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At the End of the Day, You Alone are Responsible for the Outcome of Your Pets and You.

Thank you everyone for being there through thick and thin.. Even my trolls were there for me.. And I know they are grieving too even though it's coming out a little f***** u*... But that's okay.. Everybody grieves differently.. And we have to give everybody room to make their own choices.. No matter how much we disagree with them.. Never apologize for The Choice you made because that was the best information you had at the time and you're not supposed to listen to everyone you're supposed to listen to your own gut with the guidance of authority..

Authority was fine with what I was doing.. Regardless of how people characterized it.. They were just glad that sugar was being taken care of in her most time of need.. She was never abandoned.. She was given room to do the best she can to just try to survive.. She put up a good fight and we both knew it.. Pit bulls have a lot of fight in them to survive.. You give them that chance if you have that possibility.. We don't need to have pit bulls fighting each other they need a fight for their own life and you give them that room because they have the capacity to do that.. So as long as they have not been damaged from the medical system.. In my opinion pibbles can handle climate change without all the surgeries and remedies and they can handle pain of regeneration so as long as they had a strong owner.. They were born to endure so much frequencies.. That's what made them so attractive to so many people.. They are very strong and healthy breed so long as they are treated correctly and not put under the knife constantly as well as remedies

Maybe I had a chance maybe I never did as far as saving my dog from natural causes.. But I had to try everything and I did not want to put her under any more trauma with the veterinary system.. She went through enough.. She was viable enough not to be put down when things started triggering, but she was not in the position to endure another surgery or be on any more medication.. The world had to know the secrets of the veterinary industry when it comes to antibiotics and the different procedures animals undergo when things trigger for whatever reason..

Cysts and tumors and growth are part of the natural process, at what point do you let things naturally go through the process and it falls off on its own or gets absorbed back to the body and then at what point does somebody feel like they have to go and get something they perceive as undesirable, removed.. And then be given strong antibiotics that may be give you 8 years or less or more but when the conditions are changing the healing wears off..

These are all questions we need to ask ourselves is it really worth putting our animals through that when maybe 2 months 6 months a year down the road they will have to revisit the same situation but it's become worse.. In climate change there's no telling when you get antibiotic resistance and something else triggers because of the remedies the surgeries..

Climate change wakes up everyone's old wounds.. Which is why you are seeing everyone in pain right now.. It was all held that Bay with the antibiotics and the prescription drugs and the remedies.. And then you shift the frequencies and cause particles to move your body is going to try to repair and purge and that's why people are in pain..

That's why there's exponential growth called cancer and other major growths.. People never release the demons they just develop new ones every single time you took a remedy or surgery causing hormonal imbalances.

Each owner is responsible and be accountable for whatever they choose and nobody can make that choice for them.. No matter what when it is towards the end of the old world transitioning to the new world it's a f***** u* process and it will never be pretty and everyone will have to figure out what they're willing to deal with.

We can't force anyone to make the hard choices.. We can't even get mad at them like I can't even get mad at those that choose something that would be different than me.. We are presented with information and then in the future when all the conditions are right we can make better choices whatever they are..

As far as my animal.. Who lived to be 12 years old which is great for a pitbull.. And when we called the humane society today to give them what we have for sugar ( New harnesses, diapers and pee pads, Food and bones and toys, leash) they did offer us to take a look at another animal because they have so many of them.. I was surprised and honored because I know they know who sugar was and is.. Her reputation precedes her given all the notoriety around the J world.

8 years of rescuing an animal that would have been destroyed is f****** phenomenal.. If she hadn't had their surgeries she could have been the longest living dog.. She already looked so amazing in November before this cyst became out of control.. If they would have repeated the same process 9 years ago she would be sickly and wouldn't make it especially during this climate change.. The fact she survived the procedures 9 years ago was because she was younger, Probably had some weight on her, and covid wasn't as aggressive as it is today.

As far as my animal Maybe it was possible that she overcome natural causes in a different time with different situations.. The conditions all the conditions were not aligned.. And it was worth a shot and I was willing to sacrifice my whole Spring and summer if I had to.. I already sacrificed the last couple years for my own process plus my animals process.. It was so hard for me to be at people's houses knowing that my dog was alone.. It was so hard for me to go do anything knowing that my dog was alone because not everything as dog friendly or appropriate for animals..

Since it was covid time it was easier to stay home and take care of myself and my dog.. But now that I finally got through the hardest part of my own predisposed issues and then my dog going through her journey and couldn't sustain it.. It was like I was giving a gift of freedom..

I never even contemplated how amazing it feels right now where I can look outside and look at my husband and feel like I could do whatever I want without worrying about how it's going to affect someone that was depending on me for love and company and everything else..

Even before we had a dog we had 2 lizards in Florida that I was responsible for because my husband found a pet shop that needed lizards to be rescued because it was going out of business.. My husband the tender hearted.

And so I was introduced to the reptilian world and feeding them and making sure they are in the right temperature and going to the bathroom and it was a lot of work and it was a lot of learning.. I don't think I will ever go back to take care of an animal unless it's about 20 30 or 40 years in the future so as long as the conditions are calm.. Right now my next chapter is with my husband and me and observing and participating in the world that were in as crazy as it is..

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