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Assimilating to the State is Strategizing Your Survival _Your Behavior is the Mirror of Your Family

So this is the main take away..

You will find those who work for the state in the most funniest of places..

Those who work for the state are the resistance. Who are selling you their version of protection AND ABSOLUTION

They may not even be licensed. Or licensed.. medicine is resisting evolution..

Birds of a feather flock together..

The art of war is making you think your enemy are those who agree or disagree with what you're doing.

You're both working for the same bird.

Strategizing your personal survival with the state is how you're going to win the war..

Only the strong will survive regardless of which side you stand on..

your govt is the uracil, the evolution..

fear is the byproduct and accountability birthed from IGNORANCE

now look at ALL of your fears..

i'll wait.. lol Devil = Accountability We are the in the Days of Noah and the Demons of Accountability Women who let men fight their battles from the disrespect of their sons or other men, develop son who will get women alone away from accountability so they can victimize the women with NO witnesses..


WHAT IS SHE TEACHING HER SONS.. to be strategic and manipulative and hide fucked up behaviors behind closed doors.

and vice versa.. if men allow women to fight their man's battles then you are teaching women to pull aside their targets and disrespect the person alone.. with NO witnesses..

Because they know it happens when they do things publicly. So they do everything privately with no witnesses. That's what you're teaching..

People who don't want to take accountable will find every way to escape accountability.. And then you're also teaching that child to go and find the weakest person. And brutalize them.

ive seen the facebook reels of a father scolding his son for disrespecting his mother.. but it should have been mother NOT the father to keep her son in line..

now that kid is stewing and resentful and will take it out on the next woman in his life.. And so he looks for the weakest woman.. Who will take his bullshit.. Now look at your facebook.

now watch your facebook reels and how men and women both disrespect all bodies minds and spirits because no one in the family was held to account for the violations against life..

it was just too hard to parent properly..

when a father must keep his son in line because the son disrespected his mother.. the son was just copying what the father had already done.. the father did NOT like looking in the mirror..

the mother allowed her own husband to be the representation of how women should be treated.. and her offspring copy what is in the home..

while tv can influence, the parents have an emotional attachment to their offspring and vice versa..

who did they learn their behaviors from... their parents..

now look at the people in your community.. and look at what was taught to you.

now you see why we are in a great reset..

And this is why I don't do private message or go back and forth through email with anyone..

Because people will brutalize each other privately. Hide behind fake accounts.. And when you're used to taking brutalization from whoever.. You won't expose the bullshit..

I do everything public because that's my personal accountability.. So I will never pick the lowest hanging fruit.

And I don't take bullshit from people.. I don't destroy I let people expose themselves.. And let the universe hold them accountable.. I am neither judge jury or executioner..

When everything has to be private you have something to hide..


your parents taught you how to do this.. Your community taught you how to brutalize the weakest link..

Now it's time to hold yourself accountable.. And it's not killing people with kindness.. And it's not brutalizing them to death.

Respect yourself.. Respect your fucking world, AND respect means different things to different people so.. google the word respect. floods from raining 40 days and 40 nights has turned into climate change, melting of the polar ice caps and sea levels rising with accelerated storms..

oblivious Nephilim children will treat themselves to de ath or pass away in rising waters.. and ignore warnings What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.. But don't become so strong you destroy other people.. daughters who have suffered under the rule of a brutal mother..

she made you fucking strong.. but you had to get to that reality on your own.. let that hate and rage fuel your innovation and survival..

only scientists and circumstances can develop strong people.. to get strength and longevity.. adults must face their own demons.. many will not.. their mothers were too soft.. and accommodating.. that is also the mother's curse to her offspring.. no backbone

and when men become too soft from accommodating mothers.. they brutalize others to show strength, which is why domestic violence is so prolific..

women and men fail to respect themselves or each other and that disrespect gets passed down in the family.. and it is accepted and even celebrated..

and the system suffers under the weight of the justice system becoming the nanny state to all adults who never were parented properly or effectively..

Yes we all had to see BRUTALITY because we had to experience it organically or it was contrived.

But we had to see it.. So that way when we do experience it we survive it..

The general population is very unpredictable and there are very brutal people out there.

very brutal people.

