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Are You a Logical Fallacy?

Deficient people are predatory.. And they can't handle air food and water. And of course have an issue with evolution..

You are an integer and you choose to fractionalize your potential with competition. Or you choose to put holes in your immune system.. forcing the first responder to save you from yourself.. Or you choose to starve yourself. . By feeding the competition.

your defense of "weaker people" shows how good of heart you have, making those justifying attacks on weaker people look like they are "heartless",

but at some point, free yourself from the jail of defending weak people and become strong so no one must fight your battles..

violence/defense/offense all become one..

when you are ready, walk away from the war... and what does that looks like?

only you know.

I have found, the more you fight somebody else's battles, the weaker you become expecting others to fight your battles, when you become weak..

And it becomes circular reasoning.

That's the parent child relationship.. The infinite loop of death and destruction.

The premise assumes the conclusion.. Whatever it is..

You've predicted your own demise simply by what you expect from others and what you blame..


all the food recalls are based upon a DEFICIENT POPULATION..

i can bet you the amount of microbes in the food supply have NOT changed since 1955.. intolerance to life has increased with each generation..

Which is why the food and drug administration has to keep testing food and drugs based upon the general populations tolerance.

And you will see more and more food recalls as more and more kids and adults can't handle anything in their environment.

So you can put that in your pipe and smoke it..

Yeah the war is on deficient humans..

That's what this whole scale down is about..

People who are intolerant will take themselves out..

Give me all of your food that you don't want to eat..

If you're afraid of the food supply and the recalls.. You're becoming less and less tolerant to life.

People are exhibiting their own weaknesses.. And they are advertising them across the world..

I have no issue with any food recall.. I'll eat that food.

Hanging out with so many humans is worse than eating recalled food.. It's the same shit.

But at least the food will give me what I need rebuild and release. The general population can't feed my immune system.. But all food can.

And I can release the demons..

If the Climate Would Stop Shifting via HAARP/CERN Contrails I Would Be the Prototype (balanced/pain free)

So, I just figured it out. If it was NOT for the crazy frequencies and the intent to scale down the world, I would be the prototype of a person who is "relatively" self sufficient. I would only get my period if the climate changed drastically, and I would never have to treat sickness ever again and I could eat all of the food supply with NO issues.

If the climate changed drastically, I would know how to deal with the symptoms of heart palpitations, rashes, fatigue, pain and suffering. I would just feed the energy all food, make sure I release those crazy "demons" the way I have in my current book and NOT using JJ, I would sleep and take a break from the world.

This is not about good genetics..

You can develop good genetics from what you have.. It called a lifestyle change..

You could be the one to determine what is good and what is not good..

After all is said and done, I would NOT need to socialize as much and I would have my nose stuck in a book, reading a website, or watch documentaries. I would write so many reports and make wonderful food and admire the world I lived in. I would learn everything I could and develop boundaries and shed light on the future, if it called for it.

I would constantly be the best version of myself and cease to take so many risks to harm myself.

I would be hormonally balanced, peaceful, productive and hopefully the world would have changed by that time.

I could walk down the street without worrying about rabid animals, humans and roving drug addicts or drunk drivers. I would NOT have to worry about crazy religions, racism, discrimination, sexual predators or bullies on the block.

The flowers would bloom brighter and smell so sweet with fragrance the bees would be buzzing floating lazily on the long current of energetic frequencies.

The world would be different once we all learn how to purge the trauma and fill in our own holes and stop being so predatory in body, mind and spirit.

We could all function on our own with no addiction to company, herbs, excess pleasure, paradise and alcohol. We would not need to get married, or have children or develop group think/gangs to push our agenda onto someone else.

We wouldn't be causing people to be addicted to our company or repel them because they didn't conform.. We wouldn't be playing mind games with each other..

We would all be at home writing, making music, sculpting, learning, building, painting and drawing our version of the beautiful world we lived in.

Ugliness would be somewhere far away but so near, to remind us where we never want to go again.

Life with humans and animals in the wild or domesticated would be amazing with no hospital system, no holistic herbal remedies, no gurus selling death and religion and no cult leaders selling a lifestyle and no children lost in the world.

There would be no need for surgeries, torture, vaccines, or medi/sin. And there wouldn't be any activism.. People are only activists when they feel they have been slighted or harmed..

