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Biological and Social Assets and Liabilities

Biological and social assets and liabilities.

It's not just the crazy weather that's going to get people. The frequencies right now are the judge jury and executioner..

Are people planning to move away from the coastlines.. Or are they just waiting for the next hurricane to take them out

Are people deciding the it is time to change the way they do things.. Or are they waiting for that next disease to take them out..

When you are faced with getting treatment.. It means you have a chance to redirect or die from the treatment later on when the frequency changes yet again.. But when you choose to do my world.. If you even have that as a choice.. Do you have a great support system.. If you don't don't even bother..

People are facing everything's great until it's not and they die suddenly..

Or they are faced with suffering from all the treatments.. And then they die anyways..

Things must change drastically if someone wants to survive this great purge..

You're getting the gift of insight and future thinking.. Are you going to squander that gift away.. Waste the information because your lifestyle is too important.. That you can't even possibly contemplate changing..

Can you strategize assets and liabilities

The rubber is meeting the road.. The system is turning the heat up.. Accounting Principles are Also Relevant in the J World

are you an asset or a liability to your family, job and friendships and your overall environment?

i have developed bean counting methods to determine my worth ..

i have determined, through line items the general population go by as asset/liabilities, I am more of an asset to my husband and community, than a liability in body, mind, spirit and even environmentally and financially..

line item (plural line items) An item appearing on a single line in any schedule of information. (accounting) An item of revenue or expenditure in a budget or other financial statement or report. (government) A budget appropriation. (logistics) One item on an order, regardless of quantity.

1. No health insurance/no medical needs/pay emergency bill out of pocket if I injure myself on my own property. 2. Car insurance on one car, only have one car 3. I buy food instead of baubles or addictions/trips 4. No remedies or extravagant living to assuage boredom. 5. I work on my brain at home living so minimally and I find way to make myself more of an asset to my husband, than a major liability. I do not even take more of his energy than what he can reproduce weekly. 6. Minimal social interaction as that costs money, too. 7. Utilities are what he would pay for anyway if he was single. 8. One thing is, I am NOT greedy.. and I am thankful for what I have and where we are in life.

everything is accounted for.. I MEAN EVERYTHING.

The extras I have like a computer and phone is only to keep lines of communication open with minimal subscriptions.. And when you think about it. I think my presence and contribution. Pay for my phone and computer and Netflix.

That's like a salary.. For whatever I do that he doesn't have to do.. I get paid through little things that I get..

I do earn my keep.. And we built from almost nothing..

I avoid taking advantage of my husband's ability to bring home the bacon..and yet, he still has many many choices..

I avoid backing him into a corner.. and i can live on almost nothing because I released so many demons of disease and desires... as long as you have food to eat.. you are NOT poor.. you just know how to prioritize..

going into debt buying food makes you irresponsible with money and lack of mature priorities..

if anything in my house.. we will always have food... always..

imo, all humans need wiggle room without going into debt to pay for food..

Which is why I buy drumsticks.. Beef patties.. Pork chops.. Cabbage as a vegetable.. Carrots onions and potatoes. And cheese and tomatoes.. rice sugar creamer coffee Oatmeal.

Cream.. And fruit juice.. Once in a while a treat.. I eat spaghetti a lot.. I like making my own bread and And I also buy butter.. And I don't need alcohol.. I don't smoke cigarettes.. And I buy egg sixty at a time..

Of course I have a lot of top ramen..

Because that's the diverse nutritional food supply that doesn't require so many extras.. Which means my husband can spend more on paying off his bills.. Or acquiring baubles. And I know what I can survive on..

Again you can't eat money.. Gold.. Designer clothing.. or your friends. You can't eat trips.

You need food..

Once you release the demons and desires.. You can live so nicely.. And you don't have to kill yourself working so many hours to pay for the demons and desires..

You need to give yourself a chance to rest and take time off when needed..

If You can't afford to be sick and take time off .. You can't afford your lifestyle. Not everybody gets sick pay..

If you have to work many hours in order to eat.. You fucked yourself up somewhere. When people say jillian doesn't work..

I work for my husband..

I am more of an asset than a liability..

And whatever extras I get.. I earned them.. He pays me for what he doesn't have to do..

And I make sure he doesn't have to worry about me.

And yes I bean count..

