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Balancing the Hayflick Limit Mortal Somatic Cells and the Immortal Germline Cells (Cancer)

Why do people die despite that they have the stem cells aka the immortal germ line cells in their body like cancer.. Because they reached their limit of the somatic cells doubling itself.. And they have starved the body resources to be able to push out the old and rebuild itself..

People waste the resources in their body.. So they can't get a second chance at life..

When you get fifty chances to get your life back and you waste all those fifty chances..

The j world can bypass the hay flick limit. If you understand how to utilize your parents cells and the immortal germ line cells..

People squander the resources they have.. And they take on resources they can't manage..

And then they damage themselves and starve themselves..

You had fifty chances to redirect.. But you chose to keep taking away resources from yourself.. And yes family does take away resources from the parents potential..

Which is why i'm reticent encouraging families with people in this environment because it's too aggressive.. The growth is too aggressive. People can't get ahead of it.. So they die suddenly .

In the process, they are so intolerant to the air food and water that they will blame until they die whose fault it is.. But remember they're starving.. They are political about food and political about everything.. And some people are really mean and nasty. The death process is an ugly process.

Somatic cells have a lifespan of doubling itself at least 50 times.

Immortal Germline cells are immortal

Somatic cells are the cells in the body other than sperm and egg cells (which are called germ cells). In humans, somatic cells are diploid, meaning they contain two sets of chromosomes, one inherited from each parent.5 days ago

The Hayflick limit, or Hayflick phenomenon, is the number of times a normal somatic, differentiated human cell population will divide before cell division stops.

However, this limit does not apply to stem cells or germline cells

Cancer cells are considered immortal because they don't age and die like normal cells. They can divide many more times than normal cells, and can continue to multiply without end.

These are the bodies new stem cells.. But you have to release the old programming so you can take on the new programming..

The hayflick limit says that ONLY SOMATIC cells can only double about fifty times before they age.. Or go into senescence..

Too many immortal cells will take over the body, so you have to take on cancer/juvenile cells very conservatively, so they don't overtake..

But if your parent cells are weak and they can't control the children, that's the issue.. Or you are reaching the limit of your parent cells not training the immortal germline cells then yeah people die..

Just like when a parent dies before they can raise their child.. The children don't get the value of the education and they become chaotic and destroy themselves.. And destroy the world..

I've said this before many times..

I get growths and new cells all over my body all the time especially during climate change.. Not as much lately..

But they disappear overnight.. They're not allowed to be chaotic and destroy me, the parent cells..

When you have so many unpurposed juvenile cells more than the parent cells.. That's how pneumonia can take over once you get exposed..

People think having so many juvenile cells will make you look younger.. Potentially.. But they don't have the maturity level protect you over time..

When stuck in a semi closed system.. Like those who age out, those juvenile cells eat the parent cells and all the little invaders are allowed to metastasize double and triple and destroy the immune system.

The remedy market is famous for suppressing people's immune systems.. And they wonder why the children and elderly and immuno compromised die suddenly..

Yeah you gave permission to suppress your own immune system as well as your children. Starving because you're afraid of food.. Many people think all food is poison.. Just ask fifty people they'll tell you what food is poison to them


Suppressing one's immune system traps the wars in the body.. People don't know who the enemy is when they have mycoplasma, antibodies and so many other types of cells.. And so when food triggers the immune system to do what it's supposed to do because it's getting nutrition.. People mischaracterize and starve themselves..

And when the parents cells cannot regulate the cancer cells or the juvenile cells that want to make sure the body tries to live.. People die..

You're supposed to change out the old for the new every single time you get exposed to massive amounts of diversity.. That's basically life..

Even a spinster living in the woods by herself would have to do what i'm doing if she wants to save herself ..

It's like having children... Can you afford to have that many children in your body and feed them as they grow up and train them to do the best they can for the body and for the community..

Right now, people are out there gallivanting taking on offspring in their body and they don't have the resources to raise them, and so their children destroy the parents..

The offspring in their body destroy the parents. That's the aging process.. Cancer is when the body doubles and triples the effort to stay alive.. Over extending itself.. And there's not enough resources in the body to sustain that type of accelerated growth..

The person should have released that demon.. Or demons..

Cancer cells

are considered immortal because they can continue to multiply without aging and dying. Normal cells have a limit to how many times they can divide before they stop growing. Cancer cells can overcome this limit and form tumors.

Cancer cells can ignore signals that tell them to self-destruct. They also have an enzyme called telomerase

that lengthens their telomeres

. Telomeres shorten as cells age, but cancer cells don't age.

Cancer cell immortality

can lead to: Large tumors, Metastatic spread, Re-emergence.

The HeLa cell line

is an example of an immortal tumor cell line. These cells were extracted from a cervical tumor in 1951 and are still used in labs today.

People destroy the children and then they destroy their parents.. In their own body.. Even in their families.

You have to balance out the cancer cells or the stem cells as well as the parent cells. But you also have to release the garbage in your body.. Or you get chaos..

There is a systematic way of doing it, so the body trusts that you are going to help it go through the processes in a very regimented manner..

Which is why menopause at AROUND fifty when you stop dropping eggs or doubling..

Which is also why men mature add around fifty.. But they don't understand what's going on.. Instead of redirecting the aging process.. They accelerate it with their lifestyle and belief system and remedies and surgeries.

Women do as well..

Hayflick found that cultured normal human fetal cells only undergo about fifty doublings and that the cells can be preserved frozen for years. This allowed him to observe that the frozen cells, “remembered” at what doubling level they had been frozen and then, when thawed, continued to complete the remaining number of doublings up to the limit of about fifty. He interpreted this cell “memory” phenomenon to suggest that normal cells have a counting mechanism. He located the mechanism in the cells’ nucleus. The “memory” of the normal human WI-38 cell strain that Hayflick developed in 1962 has remained intact for fifty-two years, – the longest period of time that living, normal human cells have been preserved frozen.

Fetal Cells

Early villous core fetal cells are derived from mesenchymal stem cells. These cells differentiate into hemangioblastic cell cords, which are considered to be the precursors of capillary endothelial cells and hematopoietic stem cells in early stage of placental development [2].

The fetal cells have been found to stay in the mother's body beyond the time of pregnancy, and in some cases for as long as decades after the birth of the baby. The mom's cells also stay in the baby's blood and tissues for decades, including in organs like the pancreas, heart, and skin.May 10, 2020

Yeah I had the return of the aggressive mycoplasma pneumonia the last few years I know I did.. And I never treated it .. But remember i've been opening up my system for the last seven years..

I used my method and ate food.. Not everyone can do what I can do.. I'm just giving you my experience..

The reason why I never drowned in my own mucus was because I opened up my immune system and coughed and sneezed and blew my nose..

And I made sure my body was able to feel the pain of release so I didn't get a heart attack or a stroke..

This shit's no joke.. And with climate change it's only going to get worse..

Yes, Mycoplasma can spread to humans from animals. Mycoplasma is a bacteria that can affect a wide range of animals, including humans. It can also spread to plants and insects.

Pneumonia is like the devil.. And it's hard to shake..

The study showed that those with flu or pneumonia could be at increased risk of heart attack for up to one week after infection, and stroke for up to one month.Mar 22, 2018

Of these co-infections, M. pneumoniae has had the strongest association with SARS-CoV-2 [8]. A meta-analysis has found that 7% of hospitalized COVID-19 patients had coexisting bacterial infections, 14% of which were in the ICU setting, with M. pneumoniae being the leading bacterial pathogen [8].Apr 28, 2022

Boom!! Yup.. i knew it

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