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Beauty and Sex Has Been Weaponized

i remember intense feelings as a child.. very intense.. and that is NOT organic.. that is programmed.. am i mad or upset.. nope.. it led to the J world.. and I released the demons..finally grew up.. lol you can see the programming in pictures of me in the 90s..

i was gorgeous.. that was the programming...and then the programming eventually wore off.. I am not ugly, but I also am not selling sex and love, either.. I am selling intelligence and longevity..and hard work.

I discovered a way to counteract the programming of weaponizing beauty, sex and love by converting it to life and longevity, and facing the demons..

And life does not have to be ugly and miserable or under the influence..

thanks mom.

Nobody wants to talk about it because it's so taboo.. But it's in plane site, plain sight..

Just look at social media.

Sex love and grooming young girls and boys for sexualization is the depopulation agenda..

It's been finally tuned and now. We have so many people identifying with that ideology and that also comes with destruction..

Watch how you advertise your daughters and your sons online.. Because we have parents today who are grooming their children to be exploited by somebody smarter than them..

It's okay to be a brain.. But when you're all about beauty and having children at a young age..

What else do you have to offer society or a relationship..

However using religion as a way to shame people is another radicalization..

There is another way... Because religion money and sex have been used so much to radicalize people.. And excessive beauty exploiting beauty is part of the depopulation agenda..

Which is why only fans is a huge market.. Nowadays beautiful women are a dime a dozen.. Beautiful gorgeous sexual women.. Will chase that validation until they self destruct..

Men.. Watch out..

That's greek mythology coming to life.. medusa Aphrodite hypnotizing men Out of their life..

Men also exploiting girls identifying with that way.. Which is why human trafficking is huge..

Again it is not a coincidence. Our society is so aggressively sexual and all about beauty and obsession with love.. And of course having a bunch of kids. To make it all better...

Remember the commercial in the eighties don't hate me because i'm beautiful..

That was an indicator

You need CREAM milk.. archetypes = mk ultra/psychological/biological/social engineering/politics/religion/science

archetypes are engineered= Rosicrucian advanced societies Fear = weapon WAR_DROBE Becomes your weapon of war.. Pay attention to your clothing line.. What are you trying to do.. Snag a man.. Throw the first grenade.. Signal to people you have a remedy..

Don't let your fear become your weapon..

Let whatever fears out there that are necessary to keep you safe be your defense system..

But when you let your fear become your weapon.. You let your defense system get out of control..

You have became radicalized.. That is something somebody programmed into you until you learn how to release that programming

release those demons..

When the system is looking to scale down the population without going back to old methods.. Your friends and family and neighbors with out of control defense systems become radicalized..

they act like out of control antibodies in an autoimmune disorder.. Always on the attack..

destroying new evolution.. Like oncology.

Better take some inventory to see if you've been weaponized against everyone out there..

And it's not the people promoting meat milk cheese eggs fruits vegetables salt sugar and even therapies who have been weaponized.

If you are in fear and blaming somebody a person place or thing, a lifestyle, a belief system..

You have been weaponized against somebody, blaming them for your own intolerances in body mind and spirit..

It's the people blaming those who promote whatever somebody is blaming to be the cause of their issues to have intolerance, who have been radicalized.. And many people wear the same costumes but some don't wear the armor/WARdrobe.. It comes out in the way they deal with symptoms..

When you think about it.. I even come off as intolerant to those who believe in all the politics religion science dogmas..

I also know how radicalized people can get..

So what do I do.. I keep my facebook relatively moderated.. There is no war on my page.. I promote life like food milk meat cheese eggs and adaptation.. I don't worship a person place or thing..

I take personal accountability.. And I make a point not to convert other people into anything..

And i'm even aware.. I'm not radicalized against politics religion or science..

I have an issue with extremism to the point of activism and radicalism.. I also avoid CONSTANTLY regurgitating somebody else's words.. I may paraphrase quotes from time to time like seasoning food..

But I make a point not to regurgitate all the time..

Peace out

By the way charles manson was an indicator that the hippies back then could have been dangerous.. You didn't want to pick up a hippie because they could turn into a situation like in 1969 ie tate la bianca murders.