Or extremely deficient full of holes..

There would be no vet system.. We wouldn't be locking up animals in our house and in cages.

Or in zoos..

There would be no need to rescue anything.. Because when you imply rescue it means somebody was fucked up and the animal or human need to be rescued..

No need for birth control. No need for someone to behavior modify people.

Women would not be selling their bodies.. Men would stop being so aggressively sexual because they have needs because of hormonal imbalances.

Women would not be selling beauty and self harm so they could look like a socially acceptable person.. Men would stop expecting women to give up all of her orifices to them..

Mothers would stop starving her own child so as they could look socially acceptable..

Women would stop disfigure themselves to fit in.

We would have partners to share our life with but not to be used as a tool for something..

Domestic violence would be non existent and there would be no cannabis or drugs to escape partner induced PAIN.

The prison system would be non existent..

Children would stop playing king of the mountain trying to capitalize on their strength over another child.

Humans would stop being experiments to somebody else..

Humans would finally respect themselves..

I see a total different world..

One day..

But until that happens.. I will dream about that world.. Because somebody has to..

There are too many people who are in survival mode..

They can't face the reality, so they live in fantasy and you can only live in denial for so long..

Reality will bite you in the ass.. Just like your symptoms and disease after so many times you carve them out or silence them.

I'm at the point where I can dream.. Dream for a better world..

This is beyond martin luther king.. But he did start the dream..

Yeah I have a dream..

I had to pick up where my parents left off..

In my opinion , all of us need to pick up where our parents left off

not repeat their mistakes.

All violence begets violence.. That includes the health and wellness industry..

EXCESSIVE ESTROGEN IN women make them more beautiful, softer and polarized..

BUT there's a price to pay.. The breakdown is brutal..

I was highly estrogenic.. Overtime those spells wear off.. Over time those hormones wear off..

And so in the old world when women were so highly polarized when they became older they looked more manly.. like kathleen turner.

Because then the testosterone over compensated for the estrogen draining..

You want to achieve balance..

men can't be so full of testosterone that they want to hurt somebody.. And women can't be so full of estrogen that she becomes hurt.. Because then it's a fight..

It's a war in the body trying to balance both parts out.

And what happens is people hunt each other looking for balance.. Women go on the hunt.. So do men when they are so full of hormone imbalances.. And then they also break down..

This persian lady below did not have those hormone manipulations that we do in the west..

That's why she looked more manly.

Too many people think the women in hollywood are men and vice versa.

All of us have been programmed on some level.. It's in the food.. It's what people tell us to eat for sickness.. It's in the medicines.. It's in the remedies..

I eat food but my body balances all the different hormones out.. I'm not concerned what's in my food supply..

I just make sure I balance everything out..

In June 1905, Ernest Starling, a professor of physiology at University College London, UK, first used the word 'hormone' in one of four Croonian Lectures—'On the chemical correlation of the functions of the body'—delivered at the Royal College of Physicians in London. Starling defined the word, derived from the Greek meaning 'to arouse or excite', as “the chemical messengers which speeding from cell to cell along the blood stream, may coordinate the activities and growth of different parts of the body” (Starling, 1905). Starling (Fig 1) was a brilliant experimentalist, and these prestigious lectures were in recognition of his work—much of it in collaboration with his brother-in-law William Bayliss—on the effects of innervations and pancreatic secretion on the intestine.

Since Starling coined the word, the concept of hormones has spawned immense interest in a wide range of research fields, ranging from chemistry to molecular biology to epidemiology (Baulieu & Kelly, 1990; Turner & Bagnara, 1971). In addition to purely scientific advances, the study of hormones has led to enormous benefits to human health, social and economic progress, such as contraception, in vitro fertilization (IVF) and recombinant human hormones. More recently, the topic of hormones and hormonally regulated metabolism and development has also found interest among public health experts and the larger public, after concerned scientists in the USA hypothesized that various man-made chemicals could interfere with the hormonal system to cause a wide range of diseases and disorders.

when you say processed foods are poison or are avid and vociferous vegan/vegetarian, you have declared war on yourself and fellow humans.

The Nobel Rest in Peace Prize

an a(war)d depicting the war for rest in peace, and you are a ward of the system being awarded for going to war against your fellow man and the war for peace/rip..

it supports both life and death..

which side of the a(war)d do YOU stand on ???

if you do not read or comprehend words and understand word play, it will be hard to see this line of thought..

con/text is everything..

