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Are You Intellectually Capable to Evolve?

#Medicalreform #refeedingclinics Main takeaway: are you intellectually capable of evolving and do you understand, biophysically, what it means to evolve, and can you pull away from the comfortable death culture??

I have found many are not intellectually capable of understanding me, or my information and so they will not be physically able to evolve, and will think I am the devil for pointing out their version of love and kindness..

When you want to help someone.. you point out their foibles and leave.. they will change or not change and you will not enable destructive behavior.. friends do not do interventions and then still stick around to be the savior.. That's extremely self serving.. And inauthentic..

ghosts outside It's hell trying to stay alive when everybody and their mother wants to destroy you.. Intellectually.. Biophysically.. Economically..

1. The training for survival starts when you are a you can survive the cruel world full of predators and manipulators and "parasites" and from exotic and/or conventional change.... it really starts in babyhood/childhood.. it is brutal to train someone to survive the world we live in.. many do not have the stomach for it.. but scientists do.. which is why parenting is NOT for the faint of heart and it certainly is not a fad.. but it seems having babies has become a temporary fad for social capital and acceptance.. now I understand what the system is doing and why... climate change is releasing the "weak" demons who were never trained to save themselves or suffer to live.. climate change is forcing people to evolve and limit their deadly destructive consumerists behaviors.. then you learn to rely on only food not all the destructive habits all over your community... you become extremely self reliant when you have to.. because your parents, the doctors, your friends and family, children and associations have NO idea how to save you.. they only know how to take away your life systematically through the cures market and more trauma through surgery.. You must save yourself..if you have the stomach for it.. how do you know when you are become the crypt keeper or a gelatinous blob with no substantial infrastructure.. barely any collagen, or barely any bone density and either too much fat or not enough fat.. that is as nice as I can put it.. please look at your nursing homes.. I am NOT the "parent" who sugar coats shit and feeds it to you.. the evidence of people's destructive habits are in the nursing home and in hospice..

2. Love conquers and kills all... Mutually assured destruction respect is missing.. 3. it is so hard not to hate humans, but they need time to become aware and transition to finally getting their humanity back... but once you get your humanity back.. you will push everyone away because now you see the world for what it is.. completely oblivious and addicted to love and acceptance at the expense of your animals and children and family and friends... that is the vet/medical and energy healing world in families, politics, religion and science dogmas.. I am lucky enough to be aware and survived my awareness.. it is horrific when you finally face your humanity.. it is so brutal..

4. ahahahahahah now look at your facebook ahaha 3 kinds of people on facebook 1. henny penny and sky is ALWAYS FALLILNG AND YOU HAVE A SURGICAL AND HERBAL AND REMEDY SOLUTION 2. here's a deadly solution (herbs/surgery/starvation/pills/powders/exercise) 3. oh look at my cute kid/puppy and family.. oblivious What was the story of Henny Penny? Henny-Penny is a chicken that does not use her brain. An acorn falls on her head and she thinks the sky is falling. She rushes to inform the king and is advised by her friends that the sky could not fall. She does not listen and ends up making a fatal mistake by not thinking things through. 5. Catacombs in Paris Imagine if you were jesus or Any religious or spiritual figure looking at history and all of your children.. Look at what he is collecting.... Then in your short life.. How many souls are on your wall.. Everything is relative.. It's not right producing life and have an absolute no interest in keeping it alive.. When it's so easy to destroy things.. Because it's too hard to keep it alive.. Because you're too distracted.. Too busy.. No respect for life. This is what I see all over facebook.. People collecting souls.. And celebrating collecting souls. Now you see my pain.. Now you see why I do not like religion or spirituality.. Or politics or the science religion dogmas.. Accepting death.. And can't wait to die.. And take everyone down with you.. I see the catacombs.. Now you see why they want to guide reproduction carefully.. Now you see, why is so painful watching people try to save things they have absolutely no intention to really save.. They're just selling life.. And capitalizing on people's emotions.. That's the commodification of animals and humans and children.. And you accept that When you finally face your humanity.. It's fucking brutal.. Now you see my pain. Animals and children and humans are not made to be somebody else's plaything.. I respect animal so much. They belong in the wild.. To be free. And given food in a different way.. Like those groundhogs who get to raid the farmers garden.. The farmer just made the food available.. But he didn't control the animal.. That's the ultimate humanity.. When you're not enslaving your children and your friends and your animals. Below is a picture of your religion.. Your science dogmas.. And a picture of your politics.. That's why I have no friends.. Only acquaintances and a business respect love relationship with my husband.. I have very safe acquaintances.. And have other acquaintances that still believe in the commodification of life.. But friends are deadly.. Because they will destroy you because you let them.. Because both of you are desperate to feed off each other.. I'm okay being an island unto myself.. Because this information is too fucking powerful for most people.. Who are a slave to their image. That's why I have no connection with my vietnamese heritage.. The old land is full of traditions.. And the vietnamese population here are too worried about social capital and the american dream.. Feeding off children.. And feeding off their friends.. Destroying their body.. So I am unto myself.. Just like I was when I was a kid.. 6. When you show people who they are what they advocate and teach.. the reflection is appalling... When you get to be the mirror.. it is not for the faint of heart.. I did NOT invent surgeries or antibiotics or starvation... I am against the destruction of life.. so instead of resisting me, take a look in the mirror..

