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Are You the Ultimate Survivor?

What does the system want.. The ultimate fucking survivor . Are you it.

We are in a game called survivor.. And it's the ultimate reality show.. The show was first developed in England and then it came to the us twenty years. I bet you it was Tavistock. Now you understand why the south won't rise again. Most of it will be underwater.

That's why i'm telling you if you can get out from Florida. And even some of the southern states right now, it might be the time to do that if you can.

There's no telling how much you will have to endure during this great reset.. Especially in the warmer climates. As far as nine eleven.. I don't know how to help you get past that. Maybe that was the fear they wanted you to remember.. If you think it was an inside job. Whether it was or it wasn't is irrelevant you survived.. And if you believe it was an inside job like maui.. Now you know they are serious. Now you know the power of change.. And strategy.. And humans always had to choose which humans to be sacrificed.. Be happy you're still alive and there's nothing you can do for those people. I will never forget.. I will never forget who gave their lives for their country.. Whether in war or at peace.. Relative peace.

I came to terms with my own upbringing.. And it was hard and it was painful. I hold no resentment.. Because i'm still alive.. I survived everything.. And I developed a path to the future.

Take all that trauma.. And channel it to save your own life.. Save your family.

Don't let that trauma of the past destroy you. Because it will if you let it. Don't live in the past because it will catch up to you and destroy you. Let's pick apart the word tyranny..

This is tyranny.. Discrimination racial segregation is tyranny.. Chauvinistic principles are tyranny ..

Your government warning you about weather two weeks in advance.. Is not fucking tyranny. Recommending a therapy as well as asking you to wear a mask in private establishments or government offices is not fucking tyranny. And the argument whether or not anything works is irrelevant. You still have a choice in the matter.

The black people under george wallace was under tyranny, in alabama .. I lived in mississippi.. I experienced the south. I experienced people's attitudes..

"Tyranny" Is all relative to your perception. What is tyranny to one person is a choice to another

It's not a matter of compliance because you don't have to take a v or wear a mask..

But do you think you can stop water from rushing to your house.. Do you think you can stop a hurricane.. Do you think you can stop so much snow from falling.. Do you think you can escape a tornado a really bad one. Do you think you can handle so much heat.. And so much desert and then so much water all at once.

It's not a matter of compliance, that's just smoke and mirrors... It's not even about the vaccine. Because it's irrelevant if you can't escape water.. Or move out of harm's way from a tornado or a hurricane.. You already hold too much baggage.. only focusing on not taking a v or taking a v with your big family and health issues will only slow you down..

Imagine trying to keep track of all of your farm animals and your dogs.. And so many friends. You want to save them and stay back.. And you'll be sacrificed.

Do you think your non compliance will save you from the storm surge.. Like so many hurricanes back to back like carpet bombing of vietnam.

You guys have it all wrong..

This is not about compliance or non compliance

This is about surviving the weather.. The weather has been weaponized.. Wake the fuck up.

You already accepted "tyranny" when you accepted the arguments they gave to you to distract you. You allowed someone else to give you the perception of tyranny because you didn't know there was worse ways to be.. You didn't know history.. you refused to understand history

You already accepted "tyranny" when you took your supplements and your detoxes.. Wanting big families in a world that will force you to choose your life or your child's life.. Psychologically forcing people to fit into a paradigm can be construed as tyrannical.. Loving people to death can be very tyrannical..

You already accepted tyranny.. With every single political thought process you have they gave to you.. And your religion.

You already accepted tyranny..

Will you survive the tyranny you already accepted.

Your resistance is their persistence and your compliance..

You already lost.. You lost way before you even knew the war was waged.. Your parents and your grandparents already sold you out..

Everyone bought into the wars at the time and carry that forward in the next generation.

They sold you out ever since nineteen hundred.. Because every generation had to deal with some kind of war.. Devastation.. Traumatized..

Will you be the generation to survive world war three.

Remember it's about survival..

Most people will not survive their own health issues.. And so all you are doing is radicalizing people who just punch air.