I will NEVER receive an award for anything.. because I am not at war with anyone or even myself..

there is no reward for life, only death..

My reward to live is my life.. I won the war.

The information I produce from my life will never be awarded because it is not a war against anything..

From death becomes life.. Will you die for somebody else or will you live for yourself.

I do not declare war on anyone.. So I will never receive an award or a reward.

I get to live.. That's my privilege.. When you walk away from the war there are no awards to receive..

You just live and represent..

Working for a wood means you're working for an atta-boy, an award . You are working to be recognized.. You were working for praise..

Dogs do that.

What is wood.. A symbol.. A casket.. A figurine.. A plaque

Then the system throws you a bone..

People fight over those bones.. And they build their life from those bones..

They make you jealous of them.. Wishing you had their bones..

Until the walls coming tumbling down..

vicious intellectuals get trapped by their own dogma of narrow mindedness because they were radicalized into their beliefs that might not hold water anymore during climate change..

how do you disarm vicious intellectualism?

you learn all the arguments and learn how to articulate your position and even use your opponents evolving history of their industry against their position.

vicious intellectualism was how the system indoctrinated their youth until they did not need their youth anymore, who also became narrowminded elderly people refusing to evolve.. Those are your degreed people who act like Al Bundy always referencing his glory days as a high school quarterback.

once you know licensed/degreed people were taught vicious intellectualism, you can dance around their limitation by reminding them of other arguments in their industries they never were aware of because they were, and are compartmentalized in their dogmas..

But to do that you must be aware of your own limitations based upon whatever you were viciously indoctrinated into.

Once you're aware of your own limitations , even in religion, you will win every single fucking argument out there.

And you could possibly even survive climate change.

I was raised by a vicious intellectual and she is fucking amazing and she was..and she taught me everything I know and knew and provided me the tools to develop another scientific argument.

thank you mom.

I was also viciously intellectual until I learned the other stories.

Now I can dance round all of those indoctrinated people .

And I can throw their arguments back in their laps.

And leave them sputtering.. or just leave them spinning..

I'm very glad that you're proud of your degree.And it shows you started something and finished something..

But education is never over.. Your degree is just like the last movie you starred in. Your only as good as your last innovation.. You're only as good as your last performance..

It's never over until you die. Education is never over until you die..

Don't die

keep reinventing yourself

keep evolving..

never throw your degreed education in someone's face. Because they will use it against you..

And if you don't want someone to discredit you because you happen to speak without a degree.. Recognize all belief systems and still develop your own.. And never have the intention to follow somebody or have a following .

It's okay to be on your own.. and represent yourself . Represent your own ideas.

And I will say if you do have a following of people worshipping you.. You've just became indocinated.

If you rely on people loving and hating you.. And you are in resistance..

You can be indoctrinated with no degree.

Have the courage to stand alone with no following.. And you're not following anybody else

Yup your peers have radicalized the youth to be that dangerous to other people..

You can thank your peers for this. The youth have been weaponized against everybody..

You're in a war..

And you have to be mentally physically and intellectually strong for the people around you..

Because you're dealing with some really f***** u* people out there..

Many of them are children.. Many of them are teenagers with a screw loose because parents are that extreme..

And predators go after the weak people . They go after the elderly.. The women.. The females . Children. People caught by themselves in public places. People who are against self protection..

Predators will find those who can't defend themselves..

And we've turned our children into predators.. You can only imagine what your children are exemplifying in school if you can even care to see it if you're not under the influence..

I can only imagine what's going on out there that people don't report on..

We've done this to ourselves. This is the time to be on your own protect yourself.. Try not to depend on too many people if you don't have to.. And watch your fucking back..

It's only going to get worse.. You don't wanna be so alone that no one hears you and you don't want to be so public that people get access to you.. You don't know what people are triggered by.. Your face could trigger them.

so those who are against what israel is doing.. your kids are watching your reactions and are acting against innocent people..

harming your neighbors will NOT stop what goes on in other countries..

two wrongs do not make any right..

the system is using the kids to destroy the elderly and the weak..and they used you to radicalize them

and the more you are radicalized against israel and Palestine and every other culture, the more these children will turn into terr orists trying to save the world..

