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Biological, Cultural and Ideological Imperialism is Now Self Induced

Biological cultural and ideological imperialism is now self induced..

No one is forcing anything onto you.. No one is putting their hands on you..

If you are resisting someone who's doing nothing to you.. You are tapping into your imperialistic ways of colonizing people, places and themes and trying to force convert them. And if you have veterans in your family.. They have been trained to do that. And they've trained you to do that..

CONscription and Imperialism to Voluntarily Sacrifice

When you think about it, the Vietnam War conscripted men who were not college material or could be reeducated in College so they forced them into service and die for another man's war.

The anti-war activists, the left, did NOT want the boys from inner cities or conservative patriotic homes to go die in the jungle and so in essence, the Weather Underground was trying to save those who did not have a choice in the matter and forced to be maimed in war..

The Weather Underground had VERY HONORABLE INTENTIONS..

Now, all of YOU get the choice whether to die for your country by resisting weather and fighting weather and fighting change and using the medical/holistic/energy healing world..

or strategize your survival and evolve and STOP RESISTING..



You have a choice... to stay put in harms way or strategize your survival..

You have a choice to make fun of your govt and take part in rallies and other group events only to be accidentally destroyed by something..

you now have the choice..

You will be held accountable for your actions when you converge somewhere.. I hope you survive your lifestyle..

During these times.. This is why I don't go anywhere.. If they say there's an outbreak because of frequencies but the average person does not know this.... And they quarantine you in whatever area you're in..

Kiss your ass good bye. Especially if you are fighting disease..

This is why I don't travel right now.. Planes could go down.. There could be an outbreak in the area you are vacationing in..

If they say you're exposed to something.. Then you have to list out everyone you hung out with.. And then you could get your friends under exposure and quarantined..

Quarantines are coming in the future.. You heard the rumors.. Lock downs.. I'm not even ruling out the masks..

You could thank all the self entitled hippy crunchy people on the west coast.. Thinking they're so enlightened..

And you couldn't even fathom this could happen.. Stuck in the mud and quarantined and used as a fucking tool... And you will be the reason why we will be in quarantine this fall..

The system needed a patsy.. And they were it.

Remember.. High frequencies open up blood vessels.. People's bodies release mucus and sometimes blood vessels burst.. Because some people have a weak blood vessels.. And hemorrhagic fever is not unheard of..

High concentration of microwaves and frequencies can do that.. Which is why then people are communicable because they're releasing their demons. Through blood and mucus.. Which is why I get hives and feel my IMMUNE SYSTEM open up to release the excessive growth..

And then I repair the damage with food.. And sleep.. And rest.. And I do no drugs or alcohol.. And I do not smoke cigarettes.. I quit everything addictive. And I do not use allopathic or holistic to treat disease. I eat and release my demons and I rest..

Which is why I stay home and stay safe and release demons and eat food.. And I don't fuck with too many people. And I have no desire to fit in.

Now suspect all public events will be subject to aggressive frequencies. And you could be ground zero if they want you to be.

I would assume every popular public event could be used as a tool..


Remember Forbes gives you the answer and then takes it away..

It's their a way of warning you..

so NOW, you see biological war is in the herbs, extracts, supplements, pills, powders, detoxes and starvation and lots and lots of hot men and women..

the system wants you to serve your country by using oncology/surgery, diets, herbs/drugs, natural/synthetic antibiotics

or suffer to live and evolve..

the war has changed and no more CON scription..

now it is through your family and friends...

good luck fighting off the people you love and respect the most..

I thank you for your service.. you are eliminating the competition..

You have been given the choice..

people choose to maim themselves and their families/animals.. So now I'll see how energy can make it be like judgment day..

In a slow frequency environment and hands off from most of authority.. No one is setting you up to fail purposely.

You can get away with a lot.. You can get away with abusing your body and abusing your position in the world.. You can get away with partying so much..

There will be a time when the frequencies will be so aggressive.. Your body will have a hard time handling your lifestyle and the aggressive environment. Plus also your predisposed issues.

We are in that time right now.. Remember, they warned you that the Marburg virus was going to happen some time in the future.. Potential even children will be affected..

Burning man was the kick off..

May the odds be ever in your favor.. As soon as someone speaks it.. It goes viral.. And it will be a self fulfilling prophecy..

Because it was meant to be that.

Things don't go viral if there wasn't a reason for it..

Confirming or denying any rumor just brings it more into existence..

Here we go..

Stay home stay safe.. Wear a mask if you're asked.

Get out of harm's way..