Rant and rave on facebook and youtube.. Just like me. But at least i'm in ohio.. Mostly out from harm's way.. But i will still listen to indicators.. and get the fuck out.. If I need to or stay put if I need to .

But those who are ranting and raving.. Telling everyone not to comply.. Will barely survive their own health issues.. ..

And they live on the coast or even in california.. And remember the southwest and the four corners also are projected to be underwater..

But I would be concerned with coastal communities first..

Punching air. Wasting your energy.

I'm in ohio.. In my opinion where I am at I can afford to punch a little bit of air. I released my demons.. And i'm not looking to hold so much baggage that will hold me back.. Especially during times of crisis..

I know the world that I live in.. And I know the future. I don't intentionally blind myself to the reality. When you keep feeding yesterday's programming, you will just feed the past, not the present or the future.. And when people die they die in the past. Because they couldn't handle the present information and the present environment.

That's the very nature of death.. A person can't handle the future. Because the future is now.

You colon holds past present and future.. And your colon programs every single cell in your body.

That's why you can't detox out anything. It's embedded into the very essence of your being until you systematically release it.

That's why it's painful to release the past. Which is why people don't evolve. They were programmed to stay stuck in one way with a little bit of evolution. If they can handle it.

But when the past catches up to them. They can't handle the future.

Then it's died suddenly. That's why you must understand my information.. And i'm not trying to hurt anyone. I'm trying to give you an opportunity to survive

Release the past but not all of it.. only releasing whatever gets in the way of your thinking in the present and the future.

It's very difficult to future think when you live in the past and celebrate the ghosts.

You can remember them..

But there's a fine line between remembering the ghosts of the past and living through them and channeling them all the time.

That's why families can be dangerous..

People become their parents.. Ghost of the past .. And then many people destroy change and evolution. Becoming intolerant and narrow.

It is not just one culture.. When all cultures stay very homogenized.. That's the unintended consequences of not changing.. And reproducing the past in the future.

You want to have a little bit of the past, and you want to have a balance of the present and the future. The internet can represent the past.. As we develop the present in the future..

A constant future.

Just like the 7 generations alive today..

The greatest generation The silent generation The boomers Generation x. Millennials Alpha Beta

You must have a little bit of the past to remember.. It must also hold present day values and information.. And the must be open to the future goals..

And when all those juvenile cells swirling in your body are not being programmed for the future.. Because they don't have any parents cells that are programmed for the future just deteriorating.. Then you get children/juvenile cells who age out.. And only temporary.. And die just like their parents..

Now look at all the families out there.. Kids are being taught by their parents who live in the past..

The kids are nothing more than ghosts.. It doesn't have to be that way.. But the parent would have to be the one to mature not age out. And teach their offspring if their offspring is teachable. And not all the time is their offspring teachable..

Because the old world gripped them too hard.. And could not be released from the past.

That's why everyone must learn how to save themselves.. And not expect anyone to follow in their footsteps. Because once that kid is programmed by you and the system before you woke up if you wake up.. That kid must make their own choices. If they survive them.

That's why my world is a global approach to a very individual issue called intolerance.. And it's not just racial or economical intolerance. It's environmental and biological and even food intolerance.

And before you go and say the food is poison. If the system wanted to destroy you really. You wouldn't be here..

They would develop a war and just take everybody out. But you can't throw away the baby with the bath water.

So the system has a strategy. Sometimes it's Surgical.. Sometimes it's psychological.. Sometimes it's herbal. Sometimes it's pharmaceutical. Sometimes it's painful..

And if you can handle all of that.. And still survive..

You are the survivor.. And you're watching those in the old world not survive.. And they were given the chance to.. That's why we occupied so many different countries.. Was it our place.. If we all lived in a bubble and no one encroached upon another.. We wouldn't have to do this.

But the have nots steak from those who have.. Or they are jealous. And there's crimes against humans..

And you can say our government has done some stuff and i wouldn't disagree.. And then imperialism and slavery and aggressive capitalism has what enslaved people and then the intolerance.