So yes your activism and your hatred will turn your children into serial killers and intimidators . They will be like an auto immune disorder . Attacking itself projecting on to the nearest scape goat ..

The children are the most vulnerable..

That's why I'm not impressed with you having children because of what will they turn into.. Someone I have to protect myself from.

That's what's most scary.

Generations zombie.

And the university system is the proof.. Those kids will not let up

No justice , no peace..

Death is closure.. They want death or you get no peace

They will destroy society . And they will destroy you.

So no.

I'm not impressed with your child going to a university because they will be radicalized to death.

And no, I'm not impressed with your new baby because what will that baby turn into..?

And I think i'm perfectly justified in not being impressed with traditionals right now..

Again look at the educational system. Look at the university system.

No justice.

No peace.

You are at war.



No justice.

No peace.

No (-1) death (-1)=

-2 (both die)

or -1 (one lives/one dies)

The laws of integers

You add 2 negatives = neg

You times a negative times a positive= negative

You're always in deficit because you're expending energy to develop energy.. You have to keep producing energy by expending energy until all the resources are gone.. How fast can the resources replenish at the rate the activists are expending the energy.

The system will use up your children and suck the life out of them.. Until there's nothing left..

Until the children cry uncle.. Or die suddenly..

The parents can barely keep themselves alive.. And the children are owned by the system until they're eighteen and they've already been indoctrinated.

Parents have to save themselves.. If they even know how to.

And I have no problem with any immigrants that want to find a better life in america ..

I have no problem with my government taking care refugees from any country..

I just hope they don't use you as a scapegoat for whatever else is going on.. And if they do that's fine just make sure you protect yourself..

Don't go to war with anyone in any country you're trying to escape to..

Do your best to stay out of the public because somebody will be radicalized against you..

This is for american citizens and for refugees who are on track to be american citizens..

Your peers have been radicalized against you..

You have to survive the war, even the war that you're trying to run away from and go towards..

I was flown out of the war in vietnam and entered into the american wars..

And I didn't have a choice.

I was a baby.

And I had to survive

It is you, against the world..

I don't care what status you are..

You have to survive it

And the only way to do that is don't get radicalized against anyone..

People will and you have to stay away from them..

The system brought people together fifty years ago to develop more innovation children whatever..

Now they're bringing you together to annihilate each other..

They just sped up what you already expect..

And now it's husband against wife.. Sister against brother.. Roommate against roommate..

Animal versus human..

Every single time you get together it's competition.. Survival of the fittest.

It's in the math.

It's in the physics.

It's in the chemistry.

It's societal constructs..

Scientists rule the world.

people pay other people to shut them up and even their children and the life in their body..

that is what the whole health and wellness system is:

paying other people to shut you down, little by little until you end up in the morgue.

people cannot handle life and so they shut down their own life and family's life or starve it out.

So when you pay someone to carve something out or to shut down the life in your body or stop the body from releasing..

You paid someone to muzzle your own immune system..

And then when the body wants to live you blame whoever triggered life in your body and said that you're trying to kill them..

That's how the system flipped life and death on you and your family..

You pay and love someone who takes your immune system down.. Essentially silencing you.

And you hate people who bring you back to life..

And you only worship first responders who in that moment might have saved your life. But inevitably you were the one that caused them to be there to begin with..

First responder save people from themselves..

And at some point first responders cant even save you from yourself..

When people are that intentional in ending their own life you can't get in the way..

That's why the system is the way it is..

You have to be the one to give permission to end your own life.. And the system will try to save you from yourself..

Until it cannot anymore..

Dying people are very dangerous when they're near death. They hate everybody.. But they will also love everyone.. Until there's nothing left to live off of it.

You are in a microbial fight to the death with EVERYONE you are in contact with


They/integers are whole numbers like whole people. But people fractionalize their own potential through dying and reproducing and having children and surrounding themselves with diversity.. And they don't fill in their own holes..

They keep diversifying so much through the health and wellness industry and so they are mortgaged up the ying yang

Integers are whole numbers, both positive and negative, and can be used in many fields, including science, engineering, and finance. Here are some rules for integers:


When adding integers with the same sign, add the numbers and keep the sign. For example, (+) + (+) = add the numbers and the answer is positive, and (-) + (-) = add the numbers and the answer is negative.


