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Biological and Intellectual MKULTRA is Radicalizing People into Beliefs Developing Predatory Victims

Biological and Intellectual MK ULTRA is Radicalizing People into Beliefs Developing Predatory Victims

Outcome: 1. People kill you with kindness 2. Brutalize you to Death 3. Love you to death

selling you pain free absolution as you are dying to be accepted.. literally..

The system can program anything they want in the population.. And when you take remedies and surgeries, using food as medicine, you are programming your children to be intolerant to certain types of food.. Intolerant of their environment.. And some of them turn into serial killers

1. food allergies 2. hayfever/spring allergies 3. chemical allergies

Because it came from the trauma of the remedies and the alchemy and the violence.. Mother is intolerant and fearful, so is her child.. and both are weaker because of it

You had to see it it's all over facebook.

"relative" depletion of T cells developing myocardial depletion means the heart is lacking the energetic capability to pump the blood throughout the body and so lack of blood supply via low blood pressure due to myocardial depletion causes NECROSIS..

you need a certain amount of children to keep the heart pumping... but if you keep attacking all the children in your body, not regulate them, then you get HEART FAILURE.

Naive quiescent T cells meet basal energy demands through the oxidation of glucose and glutamine in the mitochondria to yield maximal ATP production. Upon activation, naive lymphocytes shift from a resting to highly proliferative and functional effector state.

the key to survival.. is to keep the pressure going.. because it will only get worse..

i might alienate some of my j crowd because of my recent challenges.. but i do NOT want to get too comfortable with social capital.. i would rather you think i am a sell out boot licking beyotch.. than to feel too comfortable with people who fail to take accountability..

i want people to survive.. and those who can handle the pressure..

might have a chance..

no guarantee.. one of you was a brutal reflection of me back in 2014..

that was a wake up call.. human hunting.. hunting humans via the internet..

wow.. disease/death=10plagues/accountability

now look at all of your diagnosable conditions..

you are the "first" born relative to the offspring you hold inside

The plagues are: water turning to blood, frogs, lice, flies, livestock pestilence, boils, hail, locusts, darkness and the killing of firstborn children. The question of whether Bible stories can be linked to archaeological discoveries is one that has long fascinated scholars.Apr 18, 2019

in plain sight.. case in point.. i resisted the bible so much, i found the answer in those stories..


the proof of all human accountability is in the bible... the old and the new testament and all spiritual dogmas..

and you can develop a religion to justify it and make dying ok..

i get it..

have at it..

re lig ion is endless..

i tried to save people who might be beyond redemption.. sigh.. they have their absolution..

remember, i tried.. i am NOT the enemy, yet again..

ok.. have a good day..

we all personally reap what we have sown..

when you do reap what you have sown.. i hope it is not painful.. i am so sorry you did not know my info sooner..

those who want to face the pain, i hope you develop the clarity you are searching for.. i cannot wait to hear your clarity, one day.. i was programmed to be counter to the current culture of the time..

balance.. You had to know how bad it would get..

Everything everything could be much worse but could you survive it. Would you get out in time..

You can't intellectualize to someone how to get out of a dangerous situation.. There must be enough pain to remind them to get out of a potential dangerous situation.. Before they end up dead or brutally injured..

This is why there's combat training..

You had to experience what you would experience in a war time situation..

And I will tell you relationships ARE war time situations..

No different than the battlefield..

How many of your children are prepared for the wartime situations in relationships..?

And you can't be the one to train your kids because you don't have the training.. Most children out there have seen aggressive violence in movies and video games.. Some children even witness aggressive domestic violence in families.

.And yes you might be remorseful but you can't take back those images.. And when you get people together who have been brutalized by the system because they had to show future people what happens when people are raised around a certain lifestyle, you become appalled at what you have supported for centuries.

Hollywood was the mirror.. The scripted reality shows was transitioning to the world you actually live in.. And it's downright scary.. It is very scary..

And now hollywood is human to you.. Because people like you went into hollywood. And they're no different than you.. And they were raised around aggressive violence and alcohol and drugs and domestic disputes.. and brutalized by people in their world.. Some didn't even survive their brutality they endured.. By so many predators around them..

Now you see what your ancestors have done to your grandparents.. Your parents.. You.. And what you could potentially be doing to your kids.. Or what you have done to your children.. Who grew up to be the adults.. We have to warn you about

That's why the system put you between a rock and a hard place..

You had to protect your children from violent images and hold them accountable without turning them into psychopaths.. Or sociopaths.. And you had to do that early.. You had to give a shit as a parent.. You had to know images shape a person very early on..

