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Bean counting your own biological survival is like balancing your checkbook.

Correction because of a misspoke.. Anything outside the human body will be ANTIGEN if it cannot be produced on its own..

And you can hold antigen in your body developing opposing forces because you have no antibody as a balancing force.. That's blood type a and b and r h +

The r h factor is antigen.. But rh + it helps regulate the acids developing ammonia to release demons and regulate acid..

There are no antibodies for RH negative. Because you can't make something out of nothing..

Which is why the RhoGAM shot is suggested for rh neg moms..

But there are antibodies for rh positive , which just why r h negative can be around r h positives.. But if you are around an r h negative , you better have enough substance to deal with that energy conversion of ATTACK

Which is why rh negatives are highly energetic..

And an o negative is probably the best blood type .

Not only are they a universal donor but they don't have anyone attacking them. They are at the top of the food chain.. They will destroy themselves.. If someone isn't regulating them. And it's very hard to tell people who are o negatives anything..

They think they know everything.. To a point.

Bean counting your own biological survival is like balancing your checkbook..

Where are you overdrawn.

In my opinion everybody in those died suddenly groups need to know their own blood type.

Because specific blood types will have to be way more strategic than others..

I am blood type O. I do carry the weight of the world.. I have antibodies for almost everything i've been exposed to. And I keep changing out the old ones for the new ones.. That's called sickness in this highly accelerated environment

And I had the luxury to be sick for the last 3 years. Even more so the last seven years..

Because I could afford to be sick. I had the substance.. I have the reserves.. I had the adipose tissue.. I had the fat.

I have the currency for energy conversion.. I had the time and the privilege to sleep..

When you don't get sick it's a died suddenly.. But if you're gonna be sick, you have to understand how to support it correctly and people don't they don't have the infrastructure . They're not allowed the latitude..





What makes me "bigger" during climate change, adding more diversity to my immune system, is DEVELOPING NEGATIVES, or taking away substance, from others..

Life saving antibodies can convert to be antigen relative to its position outside the body.

If you can't literally produce your own protection everything will be antigen.

Which is why, if your dr. recommends va c cines, even if you refused them, you will be afflicted with something.. it was bound to happen, esp during CLIMATE CHANGE

And do you have what it takes to convert your body to produce an antibody against any foreign invader..

Some people cannot produce something out of "nothing"..

And if they do try to produce something out of nothing.. Even it was not literally nothing. They die suddenly.. They didn't have the infrastructure to protect themselves.. They were missing valuable components and they were harbouring so much of the opposing forces in their body..

Negating Energy of A B O AND RH FACTOR +/-

Antigen (+/- Antibody)

What does using principle mean. You have to eat so much food to feed the antigen developing short term antibodies while taking energy away from you in order to do that.

People with blood type a's and b's must be strategic adapting to their surroundings.. What happens is they have a harder time trying to keep up with the environment.. Especially when it's accelerated.

People who don't have antibodies for specific blood types have short term memory.

Which is why people who have blood types a and b need to be careful in this new world..

A*A=(-1) used principle/no antibody CANCELED EACH OTHER OUT

A*B= (+1) used reserves/antibodies

A*AB=(-1+1=1) (A)used principle/no antibody + (B)used reserves/antibodies

B*B = (-1) used principle/no antibody CANCELED EACH OTHER OUT

B*A = (+1) used reserves/antibodies

B*AB=(+1-1) (A) used reserves/antibodies

+ (B) used principle/no antibody CANCELED EACH OTHER OUT

AB*AB=(-2) used principle/no antibody CANCELED EACH OTHER OUT


AB*B=(+1-1) used principle/no antibody CANCELED EACH OTHER OUT

O*A*B*AB=(+4) WE (O) are the carriers of antibodies for EVERYONE


However, Even though O negatives are universal donors, When you breathe in someone releasing antibodies, it becomes antigen.

The only time blood compatibility is appropriate as when you're getting a blood transfusion..

Is it really appropriate to be around people with different blood types as well as getting therapies with their antigen and antibodies..

And is this why people die, in general..

Because they hold antigen with no antibody countering force, which is the snake eating its tail..

Blood type O might be carriers of protection for them, But as soon as their mucus leaves the body it becomes ANTIGEN. Another blood type O can basically handle it once they released their own demons.. It's the other blood types that will be in question if they can handle being around blood type Os

Integers Rules

RH Factor +/-

- *+=-




Vaccines carry antigen.. Because no matter what anything that is not produced outside your body will be looked at as antigen. The body is now forced to produce antibodies unless you're getting a therapy of monoclonal antibodies.

The vaccination process prompts the body to make memory B cells, just like they do in natural infection. If you are ever exposed to the virus again, these B cells go into action right away and release antibodies that can target the virus. These antibodies stop the virus before you get sick.

But remember therapies are only temporary.. You still have to produce something from "nothing"..

Getting a vaccine is no different than being around someone who is giving you their spit in the air.. Or walking into a crowded room..

Will doing a preemptive strike help the person..? Will getting a small load initially be better than getting a large load later..?

