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Artificial Intelligence Vs Genuine Intelligence In A Franken Universe

Artificial versus genuine

Nanotechnology and artificial intelligence and the holistic and allopathic world

Can you live in a franken environment And not be a Franken human

Probably not however.. It doesn't mean that you have to have a lifespan Unless you take on 90% more Artificial intelligence..

You can be a franken human in a franken world and not die.. Or have a lifespan

Heads up

I had a feeling this would happen...

If people can prove correlation equals causation.. Just test the antibodies developed from these types of nano technology.. It's not hard to find out the cause of death if people actually do the lab work from an independent laboratory..

There's always an "offending protein" that replicates so extensively..

You are supposed to have an immune system developing primary antibodies.. When the secondary antibodies are injected and programmed, they could be highly influential and active and cause so many issues.

That science..

Nothing is poison.. However, not everybody has the body to handle highly influential proteins coming from biotechnological nano technology..

There is a way to explain this without coming from toxins and poison point of view.. It's how much can the body handle replicating proteins relative to how open or closed the system is as well as how compromised the person is already..

And they have biomarkers

that's how they know when people get certain vaccinations when they get tested for occupations.. Every single vaccine has a bio marker..

But if you don't request lab work almost immediately after death then.. You'll never know..

When a person passes away even maybe a year after they have been therapized it's hard to make correlation equals causation..

Somebody else's therapies could have mixed in with their therapy and cause a chemical reaction and so then you really can't make correlation equals causation.. And so even biotech has a way to pay for any injuries if it happened almost immediately after administration.. The more time passes in between the initial event and the event .. You lose credibility.. Unless you can prove the offending proteins where the cause of someone's death.. But even then I wonder how science would find a loophole..

Every single therapy out there is artificial intelligence.. Artificial intelligence means it's only temporary and some people cannot handle the artificial intelligence.. Even natural remedies are artificial intelligence.. They are just sold differently..

Genuine intelligence is when you don't participate in the medical or holistic system.. If your environment is artificial your body will adapt but you're not taking anything to help it adapt you adapt using food and an open system..

Closed systems rely on artificial intelligence because they don't have the capacity to process information correctly and expeditiously.. That is why artificial systems have a lifespan..

They're only as good as the newest nanotechnology on the market in biotechnology.. When their body can't handle anymore nanotechnology and artificial intelligence and surgeries they pass.. When the body cannot handle anymore natural remedies the person passes..

Artificial people don't even know they are because they've been told that's the way it's supposed to be.. Until someone tells them differently and then they resist the information because that's what they're programmed to do is resist new information..

Maybe it's time to distinguish between artificial and genuine.. And not use somebody else's argument in the holistic world to distinguish between artificial and genuine because that was an argument that was given so you think that you're awoke and awake.

Remember everything you do in the medical system and the wholistic system is artificial intelligence.. But you'll never hear someone from those systems admit that.. They have their own version of artificial intelligence and genuine intelligence.. And then they will absolve themselves with their religion their politics and scientific dogmas..

It doesn't make anyone less than, but you must understand where the J world comes from and why..

Because when you have another truth to consider you realize how many truths you've been given to keep distracting you from another truth..

You'll realize corporations take the same thing and repackage it over and over and over again..

When you can sit at home with the pain and you don't have anyone put their hands on you or in you or anything like that.. Not only do you get your humanity and dignity back but maybe you might deal with genuine intelligence..

If you're offended by this post please block and delete me because let me tell you.. Humans need to hear something different because we have been violated so many times and we accepted it and we wonder why our kids and people are victimized every day because we're giving our children 2 different stories..

We tell our kids to be wary of strangers and don't let anyone touch you and then we take them to a doctor for a stranger to touch them.. Violate them with needles and scalpels and whatever and contraptions.. We have developed victims in our society at a very young age..

We wonder why we develop victim mentality.. It starts out in the family 1st.. It starts out as a tradition with homeopathic natural pathics and allopathics..

That's why we have so much confusion in the world because we are speaking out of both sides of our mouth..

When you finally sit down and think about what I'm saying you will be freaking tripped out.. But since people can't face reality and under the influence they won't face this and I hope they block me because this is too much for some people..

Artificial people are in fear of their environment of food water and air.. Because they know they cannot handle the changes because of all the artificial intelligence they are comprised of..

Genuine people can handle the changes in the environment so as long as the environment can hold life..

Genuine intelligence is literally understanding everything about your environment and your body your mind and your spirit..

Artificial people will always backup the systems that keep them together until the systema cannot keep them together.. When you're always defending Victor Frankenstein to keep you alive.. When you're always defending Victor Frankenstein to keep your dog alive you are dealing with artificial intelligence

Victor Frankenstein builds the creature over a two-year period in the attic of his boarding house in Ingolstadt after discovering a scientific principle which allows him to create life from non-living matter.

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