That was all the intention of a scientist.. We had to experience what would eventually happen..

How do we survive brutality from those who don't know what they're doing.. And how do we survive brutality from those who know exactly what they're doing. Either way you must survive..

You have to know how to survive it and redirect it.

Which is why what doesn't kill you will make you fucking stronger..

But you have to understand how to manage the brutal energy in your environment and in your body.. And even from other people..

Let me tell you some people had it worse than you. And so while you're mad.. Remember you survived whatever it was done to you..

Now release the trauma and redirect the energy

.. People who never had to suffer in their life really.. Will not have what it takes to deal with actual suffering..

That's why they must pass away as humanely as possible. They've never experienced brutality.. And if they did they might do a lot of harm to somebody else.. They were never given the proper outlet for their energy..

That's why scientists program petri dishes and people..

They know what the fuck they're doing. And it's all legal..

Which is why I had so many skills.. So I can channel my anger through so many different venues.. And still be a contributing member of society.. And develop some fucking amazing innovation..

Those who've been through war and aggressive circumstances.. Might be able to survive this great reset..if they have what it takes to deal with brutal energy releasing from their body..

If not, they will be chasing the cures and the painkillers until the body can't handle it anymore..

Weak mothers who develop weak men and those men brutalize others to show their strength.. Especially if they have a lot of emotions and don't know how to manage emotions..

Or their father disrespects women.. And of course the offspring pick up on these behaviors behaviors and they repeat it..

And now we have potential serial killers in the population..

So now you see having children is not fun and games.. And it's not a hobby.. It is not a fad..

And so many women out there and men are not emotionally mature enough to handle raising a balanced child in this environment.. Because the parents barely can even handle their own world.. And it's both the mother and the father who are equally responsible for why they could not work together.. And when you don't fully mature there is no way you can make any adult decisions around a child

Welcome to the great reset.. You get to look in the mirror..

And hopefully we will learn from our mistakes the next fifty years.. When it's so glaringly obvious on the internet. Private vs public Is it one of the same? Monetizing your influential beliefs must be aligned with the state..otherwise, strategize your output

Private and public does not want to pay you for a conflicts of interest. Unless you develop your own platform.. And there are still community standards even with domains. And even the federal trade commission can regulate what you say based upon what you are promoting. Or selling.

Once you veer away..

Money= life Demonitization=take away life Demon= enery usurping lifeforce

If you become a demon to the state. the state can demonitize you in the traditulional venues

That's fine be critical of the state...

But then quid pro quo. The state has the power to be critical of you. And there might be a lot of skeletons in the closet. And when do you become that influential.. You must be responsible for what you are saying.. No absolutes.. Give people a way out. Don't ambush them with your politics .

Ambush politics will never win.. Because that's no different then kicking down the door and destroying everything.. I think the system test people to see how far they can go and how you would react and see what youre capable of.

That's stretching people's capacity.. So they know how far they can take somebody to the brink before they break.. Or they break a person..

That's evolution. That's innovation.. And it's brutal.

But again what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.. Just know how to channel that energy.

The world is not a friendly place.. So many predators everywhere.. And you have to strategize.. Because predators find the weakest people out there.. And they prey on them..

If you don't get training at home to protect yourself.. Even from your own family..

First you have to recognize how predators operate. Second you have to figure out your escape plan. And second of all not all predators are mean.. Some will kill you with kindness.. And they could kill you with love.. Or be the opposite of what you had before.. But you need to experience it..

you'll never know it until you experience it.

That's why you have to learn all your different lessons.. And you hope you survive them. That's why you must understand how to leave situations as soon as you realize it's out of your hands.

But that's another experience and tool in your belt.. And then you'll recognize the world for what it is..

That's when you would rather be alone.. Or around one person who you trust for the most part..

I come off as snarky.. Shaming.. And even traitorous to the community I used to belong to.

Yeah, I spent 12 years deprogramming from countless wars of perception..

I invested my money, my time even almost lost my marriage, trying to figure out how to save myself and share the information and also figure out who the enemy is.

I even had to come to terms with who I thought the enemy was for many years. And since I consciously only remember at least the last forty nine years.. There was and is a larger agenda that was and is bigger than my lifetime even my parents lifetime. It wasn't about me per se. It wasn't even about saving the world..