If the signs are different, subtract the numbers and use the sign of the larger number. For example, (+) – (+) = (+)+(‐), and (-) – (‐) = (‐) + (+).


If integers have the same signs, then the answer is positive. For example, (+4) x (-2) = -8.


When dividing integers with the same sign, the result is positive. For example, (+24) / (-6) = -4. When dividing integers with opposite signs, the result is negative. For example, (-8) / (+4) = -2.

Other rules

The sum of two positive integers is an integer. The sum of two negative integers is an integer. The sum of an integer and its inverse is equal to zero. The product of an integer and its reciprocal is equal to 1. Dividing by zero is undefined. Dividing by 1 does not change the integer's value.

Brutality comes from extreme deficiency..

How do you eradicate brutality? People become whole

Brutality doesn't always look like hate..

Brutality can be extreme love. It's the love they bestow on people and the love they withhold from people is how people brutalize each other..

They keep you addicted or they make you feel like you're not good enough. Humans also find ways to brutalize each other from what they withhold from each other..

And so the only way you can achieve their acceptance is if you bow down and kiss the ring.

If you don't kiss the ring, they withhold everything from you, even their respect..

My husband is the only person I absolutely truly love and respect.. And he has earned it.. We are in a contractual relationship.

I respect all of you.. Until you give me a reason not to.. But I never play the I love you game. Because that is a manipulation.

Either you are trying to buy them or you are rejecting them because they don't fit in because YOU didn't buy them anything to warrant any kind of love or acceptance.

You are not enough for anyone..

People have to buy their friendships.. That's the bottom line.

That's what they're saying.. You have to prove your love to them with gifts. Money.. They don't want to talk to you. They want to have fun with you.. Whatever that means. And the only way to have fun is to throw money at the situation. You have to afford to have fun with them.

And if you can't afford to buy friendship then you make a family and put holes in yourself.. And then your kid will automatically kiss your ring. ..

You have a built in audience.. Until you cannot afford them anymore

That's why I walked away from society..

Because you are either addicted or you're frozen out..

You all are too expensive..

and it could cost somebody their life..

It is costing people their lives.. People are dying suddenly trying to keep up with you..

And that's extreme manipulation..

That's how the system has a weaponized people's lifestyles against them.. And then the system gives you a scape goat like air food and water..

Nobody cares about what your dreams are.. Unless they get paid for it. And people don't want be stuck listening to whatever you have to say.. Unless they get some kind of return on that investment..

And that's business. Nothing is for free.

No one wants to hear your ideas because sometimes it involves change that they don't want to face . Sometimes it's an observation about society that they don't want to hear.. They want people around them to keep the fantasy going..

That's pretty much the death of a salesman.. The premise of that play is about the denial people are in.. And they don't have it in them to sell the lifestyle anymore.. The fantasy is over. Only they don't know it yet.. Until they either die or they cant afford the life they live anymore.. They can't afford to keep the fantasy going.

That's why I advocate one stands on their own 2 feet so you're not bowing down and kissing somebody's ring to find acceptance..

That includes all religions , politics and science dogmatic principles.. Because you know who the king and queen bees are.. That includes every single family.. That includes all groups.

Self acceptance is the most important..

And that's all that matters..

And then you find ways to survive without needing somebody else's approval..

Do your job and go home..

That is freedom..

If you wonder how people can be so brutal back in the middle ages, the children and adolescents, today, are the proof, so are those who are stuck in their dogmatic religions.. Sexual predators are extremely brutal. Surgeons.. brutal.

Why are people brutal to each other intellectually, physically, emotionally, and biologically?

Here's my answer. Competition in the body mind and spirit and community.

Extreme darwinism is what causes people to be brutal. When someone wants to take you over in body, mind and spirit, they will find every way to do that.. They will find what makes you happy, what makes you sad, what makes you angry.. And they will capitalize on it. They will even buy your body mind and spirit.. They will buy their way into your life.. And then you have no choice but to reciprocate or else be called selfish.. And that's the dance. That's the temptation.

The system has tempered certain aspects of human brutality, but we have a long way to go.

How does the system control human population.. They use your greed. They use your deficiencies. They use your politics.. Your culture. Your religion. Your lifestyle. Your wants and needs against you. They use the competition in your body and in your community as a weapon against your ability to overcome.

