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Biological Karma

I am not religious, but I understand religion, probably better than those who practice their religions daily.

In my opinion, all religions are fine, but please be consistent and aligned so you can save yourself and your beautiful children. I am not trying to slam anyone, but to show you the intentions of some people out there and maybe, just maybe, you still have a chance.

**My dog has a keloid cyst and yes, it came from trauma.. It came from someone cutting into my dog to remove her evolution. Her scar tissue/new cell growth grew during climate change, but it was slowly growing and causing her to regress in her maturity.

She must now allow the body to finally deal with the anomaly the right way, instead of turning against "God"/Nature/Natural Order because her prior owner used aggressive remedies, surgeries and painkillers, etc. on new growth in the body.

Ironic those who cast judgment on infidels also use the medical/holistic system against their own body's natural processes/order.

I gave her a third chance at life by power feeding her when the demon (past surgical trauma) in her body woke up from its slumber and it was set to cannibalize her and destroy her until I redirected and power fed her pureed meat/milk/veggies/fruits and emergency VET RX milk supplement so she could feed the demons waking up feasting on her.

Your politics, religions, and all science dogma is about the repercussions of you violating the natural order of things.

You want to become whole again? You must revisit all the trauma that someone did to you and what you did to yourself.

What is a keloid cyst? Keloids are a type of raised scar. They occur where the skin has healed after an injury. They can grow to be much larger than the original injury that caused the scar. Any type of puncture, incision and traumatic damage to the body can cause a keloid cyst.

What is inside the keloid? Collagen and sebaceous liquid usually found on the surface of the skin giving it lubrication — a protein found throughout the body — is useful to wound healing, but the overproduction of collagen/sebaceous liquid causes excessive growth

The growth of Keloids might be triggered by all types of skin injury — an insect bite, acne, an injection, body piercing, burns, hair removal, and even minor scratches

I am NOT advocating anyone do what they recommend in the articles attached, but to show you where I received my info from.

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