But if you turned your children into lovers not fighters.. Then they would think sex would be the only way to get ahead until they get brutalized by sex.. And then they turn dangerous..

Using sex as a weapon.. Or they get turned into prostitutes or go on sex websites.. Or become somebody's wife and mother and brutalized that way.. If they got with the wrong guy.. Or to become a human trafficking victim.. Because they fell for the wrong guy..

There's a method behind the madness out there..

You had to understand what the system has done. So you can see what society has done to cultures for generations.

You had to see the generational violence.. And the aggressive deadly intolerance.. And humans hunting humans..

It's very scary out there..

The system knows exactly what they're doing.. And they had to show you..

Some of you will not survive the reality.

"The meme says: If someone treats you badly. Just remember there is something wrong with them. There is nothing wrong with you. Normal people do not go around destroying other people.."

When you are part of a generation who has died and reproduced for centuries, you have a short memory.. And the only way you're gonna learn is to save yourself from these situations.. And then you have to remember and feel the pain.. And never get into that situation ever again.. But when you die and then your children don't get the luxury to remember the pain.. They have to experience it all over again and they may not even survive it.. And many children do not survive their ignorance because their parents never gave them the training. The parents didn't even know how to..

Do you have what it takes to save yourself when you have had no combat training to get you out of a situation like this without dying or being extremely injures in the process..

How many women do not survive domestic violence.. Because they have a very short memory.. Long history of abuse.. And there are too weak to survive brutal situations like this.

You can't intellectualize with people who have no memory of how to save themselves..

Like I said I can't tell people.. I can't tell people anything.. They have to feel it and experience it.. And know how to save themselves.

That's why you talk about your experiences.

If you're brave enough.. People will kill you with kindness or beat you with brutality Or love you to death..

That's why you have to understand the world you live in.. Predatory behavior is not always someone who is obvious..

Sometimes they are very charismatic.. And if you've been treated so badly you will fall for everything..

Be careful.

But I guess if you plan to die anyways.. you could be killed with kindness or brutality.. Or be loved to death.

I choose none of the above..

I choose to respect myself forever.. Yeah it gets this bad.. Programming people to perform like this gets very bad.. child stars

If people choose to do this to their children.. This is what happens.. She made billions of dollars for many people.. And now she is spiraling.

And she might have been under different programming than t sw ift

T sw ift might NOT end up being like this towards the end of her tenure..

BUT, thank you britney for all of your contribution to the world..

You will be seeing many people from the nineties, eighties and two thousands go off the deep end..

Some will survive.. Some will be like a falling star..

Others will develop innovation for the future.. And still survive despite the programming..

Everybody has some kind of crisis in their life.. But will you survive the crisis in your life without going off the deepend ..

And if you think I went off the deep end absolutely.. Because that was the programming..

And then I became an example.. And I saw where I had to evolve and own up to whatever mistakes I made.

And that's the lessons.. Can you fuck up and still own up to your shit. And then become the best person ever..

Trauma based programming will develop the best type of people if they can survive the programming.. Some people will die under the programming and others will find a way to live.

Every single one of you have been under some kind of trauma based programming.. Nobody escapes that in this world..

But you do have a chance to survive it.. And I know not everybody will..

And we thank you for your service. Ice water plunging was never anything i endorsed..

Now her family is warning people about this trendy cold plunge. M k ultra was just copying what blood type a and type b blood types go through daily..

It's all programming at the micro level and macro level..

Constant fireworks..

And those fireworks made you smarter based upon the nurturing programming.. You had to match the programming with the energy..

And when they wanted to cure you in the programming.. That's why you took all your remedies and even did the surgeries.. Until your body couldn't handle any more treatments And surgeries..

Oncology destroy your evolution.. And your diets and starvation starved your parent cells.. Your parent cells had to mature to teach the juvenile cells.

No different when grandma gets her dementia she can't teach you anything more .. But whatever she did teach you she taught you how to destroy your life.. Through the remedies and surgeries.. And diets. And she might have given you some advice.. But whatever advice she gave you around love and occupation is overshadowed by the fact you won't live to see it long enough

But just enough. Until you are overtaken by the diversity in your body. Unless you know how to redirect.

And so you succumbed to the trauma. Or you were eating alive by the little offspring you couldn't release on the inside of your body .

The ouroboros.. The snake eating its tail..

Hermetics..(her medics)


Blood type O received external trauma based programming

Blood type AB internal trauma based programming

Regardless of blood type, any kind of trauma based programming internally and externally can develop some crafty cunning killer people literally destructive psychopathic people.