7. When people call me a "killer" or a person who "harms" animals and children, but then look at what they promote and look at what they support.. projection.. everyone who believes people should die someday and are part of the medical/holistic/vet system are harming and destroying the things they claim to respect.. so who is the "killer"? hmmmmm you have been deceived by your politics, your religion all religion/spirituality and your science dogmas.. so when I get back lash.. then you know people are facing their demons and boy is it hard to face.. promoting life is NOT political.. it is a deeper level of commitment most humans will never ever consider.. so now.. we learned everyone is a cult leader who aims to destroy what they cannot fix.. this is why i am alone.. that is your society 8. Most humans are NOT ready for me....not ready for me at all.. Now you know what I stand for and I know what you stand for.. Can we still get along??? Or are you going to hate me for pointing out your version of humane dignity and kindness and respect???

9. So I went back to the 1950s and I corrected all the mistakes.. Instead of just staying home and cooking and having a bunch of children.. I evolved the human race.. I use my time at home wisely.. You see... The 1950s traditional household was also built into me.. To revert back to when I needed to.. So that way I have the time with no distractions.. And my husband is traditional.. And so we are the hybrid of the past and the future.. Whose traditional lifestyle gave me the latitude to redevelop society.. Even if ninety 99.999999 percent of populations still want to destroy each other.. We have a model to work from.. When people are ready to stop eating each other alive.. That's who the independents should have been twenty years ago.. my world is the business model.. When everybody is ready.. When all the conditions are right.. Those who do not know their own history and even the history of america.. Will be doomed to repeat history.. Just because you say you're independent.. Or call a political party independent.. Doesn't mean you are.. Because you failed to bring in a model exemplifying independent thought.... you became the offshoots of the democrats on the republicans.. And so having a third party doesn't help anything.. 10. Family and Friends: Excessive Dopamine Feedback Loops, like FB has been accused of: No different than your friends and family and politics religion and science dogmas.. And collecting Children and animals.. To own.. to save Excessive dopamine feedback loops Facebook is just a reflection of society..

