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Before You Get an Animal and a Baby, Figure Out Why


After taking care of one pet for 8 years and experiencing the upsides and the downsides..

It's time to analyze what I could do better in the future as well as analyze how the world uses animals..

In my opinion I think we all should reflect on what we could do better with not only ourselves but our kids are animals or jobs even our lifestyle..

If anything I do reflect on that.. Because repeating the same mistakes expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity..

But since people live only one life they will make the same mistake and then their children repeat the same mistakes and everyone who watches them will repeat the same mistakes.. It becomes a domino effect..

Love from an animal is great until it turns.. oxytocin has the habit of flipping and love can turns into hate .. Maybe not so much from the animal but from the owner.. But remember Cujo..

Overabundance of Oxytocin develops the empaths who focus on and need love hate sadness anxiety..

When we don't need love, but we want love, The world will change and become a better place.

Love and respect yourself first before taking care of something needing 100% of their needs met by you..

Being on my own with no pets, no kids and with an independent husband is a great way to test the ability to self motivate🩷 and develop inner strength, which is why I am not advocating or replacing animal right after one passes away... it is time to learn from the 1st one..

What will I do better to not only keep it alive a lot longer without using the medical system but also what kind of environment do I want my animal to be in.. What state of mind should I be in to have an animal..

Because everything that you are will be everything your animal is..

Having an animal requires so much previous inner work in my opinion and an optimal set up.. I don't want any animal for the wrong reasons..

My next animal in the future will not because of need or companionship or therapy.. It will be because I will develop a utopia 2 or 3 of them.

Yes animals need company and I think it's great people who have more than one animal even if there are different species hanging out together..

Dogs and cats especially dogs they need a utopia.. They f****** deserve it..

In the future, I hope pets stop becoming therapeutic and filler for companionship and then finally become our equal with freedom to go in and out in a protected environment..

Nutritious food is automatically dispensed in a clean area, poop always scooped daily and the pet has a other animal friends.. like a farm or large house and property relative to size..

That is my kind of pet utopia..freedom, relative independence and company..

Cats are easier..dogs definitely need more..

I think it is great some animals have doggy doors, protected areas and large enclosed in yards to run in..

Pets def need other furry friends to wrestle socialize and play with..

I don't want to be everything to my pet.. more of a facilitator of their lifestyle they deserve.. I want to be the leader of the pack and also the architect of their utopia.

Pets have been our vessels for loneliness, lessons and occupations.. maybe pets need their own utopia using us to keep their world all rainbows and sunshine continuously.. if we stay healthy and full of longevity and stability, maybe the pets we raise from puppyhood will actually be our furever friends our equals..

It must be hard for a pet to continuously take in stress and produce oxytocin..

They need a break too.. So if you NEED a pet to cope with your life, that is a suffering for them, too..

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