Now we have hippies all over the place.. ie crunchy mamas

Holy s***. And they are at war with the world.. many turned into scientists and gardeners..

Just watch your facebook..

The nineteen sixties and seventies were a scary time and.. History repeats.. Release the demons..

Many people were radicalized back then .. Those were the victims below of the tate la bianca manson murders.. Remember helter skelter..

That's how bad being radicalized can get.. That's how bad demons can get when not kept in check.. Release those demons.. Because you will be looking for the enemy.. There is no Enemy!!!.. Except for your own demand/demons..

How many people today are being radicalized.. Look at your behavior look at what you say on social media

look at who you are looking for as the enemy..

How many parents have radicalized their kids against the other parent they don't like.. For whatever reason..

If you're looking for some one out there as the enemy you have been radicalized..

Are people suffering that much driven to such great lengths today? If you are.. Release the demons..

Right now is a scary time..

Again you don't know what lurks in the hearts of mankind..

Protect yourself..

Remember how aggressive religions were back then and how they're aggressive today..

I don't mind religion but how far do you take it..? How far have people taken their religion their group mentality.. ? Large families act the same way.. So if your family has been radicalized... That's a sign.. The system is trying to break up families who have been so radicalized against whatever based upon their religion their politics their science.. And if you're looking for an enemy in a family I don't care what it is..

That's radicalization..

Some people take their beliefs to such an extreme.. Their fear becomes their weapon..

Don't let your fear of whatever become the weapon that will put you away.. Because people act on their fears.. They do stupid s*** in the name of their religion their politics their science dogmas their fears..

Release the demons.. The group mentality is what weaponizes people.. People get caught up in the energy.. They get caught up in the ca·ma·ra·de·rie..

They get caught up in looking for the enemy..

Remember january six.. People were radicalized.. They acted upon it.. Some people's lives were lost because of it. And some people were put in jail..

It's very easy on facebook to get radicalized.. Because if you already in fear and with personal demons coming up and you think something or someone is a demon..

People do stupid s*** because they think they are fighting a war..

You have been radicalized..

Chill the f*** out release the demons.. Make sure you don't radicalize your kids because they are also susceptible to this type of s***.. They take cues from mommy and daddy who radicalize their own children..

The world is not what you think..

You have to be the one to keep that shit under control if you know what is running you.. If you don't know what's running you then it's everyone else's fault..

That's politics that's religion that's science dogmas.. That's looking for an enemy..

By the way.. Some people's demons are in the form of cancer disease and chronic illness..

There is a way out of that but you have to face the demons and feed them and release..

I wish you guys all the luck in the world..

It's not f****** easy releasing the demons.. They are formidable..

The behavioral science is field is no f****** joke.. They develop the problem and have the solution.. Developing more problems..

who weaponized jodi arias to be so extreme about love/sex to the point of murder???

this begs the question how many criminals in the court system/prison system have been under extreme programming??????? what is brewing in YOU... what are you grooming in yourself mom and in your offspring???

in this environment.. many many people's demons are rearing their ugly heads.. be very careful who you invite into your world of love/sex and marriage..

release the demons..

IT IS OK to be single.. but be very careful advertising yourself and your kids for predatory consumption.. many demons out there are looking for a naive inexperienced person wanting and needing validation or have fallen under the spell of sex and drugs.. that was travis alexander's achille's heel.. he fell for her sexuality and she used it as a weapon to tractor beam him into her world until he wanted to leave... very allegorical. he did not stand a chance as he was brought up in the Mormon world.. and sex before marriage was a no no..

but she was groomed for it and never figured out how to release those demons.. those sex demons and prince charming drove her.. and guess what, Jodi is extremely INTELLIGENT, WELL SPOKEN BUT people noticed someone off about her.. and she was driven insane somehow could not just let things go..

men, be careful using women, esp women groomed for so much of the s e x and looks and marriage.. and women vice versa, be careful looking for prince charming.. he could be a pimp..

be careful people.. the world is not the same..

Charles manson was the same way.. But he was groomed differently..

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