The system throws money at you.. They throw social capital at you. They throw drugs at you. They throw the need to be connected to everyone all the time at you. They throw awards at you.

The system throws everything in the kitchen sink at you to get you to take yourself down progressively..

And as people become more deficient and they have someone to blame.. They can use your peers against you.. And if you are a weak woman .. An elderly person.. A weak man.. The prayers/predators find you.. When you're by yourself.. When you think you're safe.. When you have taken everything for granted around you.. And that's how they get you.

Fifty years ago they brought people together and they developed amazing innovation..

Today.. You are in competition, extreme competition with everything around you..

That's why I advocate you become a whole person..

Because whole people are not predatory.. They're not looking for that missing piece.

You have to make yourself whole.. Nobody can fill in any of those holes that you have properly or efficiently.. They just make the whole bigger and the damage become more extreme.

Which is why having children make people extremely predatory..

The holes in their life become extremely aggressive.. And that's why people plug their children into their world because they are a deficient

self induced deficiency..

Which is why they have pets. People are trying to plug up the holes.. they are trying to stop the bleeding..

My world gives people the opportunity to become whole again if they can handle it..

But you can't be afraid of any of the food supply.. And you have to cut down the competition in your life..

That includes the health and wellness world.

You literally have to stand on your own two feet to survive climate change..

If not , the system will make the holes you develop bigger and bigger and bigger and more extensive.. And even add more holes to the body through operations and injections..

With more competition.

And the faster the system can accelerate particles the bigger the holes become.. People can't get ahead.. People can't fill in the holes faster as holes are getting bigger.. Or new holes get developed..

Particle acceleration accelerated everything you already expected..

That's why you can't get mad at the system until you change your lifestyle and beliefs.

But if the holes are too big in your body mind and spirit.. You'll have to bring in everything to fill in those holes until they can't even do it.. And everything is temporary..

Fillers are temporary..

The system is purging out the trauma..

This happens at the micro level.

At the individual level

At the community level

World level

Climate change.

The death of a salesman.

When you can't afford to keep up with your old lifestyle anymore.

Some people don't know it until their circles die suddenly..

And they either relax or they go with their friends..

The party's over..

When the fantasy you're selling isn't available anymore.

When all of your customers are dead.. Will you wake up.. Or will you go with your customers.

Arthur miller was trying to explain how people are in denial that they don't have it within them to sell the lifestyle anymore. It''s not just because they are too "old" .. I mean that could be part of it.

The environment has changed accelerating everything, even the aging proces..

When people start realizing they can't afford to do what they've been doing, some are actively in denial.. some pay attention to the indicators and change the way they do things..

But this play is timeless.. This play shows you how people deal with facing changes..

Some people are enablers..

Some people are deniers..

Some people can't wait to take your place.

Some people will capitalize on the changes..

This is the human condition.. How people deal with conflict..

You literally cannot sell people life. You can only sell them death and competition for your life.

But you can't sell people their own life to them.. Because it's not your life to sell them.

Human trafficking is when you sell somebody else on the market.. All children are subject to that. Even in families..

When it comes to the remedy system.. You're not selling human life to people.. That's against the law..

You literally cannot sell people human life. So nothing you're doing in the health and wellness world is saving anyone's life.

Only first responders can save someone from themselves for that moment.

Only because the person put them in that position to do that..

You can only sell people state sanctioned acceptable degrees of death and competition for their life.

But you can't sell people their own life to them..

Because it's not your life to sell them.

Human trafficking is when you sell somebody else on the market.. All children are subject to that. Even in families.. But even then that has its limitations.. You can give away parts of yourself but you can't sell parts of yourself.. Such as a baby.. But you can sell your liver.. I don't know why you would.. People do the strangest things.. You can also donate your organs. But you can't sell somebody else's. And you can't force somebody to donate their organs.

But family has a sense of ownership over their family members..

Since family is just pieces of each other.. Then families justify selling pieces of each other to the highest bidder..

That's why families are deadly.. They think they own you because you are blood..




Sell you acceptable degrees of death according to the government.

The root of all suffering is human and animal trafficking.. The human/animal slavery system.

Now you see why the laws are what they are..

You can't sell human life.

Only acceptable forms and degrees of death with permission from your government..

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