Yeah we are in a biblical agenda.. We are in a war of the old world and the new world.. And so many strategies of war have been deployed and are actively being deployed, and so now instead of relying on mankind, who has filtered every single perception through history and their own shortcomings and deficiencies, it is the rise of the machines.. It is the binary arguments and the mutually assured destruction when you enter into a war of beliefs and perception with your permission. Those are the different types of techniques in war.. They get embedded into your culture.. Your religion.. And your science. And most of all your politics..

It's very easy to get lost in perception and even paint a picture that may or may not be so and even if it is so, it doesn't matter. What can you prove in a court of law? What did you know and when did you know it.. And even if you had knowledge of it.. What could you have done anyways.. The deed has been done..

But people want to stop it from happening again..

When you're not aware of your own foibles.. It will always happen again.. Someone will always have to regulate you and your culture..

So if you don't want history to keep repeating.. Stop repeating history.

And so what's my role in this..

Obviously i'm adopted.. My mother intended for me or my sibling not to rely on family to get by.. Although I am in contact with my sister now more than before, we still have to take care of ourselves and deal with what we have chosen for ourselves..

We still must fight our own battles.. And our mother equipped us very well to survive what would have already happened given the world we live in. And so if you experienced some version of what might happen in the future and learned how to survive it and strategized, your chances of survival in the future when faced with major adversity will be far greater. You have already proven you could survive extremely aggressive situations..

So I speak to the survivors out there who beat the f****** odds even if it wasn't televised..

im talking to the ones who have been either strengthened by scientists or circumstances.. And you just need a very light blueprint on how to face more adversity.. And strategize your survival.. Because you already proved you could survive the situation.. Whether it was for a year.. Twenty years.. Or even five years..

The fact that your alive says that you faced some kind of adversity.. And you might have a chance to face the future adversity.. And also what's going on right now.

And so many of the right wing people are in the conspiracy world because they felt something was not correct.. Triggered them into reaction .. That was purposely built into the arguments to make people stronger.

You have those gifts of SURVIVAL how are you going to use them..

That's why I come off traitorous . It's not that i'm trying to undermine any of you in the conspiracy world.. Even in the right/left wing world..

I am asking you to look for the gifts that were given to you through adversity. And survive this.

Humanity needs your strength not your weaknesses. Because you probably have a better chance than those who have no idea what's going on ..

You have a better chance you've been exposed to this information for years. You have the blueprint and the playbook . Act accordingly..

That's why i'm saying the northeast could fair better than california and florida.. Stronger stock of people. Appalachian country folk who have the ability to adapt and evolve, could fare better than those who have a lot of issues.. Who don't know what's going on right now.. Maybe the other side was given a great life for many years..

Now the poles have shifted.

Survive it, those who've been given the gifts of survival regardless of where you got them and where you are geologically..

And I will tell you. The black culture has been under so much duress for hundreds of years.. They have the strength to survive this.. But it does take strategy.

The country folk have been under duress for many years and been laughed at.. They have the strength to survive. They have the food they have the genes. Will they resist themselves out of existence.

There is a method to all of this madness.. But you must first get out of your own way. When you do not give people the other story or a "way out" or another choice, the state will regulate you or allow you to conduct business because your business of remedies and medical is in the interest of the state...

if you do not give people a way out. The state will allow you to conduct your business that is in the interest of the state within reason. If you give people another choice ASIDE FROM the obvious herbs and remedies, the state will regulate you.. for a reason..

the state will make it harder for those who are already in deficit to redirect..

when you sell remedies.. you work for the state.. Now look at your friends selling you "protection" and remedies.. or recommending them.. they work for the state..

that is why you play this shit very carefully.. You are acting out the resources deployed more than 50 years ago to take down your friends. AND you see those who sell your remedies.. They don't have what it takes to survive.. Or they wouldn't be selling you a remedy.. They are just projecting their own weaknesses. And you bought it a hook line and sinker if you buy it into their protection

Birds of a feather FLOCK together.

This is why I know many of you do not understand my information . How can you.. You're too busy chasing cures.. Afraid of everything..

peace out..

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