11. If doctors don't know how to cough sneeze and blow their nose.. And hawk up loogies And open up their alimentary canal.. They better fucking learn fast ... #harvardmedicalschool #stanfordmedical #UCSF . All medical schools.. You guys are behind the eight ball.. Humans are tired of your stupid stem cell research and your cures.. And we are also tired of your herbs.. And tired of all your word play and deceptive marketing.. And most of all we are tired of your oncology clinics.. The ultimate fucking suffering for everybody.. Especially the patients.. I'm tired of seeing my facebook full of people who are under those deadly cures!! I know you doctors vets and nurses are tired of seeing your friends and family succumb from all the different surgeries.. I know you're tired of watching your husband or wife hobble around because of a surgery that didn't work.. That never was going to work in this environment.. That person needed food.. They needed rest.. They didn't need another trauma.. I know you're tired of all that bullshit.. Don't pretend everything is okay.. Because people around you are falling apart.. I know youre suffering. Every time you cut into a person your body suffers. Every time you put somebody under the influence because of suffering. You have to find a way to absolve yourself. Give to charity.. Adopt a puppy . That's not going to fucking do it. When will ALL the doctors IN HUMAN ANIMAL MEDICINE AND HERBAL REMEDIES wake the fuck up.. The nurses ain't gonna do anything until the doctors do something. The nirses are the ones who are trained to listen to DOCTORS They are the soldiers following orders. They have no power.. And they have to feed their family.. And doctors.. You do have power.. You have power to petition the AMA and AVMA to save people AND ANIMALS with food.. Not fucking oncology or surgeries.. or antibiotics. Stop using the humane society to guilt people into saving the animals. When on the other side you bred them all over the place.. And then take your market share and ride on ANGUISH and sympathy and take advantage of the guilt.. And the pain AND the suffering. Setting people up to be desensitized to death and suffering.. Developing a whole new generation of vampire people.. Who have no regard for life.. You have the fucking power to save your community.. Because you took a stand for humans and life.. Not feed on your pets friends and family.. Because you know everyone bows down to your doctor's license. And you fucking eat it up. Just like how you cannibalize your patients.. And i'm not talking about emergency medicine from triage because someone got into an accident.. I'm talking about specialized medicine. I'm talking about advocating antibiotics to people.. I am talking about voluntary surgeries.. Pressuring people to get surgery.. Making them think they have no other choice. And then using friends and family to pressure people to destroy themselves It f****** rips my heart out.. Because I know some of these people personally.. And they are fucking amazing human beings.. And you fucked them up. The whole remedies healing world.. Is fucking up children and their parents. And society.. We're in this great reset because of all of that even back six thousand years ago.. I hope we fucking learn our lesson this time around.. Because watching this great reset.. Is fucking torture. Not only do I give two shits.. But I also give a flying fuck. And I respect all life and humans and animals.. No one is expendable.. No one is less than.. I wish I could petition The american medical association and the american veterinary medicine association.. But i'm not a customer.. I'm not on the inside.. I'm not even a vet or a doctor.. If a vet or a doctor cannot evolve.. They will destroy their family and friends and cause the suffering.. The ultimate suffering.. That's why these vampire movies are so brutal.. Because that's exactly what we are in our society.. When we feed on the suffering of children animals and humans.. Taking blood cutting into people.. And animals.. And think being under the influence will make it okay.. When you as a pet owner, or parent wake up to this reality.. And you're not under the rainbow or over the rainbow.. Completely oblivious.. Seeing stars.. Maybe the world would be a better place.. People would not be a drug addict.. Or under the influence or an alcoholic, if they weren't suffering from something in the medical holistic industry.. Somebody must break that feedback loop.. Because it's destroying everything. 12. I get it mom.. If your mother is your friend.. She didn't do her job.. Because friends don't take a stand for anything.. They suck the blood.. Until there's nothing left.. Mothers are supposed to prepare you for the world.. Not bail you out or be your drinking buddy.. Now you see why vampire movies are so descriptive... Charles manson sent a message . What he did to sharon tate.. His disgust with the world once he figured out what the world was. He knew the downfall of society was beautiful people having a bunch of children.. Who will also destroy society. That was a pretty grim message back in the 1960s.. That was a very distinctive turning back then. Before I was even born.. Not only was that forward thinking.. But scientists already figured out the human condition.. And the love of family.. They knew the love of family was going to be the destruction of society. So they used the love of family to destroy the society they didn't want anymore. That's fucking strategic.. That's what you're up against .. For you to survive.. You probably need to leave your family.. If you can't leave your family.. You won't survive.. I mean, that's pretty black & white... Of course there are shades of gray.. But you get what I mean.. If there's so many people wanting to destroy you.. Leaving is the only option.. If you have kids.. Do everything you can to save yourself and keep them safe.. And do whatever it takes to keep them alive according to the law.. But you have to save yourself.. Employ the medical system to help you with your children.. Because some things are out of your control.. Parents you must save yourself.. You can't save two people.. You must save yourself.. I seriously believe i'm ahead of my time.. Because i've been here before and i've seen all the mistakes.. And when I released the demons.. It became clearer.. Many of you are old souls.. But you're suffering astronomically.. And let me tell you. I suffered the last seven years and even more so the last three years.. But it was worth it.. Because I have so much clarity.. And I see how much you're all suffering. You don't have to suffer and die.. My wish for humanity.. I hope you have the chance to come back again. In this life or your next life.. I'm telling you.. I am not as crazy as you think I am.. I'm not trying to save anyone that doesn't want to help themselves. Somebody needs to be the representation.. Without force converting you. Like religion does.. And religious people will stalk you with their belief systems.. Remember.. Even atheists are religious. They just deny how religious they really are.. Even the spiritual people are religious.. They just called themselves something different.. Cut from the same cloth.

