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Anti-Bodies are the Mark of the Beast

Anti-Bodies are the Mark of the Beast

Host (you) + Antigen = Offspring/Antibody=child/cancer/disease/chronic illness/autoimmune disorder

Right now the system is forcing everyone to release demons from their body mind spirit and from this Earth and it's hell and it's painful and I hope you survive it

The irony is people did not like the fact that I let my dogs suffer because I was trying to save her life and give her all the food that she could eat but they are telling their friends and family they're not taking Grandma to the doctor and telling people not to get treated recommending remedies to each other and there's no guarantee that person is going to be pain free so they're going to be tortured with the pain with no relief not that there could be anyways

but how do you want your friends to go out

dying in pain

 or died suddenly

The people in the died suddenly groups know exactly what I felt like because they do not trust doctors and nurses anymore not even the veterinarians.

 Just like I was Fed Up and done with the medical system and the veterinarian system.

And so I was stuck between a rock and a hard place you either let the dogs suffer and try to get her beyond the damage but if that is too much then you have to put them down.

Her prior surgeries is what f***** her and that's what I'm saying if you want a second chance at life I hope you can handle healing and filling in those holes and revisiting that situation again

Treatments were not going to stick. She was already too damaged.

People in the died suddenly groups have friends and family who are already too damaged and there will be no amount of painkillers that will keep them pain free and even then again the people in the died suddenly groups are fed up with the medical system and they do not trust the nurses or the doctors anymore

 they're f****** done and so they know exactly what I felt like when you're stuck between a rock and a hard place and you hate the f****** system for what it did and you try to save something that you have no business saving because you can't and you can't let them suffer either and so die suddenly is the only option

The reason why they don't trust them is because not only do they have to keep going back to these doctors to get treated but it gets worse and worse

Yeah the antibodies were the mark of the beast

I was right

Men are also representation of the Y chromosome or antibody.

The antibodies are what's torturing people and making them extremely obese or underweight and also causing all of their issues and the vaccines are the fertility and then mixing with animals and other humans makes a fertility of people's antibodies so much more aggressive

The host YOU plus the antigen equals The Offspring called antibodies

People are full of demons and all the drugs and alcohol and everything else are taking and all the remedies make the demons even more aggressive and more destructive and make the person Fall Apart

Here's a reel on my biz page

how do I know my protocol of suffering, eating food and pulling out the demons works.. I can jump off my boat and not shatter an ankle or break a leg. I am NOT breaking down or losing infrastructure or choosing operations.

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