There's nothing to resist.. Release the demons.. Frequencies+toxic mud from old lake beds

If this guy only knew.. You really don't want experience this.. So they go home..."virus" released..rumors..high frequency starts and who is to blame.. burning man people..hmm

They have all the names and addresses of all the burning man concert goers.. So when it's time to quarantine.. They will visit all the houses.. Ask for whoever you've been in contact. Everyone gets tested.. People are experiencing diagnosable conditions.

That's just worst case scenario and potentially even what could happen..

Patsy developed.. There always must be a patsy..

And since Nevada is a huge desert that was used for so many military mobilizations and practices.. Who knows what's in the desert.. As far as toxic type conditions when mixed with water..

So many scenarios can be developed from that event..

I hope i'm not right.. The rituals on both coasts..

Hurricane idalia to the south east..

Burning men to the Northwest..

Welcome to the autumn equinox Cultural Imperialism If you cannot handle somebody else's thought process you might be an imperialist. If no one is putting their hands on you or forcing you to do anything.. And you're resisting.. Verbally and even physically.. You might be an imperialist.

The thing about not sticking with something too long.. Especially if it's somebody else's ideas you have to adopt in order to do your job.. You don't get brainwashed into their belief system..

Now I understand why it is I'm very different than most people.. I didn't stick around in compulsory school for too long to get brainwashed.. I chose when to go to college and what I was going to study. And why even if I didn't know why. I stayed long enough in the military to get my experience and to get valuable tools and technology to learn my job in the civilian world so I had more to choose from.. I wasn't lucky enough to be groomed into a position from my parents like most people are. I groomed myself through trial and error.. And I suffered of course because you had to learn the way of the world.. And it's not a friendly place.. Especially if you haven't been brainwashed in one specific area..

And I did not plant too many roots in areas that had somebody else's ideas and thoughts and lifestyle.. I had to be the captain of my own ship.. And even though i'm married, I still am the captain of my own ship and I co captain with my husband..

That's the key to being evolutionary..

What brought this on.. Because some of the trolls out there that watched the doctor Phil show have commented on my old profile and I'm fine with that.

That's why I left that profile..

It's not difficult for me to start over again.. And she was imposing her belief system that came from a very rigid background of military.. She believes everyone should die someday.

It's just a matter how cured and zombified you need to be and still carry out your duties without harming other people unless you're told to.... And then pass away when you are told to..

That's called hospice..

She has many Veterans in her family.. Many many veterans in her family and we thank her and them for their service..

But I don't subscribe to her or their lifestyle or belief system.. But she thinks she has the right to impose her life style and belief system on my page.. And many resistors do that..

They think they have the right to impose their beliefs. Because they just can't fathom anyone have any other idea other than theirs.. If it's not about the masks it'll be about the vaccines.. If it's not about the vaccines it will be about the lockdowns. If they wanted you all to pass away he would not be here.. They wouldn't waste our time making you jump through hoops..

You're in a conditioning process.. The ones who understand what's going on. They will figure out how to survive all this without resisting.

Those who feel compelled to counter your information on your own page and i've done it.. That's the entitlement of people who think they have power over other people..

Now I won't even do it politely.. I learned my lesson holy shit..

I won't be an imperialist.. Fuck no.. You choose your own adventure..

That's imperialism..

That is the epitome of imperialism..

That's what the weather underground was trying to fight against.. Microbial colonialism.. Ideological colonialism..

When people cannot handle your different thought process, they feel they must try to take over and convert someone or become an imperialist..

Now I understand why the weather underground did what they did... But it would back fire eventually.. No matter what when you declare war on someone through violence verbally or physically..

You become the same thing that you think somebody else is.. When you politely resist somebody else you become the aggressor..

It's very easier to do I even fall into it..

Now you understand war..

How do you change.. Without forcing people to change..

You change their environment and you force them to adapt.. If they can't see you later..

And that's not imperialism.. That's evolution adaptation..

Military types will have a very difficult time with my information.. And I don't blame them.. They went through massive amounts of programming. Aggressive programming.. Imperialism was bred into their lifestyle and belief system..

That's why people are anti war..

But remember.. Even anti war people declare war.. They become the very thing they are resisting..

That's why resistance is futile..

Now it's strategy..

January six was the the example of non resistance of the government.. And they let you guys screw yourself.. And you did..

And those who resist their own bodies, natural processes of release using remedies.. And even my juice against your body's ability to release.. Resistance is futile..

You won't survive resisting even yourself..

Using holistic remedies is resistance against your body mind and spirit, and you won't survive even your own lifestyle.

As i've said before I am the existence i'm not the resistance..

I am the existence..

Resistance is futile..

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