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Are Parents Weaponized Against their Offspring?

When parents get validation for starving their kids from milk, meat, cheese, eggs, gluten free, and then using herbs/extracts and remedies in response to symptoms..

you know our system is phucked..

you can only watch the train wreck happening..

broken/brittle bones in children are more prevalent during this climate change..

parents have a better chance if they get out of their own way, but unfortunately, these kids.. unless they start eating and dealing with the pain of growing up, it is really sad..

don't get mad at me.. start investing in food and cream and teaching them how to blow their nose and cough and try not be so reactive in remedying away their growth process....

too many survive on the validation of destruction..

grandma/grandpa, you also deserve to live, too.

you need fat for a balanced immune system and increased intelligence..

marrying anyone off in this environment is a crapshoot of heartache.. predisposed issues are coming up more often in newlyweds and now the spouse inherited heartaches...

these are indicators

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