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Blood Wars and the Conflict to Develop Strength Between the Rh Factors and O Bloodlines

The Union of Opposites

A's and B's are protected from each other, but are self regulating.. which means a's and b's self destruct from lack of their own antibodies to protect against their own antigen causing more destruction, needing so much food.. to rebuild

the RH factors of +/- control the Os and As and Bs and AB's ..

negative times a positive is always a negative (anti-rh positive antibodies, but an rh positive will not have a negative antibody against an rh neg, therefore annihilation)

negative times a negative equals so many positive antibodies completely wiping out the rh positive and then even themselves as they eat each other, like Pac man

positive times a positive equals a positive, called overpopulation.. thus extinction..

it is the rh factors of positive and negative who balance each other out..

ALL food is the substance the rh positives need against the rh negative who are attacking them constantly..

and all food is what the blood type a and b need because of their own immune system attacking itself..

STARVING PEOPLE HAVE NO DEFENSE ANGAINST THEIR ENVIRONMENT .. the diets for diseases and weight are destroying people..

Blood Wars and the Conflict to Develop Strength Between the Rh Factors and O Bloodlines

BLOOD WARS. Was all about the RH FACTORS and blood type..

The vampire diaries.. I told you.

I have no idea if my rh pos will flip to be an rh neg

I just know I'm getting stronger from exposure little bit at a time from my husband and the few people I see every so often..

My adoptive parents blood type and child rearing practices made me fucking strong.. I still don't know for sure what their blood type was but I can speculate.. I can venture a guess..

Conflict can make you stronger if you know how to support it..

Remember if you release the way I have in my book. And not using all those stupid detoxes and NOT USING ALL THOSE salt water flushes all the time.. You might have a chance to release those demons of opposites in your body working against you..

Right now currently..

People are housing demons of the opposite in their body, causing so much conflict they can't get ahead of it. But again you may not be prepared for the energy.. Talk to your doctor..

But now you know why I do what I do.. With my own immune system.. Because I was taken over by a demon of the opposite.. Being raised by complete opposite.. And then taken on the world's demons of opposites.. It can give you knowledge but that knowledge can destroy you if you don't manage it correctly..

And when you have to strengthen your immune system to release that demon and demons.. You can't afford to be food finicky or political about food..

People are starving themselves and the demon destroys them..

At their own hand..

Or they drugged their body making the demon stronger.

Or that opposite turns into a baby that works against the parent and destroys it..

That's why there's infantaside.. That's why children destroy their parents sometimes..

Because they developed an r h blood type baby that was opposite of them attacking them..

That's why the system is trying to control reproduction. Because you could be developing baby that would be destroying you and everyone around you..

People don't get that and I just got it.. Oh my god.

And so people fall victim to their family.. And their friends.. Because they don't have what it takes to manage that conflict.

That's the hunger games..

Which is why you set your girls free.. Because they will be destroyed.. If they get married or have a child in this environment..

But at this point it's too late.. But now you see why I have been so concerned for the girls and the women of our society..

I know what hell they are in for..

It was the blood type A and B who needed the va x because they did not have the antibodies for their own blood types... sigh.. they had antibodies for blood type b or a antibodies but not for their own so if their own blood types came around them, they did not have enough to protect them..

as far as the RH factor, all rh pos will be attacked by the rh negs and there are NO antibodies built for an RH pos against an rh neg unless it is like an mrna, or synthetic.. sigh.. but even that i am speculating as i hear nothing in the va x community about rh factors only blood types

however, all rh negs have antibodies for rh pos..

O neg are the strongest because they are carriers and have antibodies against o pos and a b pos/neg ab pos and neg

but if the o negs have drug, alcohol and excess issues.. it does not matter..


if you are blood type b married to blood type b, you are attacking each other

if you are blood type a married to a blood type a, you are attacking each other

if you are opposite blood types like blood type a and b, you are supposed to have antibodies from each other's antigen.. and so, you might be protected from your opposites, but not from yourself.

if you are married and both are O, no biggie, but it is the rh factor that will destroy one or the other faster.

if you are an O married to a or b, you could be attacking them with whatever antigen they do not have antibodies for and the rh factor is the kicker..


that is the vampire diaries..


AND you do not have to be "married" per se, just living or hanging out with people you have NO idea what blood type or rh factor they hold..

and everyone is a carrier of a blood type some other person has NO protection against..

and when the climate changed, it activated those demons, which is why people are dropping like flies.. and getting fast moving cancers..

the blood wars in my house as a kid made me strong.. along with all the psychological bs and so I have the capacity to deal with many blood wars and psychological wars and I also released the demons.. after being raised with what were my potential opposites no wonder i can handle so much.


yeah.. there is no amount of good child rearing or boundaries or whatever when the family and lifestyle hold blood types and rh factors that cannot hold up in our society without some major aggressive lifestyle changes..

Relative to your child rearing practices, you could be turning an O neg baby into a serial killer... etc.. or be nurtured into duty and grace..

i mean major..

i held the blood wars within and i was exposed to the blood wars out there..

then i left society.. with just minimal contact and minimal social outings..

if i am still O pos, the negatives floating around my community will attack and I will have to activate my immune system and release and build back up even better with all food..

that is the invisible wars ALL OF US ARE IN AND DO NOT EVEN KNOW IT.

we need/you need the rh negatives to balance out the positive or else, extinction from overpopulation.. annihilation

too much is deadly and not enough is deadly..

the system had to build in rh negative regulation via drugs and other distractions and A/b blood types, and diets to control the rh negatives

that makes perfect sense..

you never genocide anyone, but develop methods of control so one blood type does not annihilate another one thus causing all out extinctions..

Hitler tried to do that and if he would have done that, he would have caused all out extinction.. because taking away all the negatives would cause so many positives to annhilate each other from lack of evolution.. NO growth..cured, dead. Disease come from your environment and animals, too.. thus developing alchemy and making the demons in people stronger and deadlier..

evolution comes from conflict, but NOT genociding entire bloodlines.

but, how does one control blood lines.. oh boy.. just understand what the system is doing.. or talk to a professional and they will help you end your own suffering as humanely as possible.

i do not blame ANY BLOODLINE.. I just stay home and stay safe..

Blood Group / RH Status Percentage

O Positive (O +) 38 %

O Negative (O -) 7 %

A Positive (A +) 34 %

A Negative (A -) 6 %

B Positive (B +) 9 %

B Negative (B -) 2 %

AB Positive (AB +) 3 %

AB Negative (AB -) 1 %

A's and B's regulate are protected from each other, but are self regulating..

the RH factors control the Os..

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