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Any Attack on Growth/Life it Becomes Stronger and Extremely Formidable

You attack any growth on the body, it will find a better hiding place to grow and then attack you later once it builds its own army against you in the body...

the medical/holistic system makes the enemy within stronger and formidable so you are stuck in the loop of addiction to painkillers, surgeries and remedies.

In overactive immune systems the elephant in the room is obvious.. in slower immune systems, it might takes a few years to see the fall out of your shortcuts so you can stay in the game/look cute and be absolved of any transgression of violating the laws of life in nature.

climate change, the game has changed..

Klaus Schwab said, now, all humans will be competing on a level playing field.. You all are exposed to climate change and it will effect you differently.

May the odds be in your favor.

Someone is capitalizing on your past shortcuts... they have nice waiting rooms and endless cures and tinctures.

Just to let you know.. I have conditioned my body, mind and spirit to handles growth ad pain and so climate change is nothing.. Do you have what it takes?

we shall see.. many do not..

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