Again it's about absolute power corrupts absolutely..

The more you gain power the more moral degradation increases.. Then people think they are infallible.. They become too powerful..

There's a system of checks and balances..

You may not agree with the methodology but be happy you survived it.

Be that survivor.. Nobody in politics religion and science are allowed to become too influential.

The colony forming units in your body all have a purpose. And none of them should become too influential.

If any colony forming unit in your body becomes too influential. That's called cancer and disease. And also war. Called resistance.

And we are in that war right now in body mind and spirit.. In all politics all religions and all science dogmas.

The environment and weather are the great equalizer.


What kind of politics religion and science is colonizing your body mind and spirit? Developing and sustaining intolerance The system of checks and balances.. And they never let anyone become too powerful..

What if the system bred hot chicks to compromise the man make him weak to be used against him later. Whether to drain the life force out of him or his finances or be used as a tool to put him in compromising positions if he could not control his loins and desires.

What if that was Epsteins role.. What if Epstein was like a J edgar hoover..

And so they let them have their fun.. Until they turned against the system.. And then everybody comes out with their stories that were pushed under the rug.. And they lose credibility..

What if.

Who is they..

The architects.. The puppets..

And they are interchangeable.. Relative to which side you stand from..

No matter what.. The agenda is going to be realized.. Everything is already set up..

And completely out of your reach.

And they made you think that they were part of some big club that you weren't part of..

So then when they tried to make change and speak the truth, you didn't take them seriously.. Because you assumed they worked for the agenda.. And maybe they did and maybe they didn't and you would never know.. you would never know who was groomed for specific part.. You would never know what some one knew and when they knew it..

You would never know how far back people were told what the agenda would be.. You don't know if they just knew one aspect of it.. There are probably people in congress that don't even know the bigger picture..

They're just another pawn in the game of yeah, you can be a congressman or a mayor. And we'll give you power.. And we will play with the press.. And they can develop stories or suppress stories.. Until the time is right..

That's why you be very careful when someone wants to give you a lot of power.. You could be used as a tool and a patsy..

Don't get greedy..

It's okay to know the agenda.. It's not okay to get in the way of it.. No matter what.. They have the power of developing perceptions..

And that's why it's so easy to fool people. And control people..

The masses will believe anything you tell them.. Just look at my situation... They fucking hammered me seven years ago.. Just by how they spun the story.. That's how powerful the media is and who pulls the strings..

Granted they were right on some levels.. And they definitely had science behind them. And so did I just had to learn how to say it. And there are laws around making claims around absolutes..

And I agree with that.

However, allowing you to believe that salt killed a hospice patient was strategic on their end..

But in reality.. People don't die from salt.. And the system put you in hospice... Not the fucking jj.

The system knows your fears.. And the system knows how to radicalize people..

They've had thousands of years of practice.. And they know how to set you up..

But when it comes to actual depopulation.. When it comes to the system not allowing the system to evolve very quickly.. They won't allow you to get in the way of the agenda.. Not that you could..

Remember they have the power to paint a picture..

A perception..

And you better keep your nose clean and follow the laws..

Don't get greedy.. Don't think that you are immune..

The rule of law not the law of the jungle will govern the conduct of nations.

At this point, it doesn't even matter. If they want to infuse doubt in a system you used to depend upon.. They will..

If they want you to rely on something and trust something.. They won't say anything they will let it go on.. Until it's time to change.. And they develop another story to redirect..

And since you depend on the infrastructure and the system, you have no choice but to deal with the change. Even if you think using cash and living off grid is a protest and living outside the system..

Just wait till you get a cashless society. And storms that fuck up people's gardens.. Because that's also a possibly.. They use lasers to kill all the weeds..

What do you think they'll do to community gardens when people start protesting... And not complying.. Plus you wouldn't be able to yield what you need to really survive. Because you also need the processed food.. The proteins.. The animal protein. Not just plant protein.

The system has everybody between a rock and a hard place.. And they know exactly how you're going to react..

