakti" translates as "Serpent Power". Kundalini is thought to be an energy released within an individual using specific meditation techniques. It is represented symbolically as a serpent coiled at the base of the spine.


The ultimate birth of your life that destroys you..

When people manage that demon within.. And they don't get rid of it altogether because people do age even after all the treatments..

The fertility destroyed them..

Your death came from the life you birthed from every single experience and people you came in contact with that you never released..

That's why there's so many strains of diseases people get vaccines for..

People keep making offspring and offshoots of current diseases..

It's impossible not too in a diverse world unless you figure out how to manage disease within you.. And release those demons and remember every single time you come in contact with somebody, you will have a baby offspring called mucus disease and sometimes cancer if you don't release.

Sickness is the fertility of the demon inside and the body is trying to push out that little baby demon called disease..

Mucus is the offspring..

That's why with my PMDD for many years was like giving birth to a demon once a month..

That's why women have at least 20 to 30 years, maybe 40 to have children before the body says nope, you don't have the resources to organize another human being from your loins.

The world is not what you think..



Pictures below:

meteors to a planet

Sperm to an egg

Orbs around a head

That's why when you're in mixed company, people age quicker or get sick all the time because of the fertility is high in this environment.. It doesn't mean women will get pregnant all the time. It just means that they will develop a lot more sickness.. And boys will mature faster.. So will girls.

Current diseases become more aggressive..

Will, in stranger things is hiding from the demogorgon in the upside down like your inner child hiding from the demon the system cultivated in you as 11 uses her powers to find Will..fighting the demons..

The frequencies is how will is trying to contact his mother..

This movie is representation of people trying to reach their friends and family.. Looking for signs they can save them... What people don't realize is they're up against the upside down world.. As the demons keep intercepting people's communication with each other.

People don't even know who they are speaking to anymore. Just like when you answer your phone. You don't even know who you are talking to.

Your communication must be really specific direct and strategic. Or else you could be talking to demons trying to destroy you.. Take your money.. Your children. Anything they can get their hands on.

That's why I don't answer my phone. You don't know what kind of demon you're talking to.

Even private messages.. You don't know who you are talking to..

Which is why you must reinforce your immune system or else demons will hack into your immune system and take over..

Which is why I also don't ask my Facebook anything.. Because what are you conjuring up when you ask Facebook questions.. People's demons will answer..

And you can't tell the difference.. So I do my own research.. Answer my own questions.. And be accountable for my choices..

Pandora's Box of Demons

And all the holistic people and gurus and licensed therapists make those demons in you stronger..

That's why you see me stay away from those who say they can claim to save you. No they made your shit worse.

But remember professionals learn how to hypnotize their patients.. And people learn how to hypnotize each other into saviorism..

The system was right. I have to stay away from people who are needing someone to save them..

I'm so sorry..

Which is why people are even tortured more aggressively because the demons within them were never released.. They just became stronger and more formidable..

And you can't get involved with other people's demons because they could destroy you or they could blame you for whatever..

And so that's why I stay away from people who are suffering. Because they're looking for someone to remove that demon and when they don't like how it works, they will blame you..

I wish I could save you but I cannot..

You have to save yourself.. If you can't you will have to bring in a professional..

I hope you Survive.

And it's not gonna get any better.. It's only going to get worse.. As people keep resisting their own demons and treating them and starving themselves.. And hanging out in mixed company.

The antivax world keeps making their demons inside them stronger more formidable with all of their remedies..

demonology/demonologists requires licenses in remedies, surgeries, and therapies and herbal concoctions..

gurus (massage therapies/reiki/kundalini tantric sex people) demonologists playing with your demons..

which is why the demons in people in this environment are becoming stronger as people are so desperate to push them out..

civil war within the body and society..

starving demons makes them eat you.. breaking down the infrastructure..

which is why I say, feed the demons and release them as gently as you can.. but the release process is not always gentle.. esp when you have harbored so many of them the body is desperate to push out..

i hope you survive the release process...

i keep saying.. ALL food is so necessary in this time of forced purging/demon wrangling/rapture..

None of you are demons, however, you may house them in your body and when you do not give yourself enough weight and leverage, they take over, until you give yourself reserves to live on while you push them out...

we all harbor demons.. to what extent are they in control.. you know how much pain you are in and how hard it is to keep on weight..

too much weight, you must pull out the demon programming,...

not enough weight, you must feed the demons so you can arm yourself with the leverage to release them..

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