Whatever I take from him he can afford it plus extras.. Whatever he takes from me, i can afford.. I can not afford the extras because I can only reproduce cells at a certain rate..

And no one takes more than their fair share as far as what they can afford..

That's a partnership to me.

Everything is about accounting.. taking accountability..

And you don't go into the partnership equally.. Couples figure out what both can afford in body mind and spirit..

And try not to take more than what the other person can afford.. And that also means physical wise..

You do not want to cannibalize your significant other.. Read between the lines..

The reason why people divorce.. Both sides have been such a liability to each other that even the assets can't make up for the liabilities.

Why does one person die before the other person.. Because the other person gave too much, more than they could afford.. It's not the other person's fault.. Because each person is responsible for how much they give and take..

That's why some people die before their significant other.. They gave too much and they couldn't afford it..

Which is why when you entertain your children who are over eighteen.. Make sure they aren't bleeding to dry. Yesterday, I definitely felt the frequencies after my FB Live and knew I had to go eat something. My hubby shot me a phone call during my live session but after I was done fb living I subsequently called him back. He let me know he was coming home a bit early due to timing and thankfully, he is taking today off so he can recover from being sick and potentially fish the last two day of his bass tournament.

I decided after getting off the phone with him, to figure out how not to spend anymore money on food this week given I stocked up on food the last two weeks because my body mind and spirit already told me to stock up on meat, cream, cheese, etc. So I organized my refrigerator and freezer and saw we had chicken soup left, frozen pork chops, 6 hamburger patties, frozen burritos, cheese sticks, chicken nuggets, frozen wings and drumsticks, spaghetti, meat sauce, frozen seasoned curly fries, bread, flour, sugar, top ramen, coffee, 40 bottles of water, and much much more..

I decided this was what we will live on until next week because what if something happens and the major breadwinner gets sick and is off for one week in order to get well?

How well does one utilize resources and since going out to eat is so expensive, eating at home (groceries are expensive too) is probably the most cost effective.. I am telling you, people need time to be sick and sleep and eat and STAY HOME!!

We are in some extremely trying times and I mean extremely of which I had predicted this day would come when the rubber is meeting the road and the rubber has met the road..

So, after getting the fridge all organized and every food accounted for and planned until NEXT Friday, I ate my food, and went down for a nap..

I woke up a few hours later to my hubby coming home and made him some left overs and we chatted for a few until I had to use the restroom and boy did the demons of the last few weeks come out..

Weblike substances, no angry choleric colors, thank gosh, and it just kept coming out.. like a MAJOR PURGE, after taking a nap.. i felt my stomach and then everything came out.. even more than usual..

i am telling you.. this is what will save you after you pay your dues.. you must not only eat ALL FOOD, but one must be so in tune to sleep, rest, release the way I have in my book and start changing the way you do things..

Granted, I used the last 7 years to release all the major demons plaguing me, however, when the energy shifts like it had since 9/11 getting hives, major diarrhea, pain and "suffering" is necessary, but the magnitude of the pain and suffering is SO MUCH LESS THAN THE LAST 7 YEARS EVERY CLIMATE CHANGE OR SEASON CHANGE..

i earned it.. i earned the less pain and suffering this time around..

Just to let you know, people die or get maimed by treating their disease from the hospital system, because all those microbial babies developed an army AGAINST YOU and over time that army just tears downs your infrastructure just like the weather is decimating 3rd world countries from fires, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes..

the world is NOT what you think..

i hope what I have written the last 7 years might encourage those of you who are not too far gone to make some changes, and I hope those who are too far gone not to reject this information because you decided my info was not for you.. My info could wake up your relatives if you are generous enough to give them a chance to explore this info..

What I have noticed is those who say they cannot apply my information, silently to themselves, either resist my info and call me nuts or spread vicious rumors about me in hope to scare people away from my info, or they just flat out ignore my info and keep silent.. and pretend everything is hearts and flowers and rainbows... DENIAL.

As you know, I do not agree with herbal remedies or all kinds of drugs and I have not hidden my distaste for the health and wellness community aka as the holistic/allopathic world surgical system, however, I always say, if you need help or do not know what you are doing or if you are scared, please go see a doctor or consult a doctor before embarking on such an unpredictable/predictable precarious journey..

i am not two faced.. i also give you options.. and I will never get in the way of your choices or make you wrong for them personally.

do your friends the same courtesy, give them options..

their lives depend on it.

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