This is why some girls don't stand a chance out there.. Their parents did not adequately protect them because they wanted them to look so beautiful. But they made their child a target. I can only imagine what it's going to be like when they get to be twenty or thirty.

And you know predators and psycho killers walk among you. And they look for the easiest target. Naive beautiful girls and boys who think they own the world.

That's the depopulation agenda..

And there are boys who will leave themselves open.. Because they were not adequately protected and trained to deal with people out there.

Sexual deviancy knows no bounds..

This is why you must redirect your children from that death trajectory because traditions are weakening your children.

But if you don't know all the battlefronts, you might win one battle and succumb to another..

Why do you think human trafficking is at an all time high ... The predators found their targets.. Predators are psychologically cunning and they know how to play to the weaknesses of these children out there... Even the beautiful women who are dying to become rich and famous.. And so they fall for whatever somebody tells them.. Modeling gigs.. Et cetera.

Right now beauty is Manufactured.. And it's so easy to use filters ...

Remember how influential visual images are..

When I realize that conventional, even classical beauty has been used as a weapon against the population. I said to all of you I don't want to be beautiful. I want to be balanced. But I do not want to sell sexe to anyone on the fucking internet.

Now look at your facebook... Look at the women's profile pictures trying to sell you sex. Not balance..

Look at them posting their pretty daughters all over facebook..

They are making themselves a target.

That's the depopulation agenda.. Which is why I advocate people open up their immune system the way I have on my book.

Not only do you need to cough and sneeze and blow your nose.. But you must understand the importance of a personal ritual release process that does not compromise your immune system.

Or else you are a ticking time bomb.. It's just a matter of when.. Especially in this environment.

Heart attacks and strokes versus Schizophrenia.. Demon cells inside torture people I never understood what they meant by voices in schizophrenia... they actually hear different voices.. evil voives telling them to do stuff..

Schizophrenia A disorder that affects a person's ability to think, feel, and behave clearly. The exact cause of schizophrenia isn't known, but a combination of genetics, environment, and altered brain chemistry and structure may play a role.

The exact causes of schizophrenia are unknown. Research suggests a combination of physical, genetic, psychological and environmental factors can make a person more likely to develop the condition. Some people may be prone to schizophrenia, and a stressful or emotional life event might trigger a psychotic episode.

When you think of the antibodies in your body.. And that become a conscious presence.. And they become so influential they turn a person into a killer.. When you have so many antibodies that want to destroy certain things based upon the programming..

While B-cells produce antibodies to fight infection, nk or NATURAL KILLER T-cells protect people from getting infected by destroying cancerous and infected cells.

What if n k t cells become so numerous..

T cell are also known as T lymphocytes. The "T" stands for "thymus" -- the organ in which these cells mature. As opposed to B cells which mature in the bone marrow.

Mature T cells are produced in the thymus and released into the bloodstream in low numbers. These cells are considered to be immunologically naïve until such time as they encounter MHC-peptide complexes for which their T-cell receptors (TCR) have high affinity.,(TCR)%20have%20high%20affinity

That's why they're trying control reproduction carefully. Naive children destroy..

The thymus gland is in the chest, between the lungs and behind the breastbone or sternum. It is just in front of and above the heart. The thymus makes white blood cells called T lymphocytes. These are also called T cells. These are an important part of the body's immune system, which helps to fight infection.

It is assumed that T lymphocytes produce interferon-γ, which inhibits smooth muscle cell proliferation. Thus, it might be that the relative depletion in T lymphocytes is not just a marker but also a causative factor in the deterioration of myocardial function in AMI and heart failure.Mar 21, 2018

All the therapies program billions and billions of people and trillions and trillions of cells.. There will be a right combination for whatever intention there is.

No different than so many generations of people experimented upon with all the therapies and surgeries.. And there will be a right combination for whatever intention there is..

nature and nurture go hand in hand..

Which is why blood types are so important because they are the programming..

Antigen is whatever proteins are programmed to go after and or defend against.. It is a mutually assured destruction.. Because it's a war.. And it uses up resources.. And so type a and type b have a very specific antigen antibody programming.. But which is why some of them might be a bit more cunning and smarter and even psychopathic.. Those chemical reactions those constant explosions.. Gave them the massive amounts of intellectual capability.. And highly intelligent..

But you can also program a type o.. But there must be outside antigen antibody program..

So you can have a type o AND a, type a and b compete on a level playing field.. Because they both received the conditioning.. Internally externally..

NoW I understand..

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