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Are Women and Some Men the Antichrist to Humanity

Are women and some men the Antichrist to humanity

I need to correct myself. When men get cancer it's the female part of them that wants to take over that men are resisting.

When women get cancer. It is the men or other versions of themselves that want to take over and so they resist.

Cancer is another energy that wants to take over and men and women need to learn how to release it and rebuild and sometimes rebuilding might even change gender of male to female if the person is allowed to see it through. And maybe the female was always the original prototype. And even different versions of their female self.

And if you're sick yes there are different versions of you that want to take over. Regardless of gender.

Which then stands the reason why Japanese men look a little bit more effeminate because they were allowed to convert back to the original X chromosome..

And then why Americans look so extreme on either end because that Y chromosome really took over and that's why we're always at war with each other

I hold women accountable. You held me accountable the last 7 years to what I said so I'm holding the women accountable.

Women couldn't wait to skewer me. Well let me turn this around on you. What are you doing and where are you accountable for the destruction of your society and your family?

And if you think I'm being unfair you realize women have mostly the last say when it comes to raising children and when it comes to their husbands. Women know their power. And many women abuse their power. They either bully their family into submission or they let everyone walk all over them.

Women's strength and weaknesses are the downfall of their society and now they need to figure out what they need to do differently..

What if women were the proverbial Antichrist. It wasn't another man. But women. And what if women stopped becoming the Antichrist. Let the men figure it out.

Because men can be the protector and the predator and then women have to protect themselves to the point of becoming a predator. And so what if women walked away from TRADITIONS and let the men figure it out.. what if women didn't force the men to do what he thinks he should do and she stands up to herself and to everyone else

What if women gave the men choices instead of sticking him into an archetype and forcing him to stay in that archetype. What if women gave the men a chance to understand what he needs to do to survive this. What if women stop becoming Antichrist to the men in their life.

What if women stopped forcing their boys into an archetype. What if mothers figure out how to save themselves because obviously she can't save anyone but herself.

 What if women were the Antichrist.

Then women you need to keep your hands off. Give men choices

 do not encourage him to destroy himself like a lot of women do.

Most women out there will allow the system to destroy their man and also destroy them, because it's accepted because it's written in the Bible.

And their friends and family encourage it.. and when women surround themselves with Elders who are in self-destruct she allows the elders to destroy her

If you care about the men in your life you wouldn't be a party to their destruction.

Women if you really care about yourself and your family you would give them choices. You would not stick them in extremely tight boxes like you do. Because you have a reputation to uphold.

If women would get their head out of their asses they can save themselves and potentially even the people they claim they care about

Women will make or break our society. And you will see what women will break their own family and Society because of the tight archetypes they force her boys and their men into

Jesus/Joshua/Yeshua/Mohammed/Buddha was surrounded by men, his disciples, not unlike men who have buddies, disciples who reinforce the "programming" of the time. (males)

Mothers who are women also encourage her sons and daughters to get married and destroy each other through sexuality and family. What if the women were the Antichrist

The woman serve the men and even encourage him to keep going until his death and then women sacrifice themselves for the one man, for the men in her life. Women you are making or breaking your Society.

The system knew how to weaponize your powers over your children and the men and even each other. Which is why I walked away from society.

I know what you have been trained to do and I won't let you destroy me through love love or hate hate hate or anything else.

And I don't buy your justifications.

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