And so you think every single politician is in THE club.. Which then people question politicians all the time.. That's how they kept the politicians in line.

Comedians.. Government agents..

You're only in the club if you follow the agenda. And play your role..

And politicians are used to draw out people who think a certain way...

In 1940, everyone was crowded around a radio. Listening for all the different war time Scenarios..

2023 Everyone is reporting.. Crowding around all the meteorologists

waiting for wartime scenarios.

My advice.. It will be exhausting with your head on a swivel.. Waiting for all the different storms and trying to warn people..

Find a place for the next 7 years you can hunker down.. It's every man for himself.. Check out the forbes maps of the future..

Go down my timeline..

#weatherunderground My last post for the day..

You are in the battle of your life.

(not doing anything: you die or become maimed and lose family and doing something, suffer the ridicule of your friends and family and then leaving everything you ever worked for.. and since nothing is happening now.. how does one justify changing on a potential future prediction?)

how do you tell your kids not to have kids when they are of age with raging hormones because maybe they might be swimming with one kid one day down a raging storm surge while the other one is is swept out to sea while you clutch tree branches after having to choose which kid you will save..

the suffering..

And I don't blame you for being in denial.

How do you even tell your kids. The future is different.. They are going to have to survive this crazy great reset.

most people are deer in headlights..

I talked to my agent and asked him about my policy and as long as it is covered under the covered perils, i can cash out my policy for replacement value minus depreciation and rebuild or buy somewhere else.. And that's only if I see lake erie at my door. Or even ten minutes away..

Believe me I wouldn't be saying this if I didn't see the indicators.. survivor was all about one gave the players on those shows a map of how to win..

they strategized to win.. and they had to develop different alliances and walk away from bullshit to win..

And I can sure as hell tell you they weren't under the influence. They needed every bit of clarity to fucking survive. And they couldn't be weighed down with baggage.

human sacrifice is not just throwing virgins in the volcanoes..

it is those who ignore indicators are in of need so much govt assistance in body, mind and spirit.. and those who may have children who cannot adapt very well..

human sacrifice never left.. it evolved. you volunteered or will volunteer for it..

You have volunteered for it.. You gave your children to the system.. You have licenses in antibiotics..

You set them up. You set yourself up.

Do you have time to change.. Time will tell. remember: you are worth money to the architects.. just make sure you keep proving your worth..and the smart able bodied third world and smart able bodied first world who have jumped through the hoops, listened to indicators and are strong enough for this change will be the one to see the new world..

just keep getting mentally, physically and intellectually stronger.

You are seeing who is being sacrificed first: the elderly, the indigent, the animals and children in all societies.. and the immunocompromised..

now.. in other countries.. look at the facebook reels.. turkey, spain, Greece, Libya, etc.. brazil.. are going through a type of human sacrifice.. and florida did too as well.. and parts of California and now the north atlantic.. This is the vision with 500m in perpetual balance with nature: even the billionaires cannot breathe under water..

In my opinion, just pay attention to these maps vs the worst case scenario of all out human extinction..

now is the time..

Google regional planning in your specific area.. That should tell you what they're planning.. You can't afford to turn a blind eye.

Your grandchildren and children will be subject to whatever's going on, and if they're not prepared for it, because you turned a blind eye, mom and dad, Grandpa and Grandma. What did you set them up for.. To fail.

Now is the time to start doing your research and planning all of your alternative back up plans.. Human Evolution

Surviving the Path to Sustainable Development

If you wait for the proof.. You may not survive the proof or even getting to the proof..

Resistance is futile.

And so figure out a game plan. Look at your insurance policies. Keep an eye on the weather.. And scout out places you want to live.. Because you might have to do something pretty quickly.

By the way.. The j world.. Is human sustainable development.. You are supposed to sustain your life.. And develop that sustainability.. You are not disposable.

My final new book name:

Human (R)Evolution Surviving the Path to Sustainable Development

literally : geologically and biologically implying your intellectual capacity can help you develop your personal system of survivability

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