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Another Arm of the Hydra

I will let this book marinate on the market for awhile before my next book comes out. Acknowledging you are 69 trillion hydra evolved into your 11 different systems, which are trainable and evolutionary will take time, even for the most educated with their strings of academic degrees.

Since the Federal Trade Commission told me to change my advertising as their are NO absolutes, I would say they are exactly right.

You do NOT have to die from any diseases, much less the aging process of disease. That is the "other arm of the hydra". A new simulation based in science.

There are NO absolutes, but if you keep taking your anti-inflammatories and going under voluntary surgeries, how can you recover from disease when you purpose is to take away intelligence or trap pathogens in your colon because you want to be cured.

You are the one who absolutely controls your own life and death.

Of course, when you trap damaged cells in your body, how can you regrow limbs and organs when your force your body to stay cured in the "damaged" state that it is in?

The JJ journey is NOT about cures or taking away the pain of life. The JJ journey is about MY understanding the pain of release in hopes the pain will lessen over time as I keep training my body to absorb nutrition and "release the demons" and stop allowing strangers to put their hands on me or in me to get relief and release.

Nothing is guaranteed in the JJ world, but if anyone expects guarantees in any world, relative to intention and expectation, they have set themselves up to fail and so of course, they must be under a doctors care until they have nothing more to cure.

It is ok, we have accepted death for centuries. You can still lead a good life, but for how long, well, ... in this environment... hard to say. When you put your life into someone else's hands, and you refuse to evolve during this climate change, anything is possible.

In this environment of climate change, cures are deadly... that is why all cures must be FDA APPROVED.


This is MY journey and I chose to face the pain and fed it all food and I had the body, mind and spirit to do that.

Not everyone does, and so each person must talk to their doctor, family and friends and weigh out the pros and cons before anyone tries to copy my journey.

My journey was difficult.. Yours will be too.

PS: Silencing another thought process does not advance humans. If your intention is to silence a different belief system, how can humans evolve and advance themselves when your intention is to silence diversity?

Diversity = tolerance to other's lifestyles and belief systems and everything is based in science, physics, biology and chemistry.

It is against the law to recommend a cure or painkiller if you are NOT a licensed professional and not that person's family doctor, and there are laws against giving health advice, even recommending a therapy.

If YOU cannot explain what YOU do in your personal world, that is your prerogative. However, I am willing to explain to the world what I do to survive

and indefinite life, a non-defined life, non-linear life, not defined by a lifespan, is possible, if the environment supports life.

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