As you see it doesn't matter what you do..

If your not meant to survive the environment regardless of therapy status, you will contract whatever is set to trigger in your genetic line..

And if you survive the environment and or the therapy, you were meant to survive the situation regardless..

This is why i'm not into religion.. I'm not worshipping saviors.. And i'm not looking for demons.

I release them.. Because they are one of the same..

But now you know why some people are contracting turbo cancers and others are not..

The ABO person has more negatives trapped inside their body than positives..

Regardless of blood type..

But a larger type O has the potential to convert energy working for them, NOT AGAINST THEM

I finally watched the last five minutes of the walking dead..

It took me three years to watch it..

We are the ones who are starting over.. We survived..

We are the ones who live..

Life = +

Death = -

Everything is relative to perspective.

Neg * Pos = neg

Pos * Neg = neg

Pos * Pos = pos (life, Cancer, You, Infection)

Neg * Neg = pos (children, cancer, life. Infection)

Sperm = neg

Egg = pos

Offspring from conception is NEG

Because they are using resources in the mother as well as in that family.

For every life there must be a death..

who and what is being sacrificed.. So that others may live..

Which is why you must save yourself..

You could be a positive holding so many negatives that you won't survive.. Because you have too many opposing forces trapped in your body.

Which is why you must understand what disease is and what symptoms are..

And if you don't.. you could be cultivating something destroying you..

But you can't tell people this.. They have to figure it out for themselves.. You could tell them twenty ways till Sunday and they would still resist you.. And call you a liar..

So you let them deal with their own bullshit.

Not that you could ever stop them.. And they never needed your permission..

But I do this to learn how to simplify my concepts for myself..

And you get the benefit.

Climate change wakes up and replicates accelerating everything that was put to sleep through the vaccines and the cures market..

Measles is a highly contagious virus that lives in the nose and throat mucus of an infected person. It can spread to others through coughing and sneezing. Others can become infected by breathing contaminated air or touching an infected surface and then touching their eyes, noses, or mouths.

Measles symptoms don't appear until 10 to 14 days after exposure. They include:

Cough, Runny nose, Inflamed eyes, Sore throat, Fever, A red, blotchy skin rash.

There's no treatment to get rid of an established measles infection, but over-the-counter fever reducers or vitamin A may help with symptoms. Lab tests are typically required for this condition. Vaccination offers protection against this condition.

Obviously talk to your doctor.

I copied and pasted this.

Measles cases in 2024

As of February 22, 2024, a total of 35 measles cases were reported by 15 jurisdictions: Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York City, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington.

Confidence is knowing you're better than the world that's out there but you come off humble.

Because no one wants to be average.. So please don't lie to the world.. Everyone wants to come off special..

Even though you're not special.. People want to come off as holier than thou..

Or you wouldn't have a facebook account with followers..

The world will be a better place if everyone thought they were better than the other person.. You might have a sharper society from that situation..

Because we all want to become better than we were yesterday.. How do you do that.. You give people something to compare themselves to..

Let people pick apart what they think they should compare themselves to..

Average people only rise to the level of who they surround themselves with. And they don't allow anyone "better" than them in their world.. Because they have to be the one who knows "everything" in their world..

Ans so that's why people stay by themselves..

They follow people who are better than them and then they become better themselves.. And they don't have to go to blows in company trying to be queen bee or king of the hill..

And they certainly do not run groups to be the god in that group.

Nobody stops people from trying to be better than who they were yesterday and even the people around them..

They stop themselves by being jealous of those who want to better themselves and surpass other people.

And that's why I stay home and stay safe.. I'm always trying to better myself..

I'm sorry if that's offensive to you..

Gen X will either embrace her "old sage" persona or try to channel millenial youth

Because in our society we do not embrace middle aged people

So generation x is the variable..

so.. if you have no kids, not a hot chick/chuck or an "old sage" and you are middle aged..

NO one will listen to you.

i learned that the last 7 years.

gen x curse strikes again ahaha

Now that I know this.. That's another layer of programming I don't have to be accountable to or for..

I will let the millennials and the boomers run our society into the ground. Because that's what they were programmed to do. Run our whole society into the ground..

I tried, And you know how hard I tried.. I tried to help people.. And of course you know people can only help themselves.. If they're even aware of how programmed they truly are.

good luck.

This is when i'm finally going to set myself free.. Because i've been trying to free myself from this obligation to help all of you..

And I pulled out all the stops.. Even at the expense of people hating me which I already expected anyways..

But I can't compete with old sages and hot chicks/chucks shaking their asses at everyone..

I was never meant to. But at least now I know why.. At least now I know why..

And I will stop resisting the millennials and the boomers doing what they were programmed and intended to do..

It doesn't mean I will take part.. It just means i'm done

Many of you will breathe a sigh of relief.. But please don't expect me to feel sorry for everyone's situations because you were given all the information and you chose whatever you chose..

I can have sympathy.. But I can't get emotionally invested.

if I do not "like" your business page full of therapies, please do not take offense.. i am not into collaboration..

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