13. Charles manson knew.. The beautiful people will be easily influenced, and could easily influence.. And he knew beautiful people were going be used as a tool to destroy society.. Look at hollywood.. And look at your high school class.. And look at what they're selling.. Cullt leader today who prey on the beautiful girls in australia.. England.. Ukraine.. America.. They were taking cues from charles manson.. Preying on the beautiful, the naive, and the desperate.. To them.. Beautiful men and women are expendable. To be used.. To destroy.. And to be destroyed. When that's all you have going to you is your looks.. You will be easy prey to someone.. And then when so many beautiful people don't make it or pass away.. People get desensitized.. And expect a beautiful people to pass away from so many different circumstances.. And then the go fund me accounts.. To survive in this society today.. Full of empty headed a beautiful people.. And you know who they are.. And i'm not pointing anyone out.. Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, You must have intellectual intelligence.. And not just regurgitation from your college professor. Because that's easily seen.. When all you're doing is parotting your pastor or your professor.. who are tired of the world today.. And also used as a mouth piece for the system.. For the agenda of the day.. And even what they told you 20 years ago probably does not hold water today in their world.. Because maybe they matured as they are older than you.. But they can't very well go back and retract what they told you twenty years ago.. Because maybe it was relevant then but not now.. And so.. You must have a lot more upstairs than most people.. Or you will be selling herbs and extracts, exercise regimes and diets... and religion to the masses.. Now look at your facebook.. There's so much money in the beauty industry even to the point of destruction to her body.. But when you focus on beauty so much.. There's no room for brains.. ... 14. You see.. The beautiful people selling you religion and anti life protocols.. And worshipping the body parts.. So you never develop your brain.. That was our our generations harbinger.. Our parents got twiggy and cher And the manson clan.. And then this is what it evolved to.. These are the children of the architects of our society.. This was going to be used to destroy society.. And of course families.. That's why i'm so fucking amazed to see all over facebook and youtube.. Girls who don't have anything going but their body.. And so the system tempts them to make so much money.. To give up their brains.. And sell their body.. Look at only fans.. Look at tic toc instagram AND youtube.. And look at the mothers taking pictures of their daughters.. So proud of what they made.. But do these girls and boys have a chance for survival.. Or will they be cannon fodder for the system.. Selling religion.. Selling herbs.. Selling surgeries.. And selling anti life protocols and politics. What's the future for these girls and boys with parents who haven't figured it out yet.. Oh and look at your facebook. That's the downfall of your society.. When you focus so much on superficial beauty.. This is what we get.. This was the curse on our society.. And now these beautiful girls are suffering.. Because no one takes them seriously.. They were exploited in the movies.. And men have a hard time trusting a very gorgeous woman.. And so why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free.. Or they pimp out their wife.. And let men rent her.. Those are men who marry prostitutes.. Basically he's pimping her out.. using sex to sell your body mind and spirit exercise regimes diets and religion and herbs to people who are already hypersexualized.. is like shooting fish in a barrel.. It doesn't require too much brain power.. its not rocket science using filters and pretty words.. And then flashing body parts when you need the full effect.. Men are so easily influenced.. Especially when they are hypersexualized.. That's how women destroy men.. I should know.. My looks and my brains and my perseverance attracted my husband.. But I don't use my powers for evil.. I use my powers for good. We both would not be where we are today if it wasn't for each other.. We both capitalized on each other and ourselves.. And we both are in excellent positions in our lives. If we both stuck with our families.. And our roots.. We probably would not be successful.. Or relatively happy.. We would still be suffering.. I know where he came from.. I know where I came from.. Sometimes you need different in your world to get you to the next level.. Because the same people places and things don't evolve you.. Just more of the same.. The cults don't allow you to evolve.. Families hate evolution.. Just look at your facebook.. People worshipping their children and parents.. Mutually assured destruction..

So our parents got the manson clan.. And we get their children.

So our parents received the values of the manson clan..

And we get their children.. And their children's children.. Who were taught the values of the Manson clan..

Oh boy..

Now you see where society is and where it's going.

This is just the beginning.. the grandchildren are going to be a force. They already lost substance from the last generation..

And they still have the manson clan values.


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