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Assimilating to Transplants and Foreign Entities

And yes if you do get a transplant most likely the body could assimilate to it but you have to deal with the symptoms of merging..

You would have to eat massive amounts of food to make up for what your body has to release as far as the assimilation process.

You couldn't be on immunosuppressive drugs because that would be counter productive.

However, if the body rejects a transplant it's because it could not handle the assimilation process.

Like getting a wrong blood transfusion.

People could regrow and repair if they just understood biological energy conversion processes are energetic and the body needs FOODS. All foods.

And you need enough weight on you for the energy conversion.

You cannot convert energy out of nothing.. so if you weigh next to nothing, the body has no chance to convert the energy properly to your benefit.

What happens is, when you pride yourself in looking "sexy" and ready to procreate, skinny people with food issues and health issues convert themselves out of existences.

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